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RejZoR’s Apple Watch Face Gallery

I’ve bought Apple Watch 5 when it came out this year and I’ve grown to like it, but I also still like good old classic watches. And while there are too many watches out there and I only have two wrists, changing dials or watch faces to one that fits my mood at the moment is a nice thing to have.

So, I’ve decided to make Apple Watch faces inspired by real old school watch brands and some iconic designs like Omega’s wave pattern dial, Seiko’s Snowflake or Rolex’s Meteorite dials. Dials are tested on Apple Watch 5 44mm and they fit the display perfectly without any adjustments. Black ones obviously drain less battery and do not dim when not in use, brighter ones like Snowflake or Meteorite do. I’ve thrown in some Apple branded ones as well since it’s an Apple watch… I might add other brands and designs in the future.


All the watch faces/dials are fan made by me and are not paid, sponsored or otherwise endorsed by their respective owners. These are also not allowed to be monetized in any way shape or form. I made them for my watch as I like some of these brands. Maybe someone else will too without having to make them on their own. For personal non profit use only! I don’t know the exact legal conditions for logos and trademarks, but I think I shouldn’t be in trouble for making and sharing these.

How to use:

Download to your iPhone, select the image, click Share button and select “Create Watch Face” (Apple’s “Watch” app needs to be installed). Select digital watch type and position the time to upper or lower position so it matches the logos correctly. You can manage the complications in your Watch app or on your Apple Watch directly.

Last updated: 2020-03-06



Apple Logo
Apple Watch Logo
OMEGA Seamaster Plain
OMEGA Seamaster Plain Original


OMEGA Seamaster Black & White
OMEGA Seamaster Full Orange
OMEGA Seamaster Orange
OMEGA Seamaster Original
Grand Seiko Black & White
Grand Seiko Snowflake
ROLEX Logo Black & White
ROLEX Logo Color
ROLEX Logo Meteorite
Bulova (New Logo)
Bulova (Old Logo)
Bulova Precisionist (New Logo)
Bulova Precisionist (Old Logo)
Bulova Precisionist Carbon (New Logo)
Bulova Precisionist Carbon (Old Logo)
RADO Ceramic
RADO Molten Ceramic
RADO Ceramic Pentagons

Pathetic state of web browsers on Apple’s iOS even in year 2019

When I was deciding to go with iPhone I only checked if browsers I like are available on iOS. Not knowing the browsers that were available are just a faint shadow of themselves on other platforms like Android or Windows.

There are 3 massive and critical issues I have with state of web browsers on iOS.

No default browser option

You can have 10 browsers installed and dumb ass iOS will ALWAYS open all links in Safari with absolutely no way of having one browser as default that would handle everything. Android had this for so long I don’t even remember when it was first introduced. Hey Apple, year 1995 wants your stupid ass logic back. Not even Microsoft was this bad when shilling Internet Explorer and here we are in 2019 with you pulling shit like this. It makes even less sense given point 2 I’m about to make…

Web browsers are forced to use Safari rendering engine (Webkit)

Now, in a nutshell, that’s not a bad thing since Webkit is generally a good web rendering engine and is basically used by most browsers today except Firefox. Which is a problem. Firefox’s engine is also really good and the Firefox you use on iOS isn’t actually Firefox. It’s just few extra Firefox features bolted on top of what’s essentially a Safari browser. I know Apple wants to control everything on their platform, but this is just idiocy and is killing the progress and functionality. Same web browsers on Android are infinitely more advanced, with more features and just better browsing experience in general.

Next to useless web browsers on iOS

I learned that Apple has a “no 3rd party extensions” policy, fine, whatever. Rip that out of Firefox for Android and call it a day. Nope. Firefox on iOS is so damn limited and missing so many features and settings found on Android it’s not even funny. Opera didn’t even bother doing Opera for iOS the same way it is on Android. They just offer Opera Mini and that’s it. Thanks Apple for absolutely fucking up progress of browsers on your platform and dumb people are apparently just fine with it. Well, I’m not because browsing experience is absolute shit on iPhone and no one tells you about that when you’re deciding for iPhone. You have this expensive, the fastest hardware in the world and then you’re limited by garbage web browsers because of stupid Apple’s policies.

Come the fuck on Apple, it’s 2019 (yes, hashtag current year), you don’t need to resort to such dumb ass shit just because you’re “Apple” and that’s kinda synonym with your brand. Do better and for start to at least offer ability to set a desired browser of user choice as a default web browser so everything opens up in that. And then work from there to allow web browser makers to include more functionality, even if they can’t use addons/extensions like Firefox does on Android. Because the state browsers currently are on iOS is absolutely shitty.