Common design flaws in robot vacuum cleaners

I’ve been using 2 robot vacuum cleaners (Midea MR06 and Rowenta Series 60 Anti-Allergy) for a while now, one particularly in the room with computer and bed where dust just never seems to be really gone. I’ve also got quite some experience with entire range of iRobot models and watched quite few tests online to really understand robots quite well. And here are some common design flaws that I want to point out so maybe vendors will fix or improve them. Or just for users to know what to look for when buying one. I’m mostly going to point out the above models, but I’ve also seen a lot about Dyson 360 as well as bunch of “no name” Chinese robots that have the following problems… I hope robot vendors will read this as well as users when looking for new robot. Just decide if mentioned design will be a problem for you or not and then narrow the choices. The list will probably get really long, but I’ll make categories so you can easily jump to things that may interest you more.

Ok, lets go. 🙂

Chassis design (Height)

A lot of robots are pretty standard size, give or take few millimeters. There are 2 models I’m aware of that really stand out. One is Rowenta Explorer Series 60 (RR74xx) models that are super slim at insane 6cm of height only. And at the other extreme, Dyson 360 Heurist at 12cm is one of the tallest robots out there. While being lowest may be beneficial in some cases where you want it to go under, it’s sometimes also a curse. My Rowenta Series 60 can go under my 4 wheel cabinet just enough so it cleans a bit underneath it where other robot bumped into its edge right away, but it also managed to drive itself underneath my office chair and managed to get stuck between 5 wheels of the chair and error out there because it just couldn’t find a way out. Now I need to park the chair and spin the base with wheels so they don’t leave enough space for robot to roll underneath again.

Chassis design (Rubber bumpers)

The biggest design flaw I’ve noticed is poor protective rubber bumper placement. Or lack of it entirely. Roomba S9+, the most expensive robot from iRobot doesn’t have any. Yet it uses front face bumper to register some collisions. You have no idea how ugly robot looks after it has some range on its clock. Entire front glossy as well as matte plastic full of scratches and dents. It’s not a pleasant sight. Dyson 360 has the same problem. Being tall and without any rubber bumper, it’ll look all messed up and worn out over time. These may have advance sensors and cameras, but they still hit into things. Not to mention it will eventually also damage furniture and equipment in your home with repeating collisions.

Some are a bit better by having a silicone/rubber bumpers in the front in a form of a strip, but they are often either placed way too low or way too high, so it keeps hitting things with plastic. Why is it so hard to place two rubber strips, one at the lowest point and another at highest? Chance of getting something in between becomes very unlikely. I’ve added a strip of self adhesive window gasket on one robot at the highest point and then it stopped hitting things with chassis directly. Looks a bit ghetto if you look close, but why wasn’t this done properly in the factory?

Docking station avoidance radius

One of biggest issues a lot of robots have is docking station avoidance algorithms. Midea robot often literally ran over its own docking station when cleaning. Never got stuck, but it makes funny noises. And it cleaned dust of the station which was useful. Rowenta, avoids it in a moderate arc. Similar with iRobot. But I’ve seen some that avoid it in 2 meter radius which is just ridiculous. I have my robot under the desk and such huge avoidance radius would mean it would never ever even clean underneath the desk.

Docking station finding when returning

It’s funny how some robots have issues returning home. Usually those with cameras do just fine because they have a visual representation of the room and where they started, but a lot of camera-less systems seem to just get lost and stuck somewhere after they finish. Rowenta Series 60 for example is often acting like a dork. It has the dock in sight, like 1,5m away yet it bumps, rotates and drives in opposite direction. It usually finds way back, but it’s just funny how it’s almost there, but doesn’t see it. Midea on the other hand looked like it had a rough idea where to go for docking and then looked up the dock when in range. When it couldn’t, it followed the walls until it found the dock. Because you usually place the dock somewhere against the wall. Which is a neat trick. At worst it’ll do a larger circle around room, but it’ll find it.

Cleaning start condition free or from dock

Apparently some robots are not aware of the starting condition. Meaning, if you take it off the dock and for example carry it to a different floor and send it to work there, it’ll just fruitlessly try to find the docking station after cleaning is done. I don’t have enough info how common this is and at least for Midea it seems to be aware whether it starts from the dock and when it doesn’t. When started manually off the dock it always instantly stops and says “Cleaning completed” when it’s done. But when it starts from the dock, it tries to return to it. Which is a very basic but neat thing.

Side brush design

There are several quite common design flaws when it comes to side brushes. And it’s pretty amazing or shall I say shocking that so many vendors mess this up.

Most common problem is that side brushes spin way too quickly, flicking debris around. This especially becomes problematic with camera navigation which is very systematic and anything it flicks into the area that was marked as “already cleaned”, it’ll never return there to pick it up.

Another issue are designs with single side brush, most commonly used by Roomba robots. Sure it has logic so it always does the wall following cycle with the correct side, but the issue with single brush is that only one side is sweeping debris and dirt inwards toward the main roller brush. Which often means the wheel on side without the brush is driving on dirt, smearing it around. Where dual brushes create a super wide zone that’s moving dirt inwards where main roller brush picks it up and collects in the dust bin. And dual side brushes in most cases also sweep against the wheels, cleaning them as well as brushes itself.

Third issue are very short side brushes. Again, most noticeable on Roomba S9 series. Single, very short brush. Not only it just twists in a really weird way on carpets, its reach underneath furniture and against walls is quite noticeable as it often leaves debris near walls and just doesn’t clean dust under furniture where it’s only few millimeters of gap between furniture and ground.

Main roller brush

There are generally 2 different designs. Dual brush design which is patented by iRobot and single brush design used by everyone else. Roomba dual brushes rotate in opposing directions, inwards. This can help grabbing larger objects and using rubber brushes without bristles helps with pet hair and just hair in general coz it doesn’t get tangled up on roller brushes. Downside is they also tend to flick things instead of picking them up. Also makes robot easier to climb on carpets.

Other robots, well at least I can fully confirm for Midea and Rowenta S60 use a rubber strip right behind the roller brush, acting like a scoop. It’ll never flick anything past it because the rubber strip is all the way to the ground and brush is rotating against it, brushing up any and all debris into the bin. Downside is that these scooping rubber strips tend to catch on carpet edges, causing robot to have problems climbing thicker carpets.

Another funny design is yet again with Dyson 360 where wheels (well, “Tank Tracks”) are actually in front of the roller brush as it’s driving around. It’s funny because it means its own wheels always go across all the dirt, increasing chance of things tangling up into drivetrain as well as smearing dirt or rubbing it into surfaces instead of picking it up first and then driving own wheels across clean surface. All others have roller burshes in front and those that do not have side brushes that sweep in front of wheels which neatly solves that “issue”.

Dust bin design

Of all robots I’ve seen and even used, Midea MR06 has the best dust bin design I’ve seen. Period. Full stop. It has a lot of space, one way ingest hatch, large prefilter, large main filter, easy access to all its parts, easy access to main filter and the dust bin can easily be taken out of robot whether on dock or not. Benefit of such design is super easy maintenance and super high efficiency. One way hatch ensures spiders and bugs that it sucks into the bin can’t escape. Which is super neat. Large prefilter and main filter ensure robot can pick up huge amounts of dust without ever getting it fully covered in dust. Usually entire dust bin is absolutely filled with dust chunks before it even clogs the prefilter. Design on MR06 is so good it once managed to gobble up entire really thick crayon that my nephew dropped under the sofa. When bin was already almost full of dust. That’s super impressive.

Rowenta S60 for example has easy to the dust bin itself, but has no one way hatch on the dust bin entrance which is rather narrow so it wouldn’t ever be able to pick up that crayon, prefilter is attached to main filter and both are tiny. Which means dust will build up on prefilter and clog both prefilter and main filter, way before dust bin is even full. Roombas with microfilter have these weird boxes with this bizarre plastic trap hatch that doesn’t really serve any purpose and higher end models like E5 and E6 have dust bins that have a very rough prefilter with no way of getting inside the dust bin for easy maintenance. Both Rowenta and iRobot are huge companies and you’d expect them to do better than this. I’m still looking for a way to make a larger prefilter for my S60. Would be relatively simple if I had a 3D printer, but I’ll think of something. Currently I’ve added standard vacuum cleaner motor filter of same size as main filter which seems to help a lot. But it’s still same size as main filter. I want to make a prefilter of same size as the entire width of the dust bin and make it removable for easy cleaning. That should help it hugely.

And lastly, what annoyed me the most with Dyson 360, the orientation of the dust bin when on dock. The dust bin on the robot is facing wall, not the user. Which makes it very clumsy to take out of the robot.

Wet cleaning attachments are a gimmick

Now to the wet cleaning. My Rowenta S60 happens to have an attachment for wet cleaning, a water tank with microfiber pad underneath. Water slowly drips onto the microfiber pad ensuring it’s wet entire time as it glides across surfaces. I’m not gonna say it’s entirely useless as it did wipe some dirt that didn’t get picked up by brushes and suction, but my god I shouldn’t have looked inside the robot. Wheels were all wet and smeared in wet dust as it was driving across already cleaned (and thus wet) surfaces, side brushes were wet, there was wet dust smeared all over the main roller brush, entire brush compartment, duct from the brush into the dust bin and even inside the dust bin. It’s a maintenance nightmare! Used it once when I bought it and never again.

I have to give credit to iRobot here, but for different approach. iRobot allows robot pairing. First Roomba vacuums the rooms and when it’s done, it sends signal to Braava robots which do the wet cleaning afterwards. This way Roomba will never drive across wet surfaces and smear wet dust all over its internals and Braava, the wet cleaner will really clean only the dirt that couldn’t be vacuumed regular way. Yes, it’s way more expensive, but it’s really the only proper way of doing it.

Dead Space 3 auto-save system is a pathetic trash designed by a moron

After years (8 years to be exact) of letting Dead Space 3 sit there in the backlog, I finally started playing it. And I want to know who was the motherfucker who designed this shit ass fucking garbage auto-save system in this game? The game is actually pretty decent after I slammed some ray tracing on it and fixed moronic narrow FOV, but my god, the saving is so stupid I think I’m gonna kill myself.

Yesterday I was playing that planet side complex right after I got the Arctic rig suit. The one where you get the access card in the basement with those creepy skinny cannibal creatures and then need to backtrack a bit. I’ve played it for really long, upgraded stuff, harvested resources with bots and progressed really far into the complex. But it was 1 in the morning so I “Save and quit” the game. Today I return to it and this motherfucking dumbass game last saved on the exit from the other building where I picked the Artic suit in the basement. Fucking shit didn’t even save when I entered the complex you had to backtrack to. And it didn’t save at ANY point through that complex and I had like 10 huge creature encounters and did bunch of stuff. Not only that, it saved at the moment when 3 monsters jump me right after it loads. Fuck you EA. Don’t call a button “Save and exit” when it fucking doesn’t save a damn thing. WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK!? This is why everyone hates stupid auto save systems, because in 99% of the time they all suck ass. I rather be manually quick saving every fucking minute than being set back so far that you lose all interest to even play it again. It says it saves the inventory. Yeah ok, who gives a shit, I need to go through kilometers of some level because your fucking saving is retarded. Fuck me. I had to get this out of my system…

Thanks Mozilla for doing the right thing with Other Bookmarks in toolbar

I tend to shit on Mozilla for their dumb design decisions, but I’m going to make a different post this time. I’m gonna thank them for finally doing the right thing with Other Bookmarks in bookmarks toolbar, new button that appeared in Firefox 85.

Initially I was annoyed when it randomly appeared in my Firefox 84 builds, because I don’t like it there and I’ve already made Firefox Tweaker for that and then during testing, I’ve noticed right clicking bookmarks toolbar actually displays “Show Other Bookmarks” toggle selection. Meaning my Firefox Tweaker setting is kinda obsolete, but it’ll help me set Firefox up faster on reinstalls so I’ll just leave it there.

Thank you Mozilla, thank you for finally doing design changes the right way, by giving users option. Not everyone is a fan of changes you make and whenever you make something just your way, whether users like it or not without any easy way to change it, that’s a real dick move. But when you do the change, but give users an option to still revert it, if they prefer it the other way, now that is what I can stand behind. And all things should allow such control.

Especially since a lot of Chromium based browsers are doing these “dick moves” and they have zero option to tweak things the way we can in Firefox using Firefox Tweaker for example.

Follow this mentality more and avoid forcing users into things and you’ll get more users. I’m certain of that.

Permanent Process Priority Tool released!

I just want to let you all know I’ve released a new tool called Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) which allows you to permanently set a specific process priority for any program in just few clicks.

I’ve created Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) because I had to set Shadow of Tomb Raider to High priority to fix its stupid sound stuttering problem, but there simply isn’t any program or tool that has such functionality where you can set process priority and it would just stick forever. Windows Task Manager doesn’t offer such functionality and most others haven’t been updated since Windows XP or Windows Vista days and basically all of them require you to have a program running that then enforces selected process priority and a lot of them are really buggy, problematic or clumsy and cause all sorts of bizarre problems. PPPT doesn’t have any of such problems, is simple to use and doesn’t have to be running all the time to function. It only has to be run when setting process priority for a program and after that, Windows itself will set the program to user specified process priority. How cool is that. 🙂

For more info and download, visit PPPT’s micro page:

Shadow of Tomb Raider sound stuttering and skipping fix

After finally getting RTX 3080 card, I could finally get around finishing the latest game Tomb Raider trilogy. Just to find out the game’s sound in Shadow of Tomb Raider begins to stutter and skip horribly after playing it for few minutes and is even worse when using AirPods 2 where it starts stuttering and skipping right away.

For some dumb reason, this problem happens because game is running at too low process priority. Most games don’t have issues running at Normal process priority. I haven’t ever seen any other somewhat modern game have problems with this actually! However, Shadow of Tomb Raider requires you to elevate SOTTR.exe to High process priority and sound issues go away immediately.

Another gem is, if you Alt-Tab Shadow of Tomb Raider to change process priority in Task Manager, the game then drops refresh rate to 50Hz. So you have to fix that every time you adjust process priority of the game.

I’ve created a tool to specifically address such issues, called Permanent Process Priority Tool and you can download it here. Download the tool, within it browse for SOTTR.exe inside Shadow of Tomb Raider game folder, select HIGH process priority for it and apply it. This will fix audio stuttering and skipping permanently and will apply High process priorrity on game every time you run it.

Excuse my ignorance, but how can game from 2018 have such massive problems because of something this basic? Process priority. HOW?!

ASUS, your BIOS fan controls are atrocious

Till very recently when I upgraded to AMD Ryzen 5800X with ASUS Strix X570-E Gaming, I was running Intel based system with MSI X99A Gaming 7 motherboard. And it had one of the best BIOS-es I’ve used in decades. Especially fan controls are nothing short of spectacular. Fan control separated into CPU and SYSTEM sensors, meaning you can set fans to ramp up through a defined fan curve based on CPU temperature or SYSTEM temperature for each individual fan. What this means is that you can set CPU fan to react based on CPU temperature where chassis (case) fans can react based on SYSTEM temperature. Which usually fluctuates way less and remains high for longer after heavy workloads. Benefits of this is that chassis fans can follow entirely different fan curve, react to heat inside chassis instead of CPU and when workload is done, fans remain running at elevated speed and slowly go down as chassis internals fully cooling the inside of chassis. Not only such behavior is much more pleasant on ears, it also cools internals more steadily instead of leaving them scorching hot as it instantaneous cuts fan speeds. On top of that, MSI uses slower reacting hysteresis on ALL fan headers which dramatically improves noise perception as fans ramp up gradually as well as slow down gradually and not react to temperature changes instantaneously, making fan acoustic profile much less erratic and noticeable where ASUS is the exact opposite of that unfortunately.

Now that I’ve described how MSI does fan control in their BIOS, lets turn our attention to ASUS and their ASUS Strix X570-E Gaming motherboard. It’s one of better if not one of the best motherboards when it comes to VRM design and it’s made to really push Ryzen CPU’s to their limits, including Ryzen 5950X powerhouse with 16 cores and 32 threads.

What really bothers me about this board is how poor fan control is. The general pre-defined Standard, Silent, Turbo and Full Speed profiles sort of work and are easy way for casual users to set fans. It’s quiet in idle and ramps them up under load. Problem with this is, it’s just so absurdly basic it makes it bad. And that’s on a motherboard that costs over 300€. THREE HUNDRED EUROS!

Only temperature sensor that can be used for fans is CPU temperature. Which, despite of using Artic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 240mm, tends to jump quickly under heavy load. And no matter how I adjust the curve, fan speed is jumping up and down like stupid, causing fans to ramp up to high speed (and high noise) for a second or two, maybe up to five after burst loads and then instantly drop down. There seems to be no fan speed hysteresis involved. If you change fan speed, it does that instantaneously. And it does the same when it’s following fan curve based on CPU temperature. For both, CPU fans and also all chassis fans. I’m just playing Shadow of Tomb Raider with everything cranked to 11 and it keeps occasionally ramping up fans instantaneously during gameplay. And my god it’s so incredibly annoying. Starting Windows after restart? Fans ramping up and down like mad. Starting browser? Fans ramping up and down. It’s absurd. And same for chassis fans. The moment CPU load is gone, chassis fans go down to minimum RPM and then it takes forever for air and components inside chassis to cool down. I just don’t get it why ASUS has BIOS fan controls on such sad and basic design level. Hell, motherboard has bunch of temperature sensors and you can’t use ANY of them to control fans based on that. Fan hysteresis. None. Something is telling me the fan controls are no better on 700€ boards from ASUS either. Where MSI had all that on a relatively affordable Gaming 7 board. And checking their latest BIOS versions, they even gave users hysteresis controls for fans. On X99A Gaming 7 it was there as a fixed feature that always worked the same. New MSI boards have ramp up and slow down hysteresis controls. So you can make fans operate the way YOU want it and you can do it in total control. You can make them ramp up and down slowly. You can make them ramp up quickly and then creep down slowly. Or make them ramp up slowly and slow down quickly. And what ASUS does? Nothing of this. It just knocks fan RPM around instantaneously like it’s 1999… It’s pathetic and sad how little they’ve done to this feature. I had 2 ASUS boards through years, ASUS P5Q Deluxe and ASUS X99 TUF and they’ve literally done NOTHING to the fan control since back then. Where MSI pushed it to a whole new high with full hysteresis controls on top of what they offered before.

Oh and I forgot to mention how difficult it is to create a perfect fan curve when mouse lags around with half a second delay for some stupid reason (same mouse on same monitor didn’t on MSI’s X99 board) and how moving fan curve control points also moves adjacent fan curve control points when you go below or above adjacent control points level. ASUS, why are you doing this? It’s not saving time or being useful, it’s straight up annoying! If I move a control point in the middle of curve down, it should stop at the lowest adjacent control point and not push that one lower too. It’s just so bizarre and hard to control. And same when going up. It’ll move the adjacent fan control point higher instead of stopping the current one until you move the adjacent one higher. It would just be so much better if it behaved like that instead of how it does  now.

It’s unlikely anyone at ASUS would even care what I say, but just maybe by some weird chance, someone will read this and actually take care of it, hopefully on existing still relevant boards like X570 ones for Ryzen and not sometime in very distant future…

  • Add option to control fans based on CPU temperature or SYSTEM temperature and not just CPU temperature
  • Add option to designate CPU or SYSTEM sensor for ANY fan header on motherboard
  • Add option to adjust fan hysteresis for ramping up as well as spinning down individually (for every individual fan header)
  •  When moving fan curve points, do NOT allow moving of adjacent curve points when going below or above their level with the currently controlled control point.

I hope it’s understandable enough. If ASUS added this stuff to their Q-Fan, it would be amazing. But it just isn’t anywhere close to that with current Q-Fan fan control panel. And no, I don’t want to use Windows software to control fans. I want cooling control to be baked into motherboard, so it always behaves as expected regardless of what OS I’m running or what I’m doing with the system.

It’s also weird that out of all people using ASUS boards, I seem to be the only one complaining about it. Do people care so little about their acoustic profile of the system or they haven’t ever used any MSI’s motherboard to see how absolutely superior their fan controls are?

ASUS, you seriously need to address this and make it better. Far better than it is currently. If you want me to ever consider ASUS boards again. Coz if you don’t, I surely won’t. It’s that bad.

Movie “Breach” is the weirdest thing I’ve seen in decades

Recently stumbled upon a movie called “Breach”. And since it was about space ship and weird shit happening on it, I was immediately interested. Then realized Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane are in it and it’s a recent movie from 2020. I was like whaaaaaat, how did this thing fly under my radar?! How nobody talked about it anywhere?

Only other movie giving me wtf vibes after watching it was Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead where I literally dreamed about it and had mild nightmares. Like, by just how little sense it made as whole and that haunted me in my dreams that night after watching it. And Breach is on that very same level. It’s actually really difficult to put it all together…

It’s like the authors of this movie got inspired by bunch of cool sci-fi games and movies like System Shock 2, Doom, Aliens (both originals and Prometheus), Stargate- SG1, Dead Space and then just somehow executed it really poorly with really dumb and inconsistent plot, cheesy dialogues, really weird interactions with characters, really weird combat scenes, really weird aliens, really weird ship structure, really weird faster than light travel, really weird ship reactor, really weird… well, it’s a really weird movie with even dumber and weirder final scene.

And there is just something that just can’t escape my head. How the hell Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane ended up in this movie?! How can one make such a weird low budget, low effort movie and get these two actors on board unironically.

I know people often mock Nicolas Cage for crappy movies that don’t even hit theaters, but my god I cannot understand this one. Did I mention it has Bruce Willis in it?

I’m starting to believe this movie was actually a plot by Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane to troll everyone in this god forsaken year of 2020. It was like their “fuck you everyone” gig and I hope they had fun doing it and even more fun laughing at us idiots who watched it. Coz my god I haven’t watched anything this dumb and bad in decades. Not years, decades! If you want a lethal dose of cringe, then by all means, watch it!

Firefox Tweaker 2.8 released!

Was checking what new is there to tweak in latest Firefox 83 and I stumbled upon a tweak I was looking for ages and couldn’t find. And now I tripped over it by chance 🙂

I’ve included new “Disable Developer Tools” option under “Browser Components” tweaks section.


What this tweak does is the following:

  • Disables F12 key shortcut for quick access to Developer Tools panel
  • Disables Developer Tools in Menu Bar
  • Disables Developer Tools in right click context menu

The logic behind this is that large majority of users will NEVER need any of these tools, yet they are just there, making clutter by being present in right click context menu all the time or accidentally pressing F12 and the panel pops up.

I have also included this option into “One Click Configuration” so this component gets disabled when using this feature to quickly configure browser. And of course into Restore Default Settings feature.

Micro page for more details:

Brave, fuck your browser and fuck your feelings

Just don’t bother with Brave browser. People making it are incompetent, being unable to fix broken shit for months and can’t give any feedback to their users so you have to wait and ask about everything like an idiot. And people running their community forum are somehow even worse. Not only the forum is managed like absolute ass, they have the fucking worst word censoring system in place. Fucking single word blocking. Have you written “hell”, “wtf” or stupid/dumb anywhere in the post? Yeah, well, dumb forum will show you a popup that you just used the “no no” word and prevent you from posting it until you remove it. Who the fuck gets offended by “why the hell” in a post? Or “wtf”? Yeah, they literally banned “wtf”. You can’t use it. Or “this is a really stupid problem” because “stupid” is in it? Context fucking matters you absolute retards, you can’t just fucking ban individual words and entirely ignoring context. It makes you look like fucking offended moronic snowflakes. And then you go on and fucking ban me till next year coz you get all offended by my rant about your shitty ass word banning filter that makes writing anything a fucking chore (and I was fucking tame there, not like here on my blog) and your retarded forum is so wonderful I can’t even delete my profile until ban expires as it doesn’t allow you to login at all. Who uses such stupid ass forum software for fucks sake? It fucking stinks. And stop being so fucking offended you need to ban individual words. Who fucking does this? I’ve not seen anything this retarded anywhere. Fuck.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Remastered is a complete ripoff

This year, we’re not getting a new NFS game. We’re getting a remaster instead. A remaster of a game that actually still looks good even 10 years after it’s original release back in 2010. So, that was already a rather weird decision. You’d expect a remaster of older games that don’t even have any concept of wide displays or 4K and actually look dated. Like legendary NFS Most Wanted 2005 or NFS Carbon that I liked a lot too. But no, they went for NFS Hot Pursuit 2010.

EA is charging 30€ for this game. Watch the comparison video someone made between original game from 2010 and the new “remastered” version…

It literally looks the same as game from 2010. Only thing better is anti-aliasing that better eliminates jagged edges from the looks of it. EA somehow didn’t get the memo what “remaster” even means. This ISN’T a remaster. This is a ripoff. And you can bet your ass the game will have ZERO support after release, just like original and it’ll have no anti-cheat either, just like original.

I’m a huge NFS fan and even though the landscape of racing games is as dry as Sahara, I’m not gonna buy this low effort cash grab ripoff.

To make matter worse, EA apparently killed off the original game on Steam and Origin, because I can’t seem to be able to buy it anymore. Original game that looked the same as this bullshit remaster and cost under 5€ on Steam/Origin was purposely killed off so they can push this 30€ garbage. EA, you fucking donkey assholes… Don’t buy this! Don’t even think of it! JUST DON’T!


Origin and Steam don’t sell the original anymore, but there are still keys available in other stores:

Servers are still up and playing original is still possible.