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My personal rants over idiotic, dumb and stupid decisions made by others. Or myself.
May (or most likely will) contain lots of swearing, the F words and all the other words not appropriate for little children.
You’ve been warned (not that anyone cares lol)!

WeSendit, is this a fucking joke?

Welcome to 2018 everyone. And it’s not even April 1st…


How can services just outright arrogantly BLOCK Opera browser (basically a Chrome clone!) from even interacting with webpage at all? They just fucking not support it at all so fuck you user. Well, fuck you WeSendit, I’m not gonna use other shit browsers. Chrome is Google’s pile of spying shit and it’s still useless sack of shit with their fancy ass “modern” design, Edge and Vivaldi are too primitive and useless, Firefox still has absolutely no concept of touch control for my hybrid netbook with touch screen and fucking no support for any password managers on Android, not even under god damn Android Oreo with native Autofill support. Firefox Focus does, but has no Sync feature so fuck that useless shit as well. And there is Opera which for some fucking illogical reason is only used by tiny minority of people and has it all and makes other browsers look like a sad joke from interface and usability standpoint. It’s loaded with really good features out of the box, has stuff logically laid out, has excellent touch support, runs on Chromium engine so it’s as fucking advanced as Chrome, supports password managers on Android and has Sync, but services like this want me to switch. Fuck off. I’m not gonna. But I will drag you through bull feces for being fucking lazy fucks.


Devastating performance hit from KB4338825 update on AMD A9-9420 APU

For weeks I couldn’t figure out why my AMD A9-9420 based laptop bought in January 2018 became so horrifyingly slow just half a year later I can’t even use it anymore. Sure, it’s an entry level dual core laptop, but it clocks ridiculously high to 3.6 GHz and with single thread optimizations replacing multicore “Bulldozer” microarchitecture it was super responsive. It also has 4GB of RAM which is alright, but it also comes with a 256GB Samsung SSD. It’s not one of those crappy DRAM-less SSD’s, this is basically an OEM version of mid end Samsung Evo drives. Something between 750 Evo and 850 Evo. A well rounded package for not very demanding usage of music, videos, browsing and Youtube.

Except it became so slow opening Start menu takes 1-2 seconds and it opens in laggy way, opening simple JPG image takes up to 10 seconds, opening Opera browser takes like half a minute, playing 480p video on Youtube was lagging and 1080p30 was so slow it literally stalled the whole laptop and even moving mouse across the screen feels like it’s lagging and stuttering. All this at CPU usage of 0-5%. But feels like you’re having a 100% load on CPU by something.

I thought AMD drivers were the problem, but no matter what I tried, nothing changed. So I downgraded Windows 10 April Update (1803) back to Fall Creators Update (1709). And it was fine. Until it updated itself. So, after 5 total OS reinstalls, I managed to pinpoint the problem. This motherfucking KB4338825 update. As soon as it gets installed, laptop becomes the slowest thing in this world. I had to rollback from 1803 to 1709, but there is no way to selectively uninstall and disable fucking KB4338825 update, not even with the tool for this. And if I install April Update (1803), this garbage gets carried over automatically.

So, now I’m literally at a point where I can’t uncheck this update, uninstall this update and block this update from installing and fucking up my laptop. As soon as I’m on build 1709, this fucking update gets installed and fucks everything up.

If Windows Update worked like it did in Windows 7, I could reinstall OS, uncheck this update and I’d be using the laptop normally until I annoy Microsoft enough for them to finally fix this shit. But that’s just wishful thinking. God knows what else is screwing up my main rig because it often feels like it’s performing worse than i did months and years ago down to as simple things as moving mouse which just feels laggy. Sounds oddly familiar to this situation with my laptop, but since PC is so fast, it’s not as dramatic. But I can sense something is off.

So, here it is, if your PC or laptop feels like it’s entirely useless because it’s so slow (despite clean Windows 10 install), it’s because of this shitty update. I’ve left the report on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub, but I’m not expecting much because they won’t give a shit about a single user. Which just shows a sad state of PC industry. Linux is still garbage despite years of everyone saying it’ll overtake Windows and Microsoft just plain doesn’t seem to give a shit about the state of Windows or what its users want, because they know Linux is shit and we have to use their OS whether we like it or not. Which absolutely stinks as hell. And I run 3 systems, 1x Windows 10 Home and 2x Windows 10 Professional, all genuine licensed versions. Absolute fucking disgrace Microsoft.

What’s even worse, I used to have AMD E-450 APU, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD laptop and it became exactly like this at one point. Which is why I bought this newer, much faster one. Which yet again turned garbage slow with exact same symptoms. Do you know how annoying it feels that I bought a new laptop because some other update fucked up performance of that one for no logical reason and I thought it just got slow somehow? Unless Microsoft is doing this intentionally to screw AMD and subtly force people to buy new laptops and migrate to Intel because everything AMD gets slow as turd “eventually” thanks to these magical updates. After seeing this on 2 laptops with like 4-6 years of age apart, something is going on. And it stinks.

1.FM, fix your dumb password policy

Check this idiocy!


The password must be fewer than 10 characters. Who the fuck enforces the max length of passwords? And more importantly, why?

Upper password length limit shouldn’t ever exist or if it does, it should be something like max 64 characters which is so high not even most paranoid people would complain about.

To make matters worse, their Twitter account doesn’t exist anymore and they don’t have any other contact. At all. Yay. So, here is their page of “fame”. Years ago I’ve complained about local ISP and Adobe webpages, now it’s this one doing the same nonsense in 2018 when I thought we’ve gone past this point already…

Fuck off Twitter, I’m not giving you my phone number!

Had problems with making extension for Firefox so I posted it on Twitter. Some dude offered help, I sent him a link to Mozillazine thread where I already posted for help and that’s the moment when Twitter sperged into fucking oblivion. “uh oh you exhibit actions of a bot” (I’m surprised they didn’t say I was a Russian bot) and then the thing just fucking died. When clicking “Verify” the shit just kept on showing 403 error in Firefox so I went to phone where I finished the fucking image captcha at which point Twitter asked me to enter my phone number to “verify”. Erm, how about FUCK YOU Twitter? I’m not giving you my fucking phone number. You fucking pretentious scumbags, locking out user accounts for harmless shit and then fishing phone numbers from users with excuse of “verification”. Been using Twitter to post all sorts of shit for like 3+ years and now you decide I’m a fucking bot. Go fuck yourselves, all of you fuckers at Twitter. Can’t even login using my alternate account to contact dumb fucks at Twitter, no, just cold block fucking everything from my IP. I can’t fucking be bothered to use VPN to bypass this fuckery. Aaargh, what moron runs Twitter? I’m surprised this garbage hasn’t imploded yet because it’s made by imbeciles.

I’d rather stop using fucking Twitter than give you my phone number. So, fuck you. Again.


Just tried to contact Twitter support and you have to be logged in with the locked/suspended account in order to contact them. I can’t fucking login you fucking retards. OH MY FUCKING GOD. It just does nothing when I try to login. What the fuck!?


After I finally managed to contact them and told them I’m not giving them my phone number, they manually unblocked my account. At least something.

Can’t use Bitwarden or LastPass with Firefox for Android

Ok, I don’t get one thing with Mozilla and this is also the ONLY reason why I’m not using Firefox at the moment and am forced to use Opera whether I like it or not.

I have 3 systems which have to be connected with Sync function. I also have a phone where I want my bookmarks. And for all the countless pages, I also need tons of secure logins. And frankly, I don’t trust Firefox password manager because it’s really badly designed and doesn’t give me the flexibility I need. It’s far from secure. So, I use tools like Bitwarden or LastPass to handle passwords in a secure way.

And on Android, only way for this to work is to allow lets say LastPass to have Accessibility Access to apps so it can detect login fields inside a browser.

Only problem here is, for some monumentally dumb reason, Firefox for Android doesn’t allow Accessibility Access function AT ALL for privacy/security reasons. That’s the single DUMBEST thing I’ve heard and seen, ever. It’s so stupid they don’t even allow users to turn this crap off. Nope, it’s hardlocked into Firefox browser. Only way to get rid of it is to use Firefox Focus. Which is an useless cut down, dumbed down version of regular Firefox for Android. This one, super privacy and security focused one does work with Accessibility Access for some retarded reason. WTF Mozilla?! WHY? Firefox Focus is useless, it doesn’t even have ANY Sync function. What good are countless passwords if I don’t have the god damn bookmarks to even access pages comfortably?!

Add the damn setting to allow Accessibility Access to interact with Firefox for Android. I don’t care if it’s disabled by default, at least give us a god damn option to disable this crap in Firefox settings so we can at least use LastPass, Bitwarden and similar apps. And I don’t care if they support Oreo login thingie. We’ll get old before people actually get any Oreo updates on their phones. We want the old access back damn it.

This is such oxymoron thing, on one end they want to boost security by blocking access to Firefox, but at the same time, preventing you from using an actual secure password management tools. How on Earth does that make any kind of sense!?

Come on HP, fix your stupid Support pages

I’m a long time HP user. Had HP printers and currently have 3 laptops from them. Have always been downloading drivers from this page:

Until recently when it got all fucked up and stopped listing ANY downloads. You can select OS type and version all day long and all it will serve you back is We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select “Update” to try again. Yeah, well, I’ve done that countless times and you still don’t list me shit.

This shit worked just fine in January and February of 2018. But since March 2018, this system returns no drivers, no updates nothing for anything I try. I’ve also tried on my smartphone that uses entirely different ISP, entirely different DNS, entirely different everything. Same result. Same across all browsers from Opera to Edge.

Asked HP support on Twitter (I really don’t have the nerves to contact usual tech support for reasons you’ll soon read) to look into it and they wanted my entire list of my personal info for something they need to look into on their own fucking side. You don’t need my home address and phone number, just click the fucking link to your very own service and fix your shit you dumb idiots. Jesus. How fucking hard can it be?

I really hate calling people names because of system failures or glitches, but this bureaucratic bullshit really pisses me off. I’d have to go through 20 pages of e-mails for something they can inspect on their own in freaking 5 minutes and report it to their internal operators responsible for this service. I don’t need this corporate sleaziness of being all slimy around customers, just fix the service someone reports it’s broken.

Bring privacy under your control again

Took me a while, but when Google fired James Damore for his memo, that was a tipping point for me. It was also a day when I entirely dropped Google Search. And also a day when I decided to start using more and more “independent” alternative services that are more privacy focused. Some are easier to switch to, some are not. But let me tell you, it’s worth it when you realize how these mega corporations are just straight up evil.  From their fucked up internal politics to endless meddling with politics worldwide to how they handle our sensitive private info with next to no regard for anything or anyone. Sure, they offer services for free in exchange for our privacy, but there will be a point when you’ll ask yourself, is my private info and data really worth so little that I trust it to Google instead of paying a relatively small subscription for a secure encrypted private mailbox with nearly same features as found on GMail? It takes some time to realize that, but take some time and think about it.

To make final decisions easier afterwards, here are some tips on what services to use in order to break free from mega corporations mining your personal data…

DNS Service

Cloudflare DNS

Web Search

iquick | StartPage

e-Mail Service


Data Storage


Online maps/navigation

HERE WeGo | HERE Maps for Android

Two-Factor Authenticators


Web browser

Mozilla Firefox





After long hours of research and investigation, I’ve dug up these services that are highly focused on privacy and security, are mostly located in countries with most rigorous privacy laws or they are designed in such a way no one can even force them to uncover your data, because only you have the decryption keys. They may not be free, but can you really put a price tag on your privacy when you think about it? Some services cost a bit more a year, others less. Some are even free but with certain limitations like e-mail storage space and less features which kinda forces you to upgrade. But you can evaluate them cost free this way and decide which ones you like.


If you know any other services that you feel they need exposure here, leave them down below in the comments and I’ll check them out. If I feel they are worthy, I’ll include them on the list above.