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Aeon Command short review



Aeon Command on Steam


  • unique approach for tug of war game with space ships
  • tons of upgrades for resources, weapons, armor and powerups
  • decent long campaign with 3 sides
  • skirmish with 3 game modes
  • looks quite nice for a 2D game


  • 3 sides are very similar in terms of space ship arrangement
  • space ships are hard to distinguish visually on the field
  • once you figure out the method, it becomes a bit easy even on Hard


I’m a big fan of tug of war games because you can play them with just one hand and the other one can be used to stuff Doritos in your face. 🙂 Plus, I love the fast resources management and spawning of your military, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy initial building phase like in RTS games. I had quite some fun with this one, looks nice, is interesting to play and it’s one of rare tug of war games that has space ships which I think is nice and unique. If you want to blast some space ships with lasers and rockets and have some instant fun, this is the right game for you. And it goes for just 2.99€ on Steam, so it’s a steal 😀