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Weaponizing charity


Congratulations, you have earned a spotlight on the This Tweet in Stupid.

Here, we have a guy who bases ENTIRE accusation of ENTIRE GamerGate’s guilt of harassment on WAM statistical research on Twitter harassment (pay attention, the research is not done specifically for GamerGate, however it specifically mentions it in some parts of the research paper).

It’s also laughable how he outright accuses all of us of being a harassment campaign and nothing else (like we aren’t already used to such slurs) through a research paper that he clearly doesn’t know to interpret and which also uses a lot of words like “alleged” and “could be”…


12% out of 512 alleged harassing accounts could be linked to GamerGate “controversy” (There is also explanation of these statistics done by a data analyst Chris von Csefalvay floating on Twitter). Excuse my ignorance but since when do courts convict or accuse ANYONE with “alleged” and “could be”? Oh, right, they don’t. So, just fucking stop it.

My response above linked this image to him, because he clearly doesn’t understand how hashtags on Twitter work…

GamerGateFAQI made this infographic few months ago. It explains what is a (GamerGate) hashtag and how it is absolutely impossible to moderate, control or police it. Anyone can Tweet “Die you ugly cunt” to someone and append #GamerGate hashtag to such message and people/WAM will count that as harassment done by GamerGate. And GamerGate as a consumer revolt movement takes the blame. For what? Because some asshole had too much time on his hands and he had to throw nasty words at someone and use our hashtag in the process? I’m on Twitter since only 2014 when I joined GamerGate and it’s crystal clear to me how all this works. And this guy is on Twitter since 2010 and supposedly worked for Palm and Apple. What exactly he worked on there, I don’t know. Probably bringing coffee to the technicians or something, because he has absolutely no clue how Twitter and hashtags work.

Weaponizing charity

And if you look in the third tweet above, his response to my infographic, he is yet again one of those derps who accuse GamerGate of weaponizing charity. GamerGate as a movement made several charities to help women in gaming industry (TFYC – The Fine Young Capitalists, they are also partially a reason why GamerGate started), helped rape victim Cytherea, we helped a disabled GamerGate member Shanon to buy a new stairlift, we helped other fellow GamerGaters when they encountered unexpected difficulties in their lives during GamerGate revolt and we also helped bunch of pretty much random charities just because we could. It was a way to laugh at Anti-GamerGaters while helping someone in the process. How the fuck is that a bad thing!? But nope, you’ll always find some asshole who will blame us for doing charities. At the end of the day, we helped animals (yeah we also donated for saving otters which are now an internal mascot of the GamerGate along with Vivian James) and fellow human beings of this planet through weaponizing charities and the assholes who opposed us basically just bitched on Twitter the entire time and they helped exactly NO ONE in the process. Fuck it. Yes, we weaponized charities and we are proud of doing it. We rallied thousands of people into donating for a good cause. So yeah, we fucking weaponized it. Deal with it.

Taking the blame

I also love it how this guy blames us for taking credit for doing charities (which is what Anti’s call weaponized charity) and also blames us for not also taking credit for harassment (allegedly) done by GamerGate. All I can say is hold your horses right here you imbecile. Charities were in fact initiated by US and we KNOW for absolute fact that we made them and successfully funded them in majority of cases. But you want us to take credit (blame) for harassment of some random assholes calling someone else a cunt and appending GamerGate hastag to a tweet? How motherfucking daft are you!? I condemn such behavior and I’ve never done it. Majority of people who I hang with in the name of GamerGate also follow the same principles. But fuck no, I will NOT take the blame for some retard with too much time who is trolling random people online. No. Just fucking no. Read the fucking infographic again. Fucking hell…

FemFreq: My mentions are train wreck of misogyny


No Anita, this is a train wreck that keeps on delivering. And you’re the one driving it XD

I could go in length explaining it, but someone already made a meme that absolutely perfectly describes your behavior…


Yes, the lady in pink shirt with giant earrings is you Anita (dunno if that’s intentional or just a coincidence). You’re shuffling stupid accusations of misogyny and toxic masculinity to the internet and when opinions from others return back, you start screaming misogyny. It’s EXACTLY like that!

No one has ever said you’re not entitled to opinions, because you are. Anyone can freely express an opinion on the internet. However, opinions usually start with: “My opinion is…” “I believe…” or “I think…”, what you’re doing is making factual statements (well, I’m being very generous with the word “factual” here), you’re making them look like they are factual even though pretty much all the gamers and academic papers have proven otherwise time and time again. And despite all that, you’re still shuffling your manure to the internet and then screaming misogyny when it returns back… WHY!? When I make a statement and I’m proven wrong, I will not keep on posting it further. So, why are you doing it? I think (see, opinion!) it has nothing to do with woman’s rights and feminism and has a whole lot to do with the rustling of Benjamins…

Actually it is about ethics in games journalism…


My mind was literally (yeah, I used that word) blown this morning after I’ve read this tweet. There are people who with a straight face believe #GamerGate is worse than ISIS and openly say that online. A fucking consumer revolt on the internet, WORSE than ISIS. And he congratulates ISIS for being honest at what they do. Enslaving women, beheading people, throwing gays of buildings and bombing civilian targets is totally praise worthy. *mind blown*

The reason why GamerGate is still portrayed so negative is constant and endless slandering of us in the press. Even the mainstream media portrays us in the same way gaming journalism did with “Gamers are dead, gamers are over” hit pieces. They just throw in word “GamerGate” because it generates clicks even though they are doing huge damage to us with such retarded moronic behavior. All of this could have been over back in October 2014 if we weren’t so negatively portrayed and everyone just fixed the fucking ethics policies and started to behave as stated in them.

If we aren’t for ethics, then what are we here for? Don’t tell me it’s “misogyny” and how we are after women and trans people in gaming industry. If you honestly believe that, you’re a mindless drone with zero autonomy. There are plenty of women in #GamerGate revolt and you fuckwits are the ones who erased them and dehumanized them down to sock puppets. How nice of you…

I’m just wondering why have pretty much all gaming websites updated their ethics policies? How did that happened in such a short period of time? By a fucking chance? Yeah right… It’s GamerGate that did that. We did that! And the reason why #GamerGate is still going is because websites that have updated (even partially) their ethics policies are still not following them as they should. And we will remain here until they do. Even if it takes several years. We are gamers, you don’t fuck around with our stamina and endurance.

And because #GamerGate, even though primarily consumer revolt for ethics, it also includes fight for freedom of expression and is against censorship. Guess why that is… Maybe because we are getting censored on all ends and portrayed in a negative way by the same god damn press that we called out on the ethics issues. And because then the mainstream media just copy & pasted their articles all over the fucking internet and then you mindless fuckers like this idiot reblogged and retweeted that even further. That’s unethical slandering and libeling. And because we will not tolerate censorship and fear-mongering of game developers and all the feminist bullshit being forced into games. We don’t want identity politics bullshit being forced into games.

That’s all that #GamerGate is about and always will be. And you comparing us to ISIS just makes you look like a total ass.

Masculinity did get us on the moon


Actually it has Joshy. Being masculine in most cases means being bold, courageous, fearless, aggressive, curious about the unknown etc. If human race played it all safe the entire time, we most likely wouldn’t get to space, we wouldn’t explore new lands, we wouldn’t invent things that were dangerous 200 years ago, but are in every home today. Being crazy sometimes, pushes technology forward with faster pace than fiddling with it in the “safe spaces” lab for 20 years. Sometimes you just have to grab the thing and just do it. You may break a leg in the process, but you might get results 15 years faster. For some, that’s bravery and pushing things to new limits, for others it’s just whining on Twitter how harmful and problematic that is to others.

I mean, you need some serious cojones to strap yourself on one of the largest rockets build by humans to date, Saturn V rocket, a 111m tall, 2800 tons of mostly rocket fuel masculinity. The same one that brought astronauts on the moon… that’s masculinity right there. And it’s even phallic shaped…

I don’t know if that’s suppose to be “toxic masculinity” though… Everything is fucking toxic for you. Riding a bike, toxic masculinity! Kicking a ball, toxic masculinity! Peeling an orange, toxic masculinity! Jerking off, toxic masculinity!

Ever heard of hormone testosterone?

Pubertal development stage in humans

Pubertal effects begin to occur when androgen has been higher than normal adult female levels for months or years. In males, these are usual late pubertal effects, and occur in women after prolonged periods of heightened levels of free testosterone in the blood.

Stop reading Tumblr feminist crap and read some actual science for a change… While testosterone is not the only factor, it certainly is among the biggest contributors for typical male “masculine” behavior. Adding “toxic” to it is just a fucking Tumblrine buzzword with no actual meaning.

It’s a video game, what do you expect?!


Dear Jonathan “I’ve already made 6 commercially successful games” McIntosh (that middle name is meant as sarcastic statement, if someone missed that by any chance), please do enlighten us what kind of game you’d create that has gameplay mechanics never ever seen before and that will sell in millions of copies, guaranteed? When shareholders expect guaranteed income (and profit) or when your living standard depends on it, you do NOT experiment. If a Call of Duty style game sells, company will stick with that. It’s business 101. Indie developers on the other hand are often forced to experiment in order to separate themselves from the AAA game industry because they simply have no resources to compete with that. But they can with innovative game mechanics that may attract customers. Or they may sink the game company because there won’t be much interest in something unproven…

It’s a double-edge sword, that’s why things move and evolve slowly. Or sometimes go totally backwards like Bioshock did compared to System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. Still a good game, but game mechanics wise, it’s a huge step backwards thanks to butterfingered console peasants who can’t control complex shit with analog sticks and D-pad. And I know you belong there, seeing Anita posing with stacks of Xbox games… Yeah, I’m the PC Master Race shitlord. Deal with it.

And in the end “It’s indeed just a video game”. Why do you expect them to be anything else? Why do you expect them to cater to your taste exclusively?

Here is the answer, an image that I’ve posted on Twitter back in March 2015…


I don’t like tons of games and gameplay mechanics. And you won’t see me bitching about it day after day and demanding everyone to change their games to fit my specific taste… I suggest you do the same. Stop bitching and enjoy games that you do like. If you don’t like a single game in existence, then, just maybe, it might be a problem in you and not in the games…

What if someone made a “kill all men” game…

Today’s This Tweet in Stupid guest is Randi Harper, the online bully extraordinaire…


Actually, all the people supporting him wouldn’t be pissed. Why? Because 90% of games already are “kill all men” and no one gives a damn, because they are just games. It’s you crazy lot, bitching about exclusion/inclusion of women and misogyny. Few of the most popular games just to give it a taste how horrible games really are and how they are all about misogyny…

– entire Call of Duty series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any).

– entire Battlefield series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any)

– entire CounterStrike series, I have yet to see a female player model to shot at/play with.

– Half-Life 1, no female soldiers except those black ninjas. The rest is 99% of shooting men.

– Half-Life 2, I don’t remember any female enemies to shoot at.

– entire F.E.A.R. series, I don’t remember any female enemies (if we exclude Alma), only male enemies.

– Max Payne 1 and 2, again, I don’t remember ever seeing women shooting at me and me shooting at them…

– Soldier of Fortune series, apart from few female gang members in the very beginning Subway level of the SoF1 game, the other 99% of the time, you’re shooting exclusively men in most grotesque and cruel ways.

– entire Tomb Raider series, apart from female antagonists, you’re shooting and fighting men exclusively.


Why this happens is explained by Vavra’s Law (by game developer Daniel Vavra)…

If game only has men in it, SJW’s demand equal representation of women. And when you add women as enemies to make things equal, they scream misogyny because you can now shoot women. It’s a never-ending hell for developers, that’s why they just stick with male only enemies. Because no one is bitching over that anyway…

Fallout Shelter is sexist and misogynistic

This one will be a bit longer, but I still won’t cover it under Political Correctness because its just so much stupid from twitter it just belongs here. I’m not even going to bother to these tweets, there is no way on Earth anyone would make up this much of condensed stupid and pour it into tweets. XD


When woman has drastic mood swings, is hysterical and irrational due to fluctuations in hormone levels, it’s not reinforcing of sexist ideas, it’s just how female body behaves in large majority of cases when it is pregnant. It’s not harmful, it’s not sexist, it’s just how it is and it doesn’t affect just humans, same can be observed with animals as well. And when you require a certain type of consistency and behavior at work, sometimes things like this aren’t wanted. Just like it’s not wanted for me to argue with customers, just like it’s not wanted for me to browse on my phone constantly during work time and just how it’s not wanted for me to treat customers badly just because I have a bad day. Also, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how it “reinforces” anything. You’re just asserting it does, but we won’t just “Listen & Believe”…


How is it “super troubling”? It’s a fucking game with a comedy factor. But just like McIntosh, you had fun once. And it was problematic. Of course the primary way to progress is impregnation of women. Have you missed the game title? It’s FALLOUT SHELTER, meaning the world has gone to shits and it’s up to few people from the Vaults to repopulate the world. I also love your twisting of words there. It’s not “increasing population”, it’s “impregnation of women”, like it’s a rape simulator (which it isn’t) or something. Besides, have you missed The Sims games from 15 years ago? They too required you to make a baby in order to progress further at one point. In later games it even became an integral part of the gameplay because that’s how you made several generations of your Sims. Again, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how is this “super troubling” and how it affects real women (or people in general for that matter).


We’ve already established that hormone levels do affect behavior of women during pregnancy. It’s not a stereotype or something I made up. It’s scientifically proven that hormone level changes affect behavior. So, we are talking about facts here. How are facts harmful? Also, how is running away from danger a bad thing? Like any living thing, self preservation is an integral part of our life. More for some, less for others, but we all without exceptions strive for survival in one way or another. It’s wired in our instinct. Again, scientifically proven. Flailing their hands around, for god sake, it’s a game with comedy factor. People also run around, make funny screams and jump away in a comedy fashion in an old game Midtown Madness when you try to hit them with a car. It’s called a “comedy factor”. Something anyone knows what it is, but it’s not like you have fun often or anything…


Oh my god. Stop using gaming/games terminology if you don’t even understand what it means. Childbirth in Fallout Shelter is NOT a game mechanic, it’s an end result of a game mechanic. Game mechanic is to try to get a lady to fancy you, flirt with her and then make babies with her to repopulate an apocalyptic desolate world. It’s a simplistic comedy game to waste time when bored, it’s not meant to be a fucking child birth simulator for education of real medical staff. Jesus Christ, how much stupid can you compress into 140 characters!? Again, I love your way of twisting words yet again, portraying women as these helpless creatures getting savagely impregnated by men in order to produce an army of babies and how this dehumanizes them into baby factories.


Dear Anita, this is how you see this game. How everyone else see it is that it’s a comedy game where men and women flirt with each other, have sex and make babies. There are no hidden messages, no hidden agenda, no hidden sexism, no hidden perpetuation of anything. It’s just a fucking game to waste time. But like everything else, we know you and your pal Jonathan McIntosh have enormous problems separating fictional things from reality…

Sure, games affect us too. Just like every single event in our life, be it positive or negative. But the level at which games affect us have been proven by academic, peer-reviewed science to be negligible or in some cases even more beneficial than anything else.

Stop using words like: “sexist idea”, perpetuates, reinforces, “super troubling” and dehumanizing if you don’t provide ANY academic evidence to back up those words and claims. If it’s troubling for you and not for everyone else, that is your problem and your problem alone. Stop making it like it has to be a problem of everyone else too.

At this point I will quote a very smart man Christopher Hitchens and his even more famous Hitchens’s razor:

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

The burden of evidence is not on us to prove the games are not sexist and misogynistic, the burden of evidence is on the accuser. Yes, YOU Anita Sarkeesian. So stop throwing around assertions and start providing academic evidence to back up your empty claims.

World science studies all the most bizarre things one would never think anyone ever bothered to study, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to provide academic evidence to back our claims. And no, citing your own article as academic evidence is not a proof of anything. We are waiting…

Tauriq Moosa, the man who knows nothing


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you This Tweet in Stupid from Tauriq Moosa. A “gaming journalist” from Polygon.

Anyone noticed everything wrong with his tweet? It’s like being a doctor and knowing basically nothing about human anatomy. Or being a chef with basically no knowledge on how to even boil an egg. Or being a car mechanic with basically no knowledge about cars…

And even if you’re really this blunt and uninterested in the trade you’re doing, at least fucking keep it to yourself and learn it in the meanwhile!?

But there are more gems from him, like this one…


The saying: “PC Master Race” has NOTHING to do with actual race of people. But since you know NOTHING about anything related to games or PC’s, I kinda understand why you think this way. PC Master Race means superiority of PC users over console users, because we can tweak games more, use mods, fiddle with them, upgrade them, improve them further. And it’s not even anything serious. It’s more of an internal joke of the PC gamers as a whole than anything. You can be white, black, Asian, otter or even a space alien, if you’re using a console, you’re less of a gamer than if you use PC (while being any of that as well). You can be black PC user and you can say that you’re superior to a white person owning just a console. That is what PC Master Race is. But hey, make it about actual race, you racists… :facepalm:

Even I joke about it here and there and I also own a PlayStation 2 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. i bought it because of amazing exclusives like Burnout 3, Revenge and Dominaton. And also Gran Turismo 4. But my primary gaming platform is still a PC. Thus, I’m a proud member of the PC Master Race.

Why is there always this constant need to make races a focal point? It’s not “progressive”, it’s stupid, counter productive and it’s starting to make me racist just by listening to constant whining of these narrow minded idiots.

And in the end he quit Twitter while screaming along with other SJW’s how #GamerGate is attacking him because he’s not white and makes it a racial thing again. No one was attacking him because of his race, we were calling him out on his moronic (and to a degree even unethical) statements, which are rather self evident. You’re supposedly a gaming journalist for fucks sake, start acting like one.

Arkham Knight is a misogynist game


Of course darling. The Arkham Knight treats women incredibly badly. We just need to shuffle through piles of beaten/dead male only enemies till we can get to the “problematic” part where Catwoman is a “damsel in distress” or something…

She is doing the same shit again as she was doing with the Hitman Asbolution. Conveniently ignoring piles of male victims and focusing on one or two women who get the supposed “bad treatment” in a game. With your cherry picking skills Anita, we could increase fruit gathering rate by 300%!

Twisting gender statistics with colors…


This fancy graph makes you believe only 9% of games have playable FEMALE character.

Lets look at the statistics twisting of “feminists” again. Breaking down this fancy graphic reveals things are far from bad for the gender diversity in games… Nice selection of pink for the FEMALE entry btw. Makes it stand out nicely…

13% of games have NO MALE/FEMALE protagonists (animal characters, racing games, strategy games etc)

9% have FEMALE only protagonists

32% have MALE only protagonists

46% allows player to play as EITHER MALE OR FEMALE

Now here comes the fun part which is simply ignored on the fancy graph because it kinda destroys the diversity narrative. Anita, you’re rubbish at math…

55% of games give you playable FEMALE protagonist

78% of games give you playable MALE protagonist

So, you can play as female protagonist in more than half of the games and “feminists” like Anita Sarkeesian find this to be largely “problematic”. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you want? Do you want 100% of protagonists to be female ONLY because that will somehow make things more diverse? Do you want to impose retarded gender quotas in games as well just so we meet that artificial sweet spot of 50:50? Do you want to make all games gender insignificant by making protagonists male or female selectable, removing any possibility to make a strong story driven game? Sure, in most cases it doesn’t matter, because the game is generic and you can just throw in either, but when you want to build a game with story that creates a whole new universe, then you create a massive problem with that. The story needs consistency, needs to draw parallel lines with our real world even if it’s fictional, because that fires up emotional part of our mind and it’s very difficult to make that if everything is generic and interchangeable. But you wouldn’t know anything about that since you’re neither a game developer or a gamer…

Sure there is 23% difference in favor of male protagonists, but let’s be serious here, that’s hardly an “alarming” difference.

Also another fun statistical number to finish this off…

100% of games don’t have to be bought if you don’t like them 🙂