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Battlefield 3: Stop The Train Mission Death Bug

A lot of people will start to scratch their heads on why I’m writing about Battlefield 3 when Battlefield 4 has been out for ages and Battlefield 5 (Hardline) has been in production for ages. The reason for this blog entry is because it took me one and a half years to complete this game. Particularly because of this bug…

It’s a last mission in this game, filled with quite some button mashing sequences. And like all of them through the entire game, I did what I was expected to do. And it worked just fine. Quickly pressing the required buttons. And yet, I was continuously dying here. Over and over again, only in this mission. No matter what I’ve tried, no matter what guides I’ve checked, fail after fail.

And few days ago, I’ve again posted on TechPowerUp forums about it and one user gave a suggestion that my key bindings might be the cause of it. And guess what, he was right. LOL. The first of this kind in my entire 20+ years history of gaming, that’s why it hasn’t even crossed my mind…

Battlefield 3 has a nasty showstopper bug on this exact (and only) part of the entire game that prevents you from progressing further if you are not using default keyboard keys.

I’m the kind of odd retro geek who plays everything with arrow keys and buttons around them. So, arrow keys for movement, RShift for jumping and RCtrl for crouching. However, in this particular segment of the game, game is expecting SPACE button action and the JUMP action to be on the same physical button/key. And because they weren’t in my case, I was dying like suicidal maniac on a Groundhog Day.

I had to reset controls just to get past this train climbing part and after that, I could use my old key binds again. I have serious doubts that EA/DICE will fix this now, but if they are going to do it, that would be nice. It was a pretty good game and I’ll certainly play it again in the future…

Battlefield 3 now free!

Like with Dead Space few weeks ago, EA has been generous again. This time with a free copy of Battlefield 3 through Origin client.



And enjoy! I’ve bought this game when it was released and despite never playing multiplayer portion of it, I really enjoyed the single player. Graphics and sound effects were very good, interesting worlds and action and it was decently long. And now that it’s free, you just can’t go wrong with it (if you haven’t yet played it). I don’t know what happened at EA for them to be so generous all of the sudden to give away pretty much new games, but hey, who cares. Bring us more of this good stuff! 😀