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American pancakes are awesome!

american_pancakeAfter my massive failure with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I’ve decided to try myself at making some American pancakes. Essentially they are the same as European “flat” ones, you just add some baking powder which makes them thick and fluffy. Or so recipes said… They kinda looked the same as on the pictures, so I guess I did something right. 😀 I still have to work a bit on the presentation, but they at least tasted good 🙂

Ingredients (for ~4 pancakes):

– 150g (5.29 oz) of wheat flour
– 150ml (5 oz) of milk
– 2 eggs
–  Half a bag of baking powder (6g – 0.21oz)
– a pinch of salt
– some sugar (optional, I’ve used stevia extract instead)
– 1 bag vanilla sugar (9g – 0.32 oz, also optional)

Basically you mix it all together with a hand mixer until you get a nice smooth liquid batter. Since we don’t use butter, I’ve used some olive oil to grease up the pan. It doesn’t really affect the taste, making it neutral and that’s fine. You have to toss in quite a decent scoop of batter, in my case a full hand sized scoop of it.

Only tricky part is getting them right in the pan. First two were a bit, how should I put it, 50 shades of black (luckily they didn’t taste burned which was surprising). The rest was fine. Basically you have to watch the edges that start to bubble and slowly become slightly solid and that’s when you have to flip it. The other side takes slightly less time so be careful!

I forgot to buy some maple syrup to make them authentic, but the jam used for PB&J did the trick just fine 🙂 And these pancakes are one of the things that are just better than ours. So thumbs up for these America! 🙂

Btw, any hints or recommendations on how to make them better (as far as batter itself goes)?