FlawlessWidescreen FOV fix tool

You know me and my rage against lazy programmers who make games with a FOV (Field of Vision) slider in the graphics settings that don’t affect the actual field of view. Or in case of Battlefield 4 as I’ve found out few minutes ago, only affects multiplayer. But for some moronic reason does NOTHING to a single player campaign FOV. Or even worse, don’t even offer one. Or even worse than that, don’t offer one and even have the balls to encrypt configuration files so you can’t even edit INI files manually. Whaaaaaat!? Oh yeah, Bulletstorm that I’ve raged about few weeks ago.

I’ve finally found a cure to keep me sane. And it doesn’t even contain lithium. It’s a program called FlawlessWidescreen which uses hacks to achieve FOV adjustment using Num+/- keys to change FOV on the fly in the game. And as I have tested it in Battlefield 4, it works flawlessly.

It’s great, works as advertised. There is just one fundamental issue with it. It will even further make developers even more lazy. Instead of them doing the game right, they’ll just point you to this tool.

LINK: http://www.flawlesswidescreen.org


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