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I’ve decided to make an additional page where my blog readers can report general issues, share ideas, complaints, compliments, make various requests or just talk about other general things that don’t really belong anywhere else on my blog, sort of a blend between chat, blog and forum. And it will be open for everyone so feel free to comment. I will try to answer and listen to ideas and comments as much as possible.

12 thoughts on “General Discussions

    1. Why should i make it go away? It’s not exactly my problem if you don’t like it. Figure it out a way to block it on your end. I don’t think you’ll solve it just with NoScript…


      1. Nevezano na to temo,krasen komentar na slo-techu glede natega na kuponkotu (rabljen laptop), če ne drugo sem se do dobra nasmejala komentarjem.


  1. i followed the procedure as given but after reebot system now a round circle type logo is apperaing in blue colour and on it its wrriten cynogenmod plzzz tell me how do i slove this problem ok


  2. I don’t think it’s so much a bug with KF 2 Tweaker as either a bug or limitation of the game engine, but I noticed that if I enable Self Shadowing, I only see shadows for the parts of my body that I can see. So I see my two arms (to the shoulders) the gun, and one leg. This is playing Solo, haven’t tried so see if it’s different in online games. Anyone else experiencing this?


    1. This is a known game limitation for “Player Shadow” setting. It is also explained under “Help” button on that page of the tweaker. I’m surprised you see a shadow for a leg though. It shouldn’t be there at all. 😀 Shadows are only rendered for parts you actually see in game, because there is no actual virtual model for your player character when you are in first person mode, so the engine only renders shadows for hands and weapons. It is normal this way and I cannot change it since it involves game elements I have no control over with a tweaker.

      I really hope TWI will also add virtual player mode and enable player shadow as well as self shadowing for higher graphic settings (like for High and Ultra). They are awesome effects that should be in such game. It’s nothing more creepy than getting scared of your own shadow for example in underground hallways of Paris level. I certainly hope TWI will add this someday.

      Self Shadowing however works better. There is still no virtual body to fully obstruct light when it is behind your back, but since shadows on weapons work correctly from all other directions, you won’t even notice it. So, I highly recommend using “Self Shadowing” at all times because it creates incredible depth and realism on weapons.


  3. your KF2 Tweaker is outdated as of the Bullseye update. a lot of features don’t work anymore such as self-shadowing and graphical enhancements such as MLAA


    1. Thx for letting me know. I haven’t played Killing Floor 2 for a while now, so I haven’t noticed that. I’ll check it out as soon as possible.


    1. I’ve quickly checked it and it seems, instead of properly implementing awesome looking self shadowing, they INTENTIONALLY disabled this feature. It just does nothing now. Slow clap Tripwire. Self shadowing of player weapon was what I loved the most and you took it away just because it was not rendering self shadows entirely under very specific angles (because there is no physical body, just arms and weapon). That’s a rubbish way to “fix” things. It’s freaking 2016 (yeah, current year) and we still can’t have proper (or even half functional) self shadowing. Jesus…


      1. This is infuriating.

        I just checked your changelog for the KF tweaker and saw the MLAA removal, yeah, an AMD feature being removed leaving the crappy Nvidia’s FXAA? oh wait, let’s not forget about “flex” nvidia exclusive cards option.

        Tripware are just a bunch of greedy bastards sell outs, no wonder the oculus exclusive spin off game.

        Just for that i will never support theyr zedeconomy bs.


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