NTFS Streams Eraser

NTFS Streams utility is designed specifically to erase ALL Alternate data Streams (ADS) from the selected NTFS partition. Due to system rights limitations, it cannot erase NTFS ADS on system partitions. This tool will ONLY erase NTFS Streams on non-system data partitions. Use tools like BartPE with NTFS Streams Eraser to process system partitions.

It seems NTFS Streams Eraser can now also delete NTFS Streams on system partitions under Windows 10 TH2 (tested on 64bit version). Nice.

Originally the tool was designed for cleanup of NTFS ADS made by Kaspersky Antivirus. Since there are still programs which make (for some) unwanted NTFS ADS, like Comodo Internet Security, I’ve decided to revive this tool. It may come in handy for some people.


Version 1.3 (2015-04-12):
– Revival of the tool
– Various compatibility fixes and improvements


2 thoughts on “NTFS Streams Eraser

  1. Not sure I understand the point of this tool. Is it only to provide a GUI for lazy people/morons who can’t learn to use Sysinternals Streams from the command line?


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