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My personal rants over idiotic, dumb and stupid decisions made by others. Or myself.
May (or most likely will) contain lots of swearing, the F words and all the other words not appropriate for little children.
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Twitter, stop the censoring madness!

Twitter is slowly but consistently spiraling down into a dumpster fire it’s apparently meant to be. Their new addition is this garbage…


This Tweet was suppose to have 3 replies. Of which I can see NONE. And whole Twitter is riddled with this nonsense now. Yesterday, some guy was asking about one function of a Swiss Army knife and what it is meant for, he apparently got the answer from one of 12 replies of which I could only see his reply. In the end it looked like he was talking to himself… It’s fucking monumentally retarded. Twitter, get your shit together and STOP censoring shit on my behalf. I don’t want some dumb retarded automated system removing tweets/replies because it thinks I’m not suppose to see them for god knows what reason. Stop fucking up the platform, like it’s not bad enough as it is, you have to keep on adding this bullshit and when it breaks everything, they just call it a “glitch”. Fuck off.

Make a god damn per-user censoring system so anyone who wants this nonsense can have it, but leave the rest of us the fuck alone. There is literally nothing that can offend me on Twitter so much that it needs to be entirely removed from my timeline or replies. NOTHING! If I see something I don’t like, I’ll just fucking scroll past it. It’s not a fucking hard concept you know!

Samsung, fix broken Magician SSD software SATA detection!


I don’t know when it happened, I’ve spotted it few days ago when I made a Windows 10 refresh and had to reinstall software, including Samsung Magician. And spotted this nonsense where it fails to detect SATA interface as well as its mode (AHCI). I have no clue if this affects anything (like RAPID Mode), but it sure is silly. And from the looks of it, it has been around for a while after Googling about it. Apparently since Anniversary update, I just somehow haven’t noticed this.

Seriously Samsung, if it’s really since Anniversary update for Windows 10, that’s several months already. Don’t be lazy and fix this crap!

One of a kind Pepe. The SheePepe

Since I missed the Pepe train from years ago, I’ve made a return this time around. After all, Pepe the cartoon frog was named a symbol of hate and racism in the current year. It’s 2016 alright haha 😀


23 thousand hours in Paint.NET. A true work of art, a one of a kind masterpiece, the rarest Pepe at the moment!

Youtube Heroes is the dumbest idea ever

Now, while I’m not a Youtuber, I do spend quite some time on this platform watching stuff. And when Google announced Youtube Heroes program I was like: “WTF, now you’re going to police what I like and want to watch!?”

And yes, it’ll be a freaking heaven for trolls and SJW’s. Just look at this garbage…

Btw, this Youtube Heroes program is so awesome and applauded (not really) by people that they had to disable comments entirely. When initiative to stop unwanted content has to do that you know it’s very idea is broken entirely…

Youtube Heroes is a bad idea

They’ll give moderator power to random people who vaguely qualify for the “job” and they’ll reward them for flagging stuff. To make things worse, when they’ll be good at their “job”, they’ll get upgraded tools like “video mass flagging”. Youtube is already plagued by mass flagging issues where a certain community gathers around and flags videos of someone they don’t like en mass. And since Google itself can’t police billions of users they just automated this. If you flag something in large enough number, systems automatically demonetize video or even remove it or ban the account. And now they are upgrading this to give individuals same power. Why does a fucking blogger like me have to explain to one of the largest tech companies on this planet why this is a fucking BAD idea?

Way too vague terms of service rules

And the Youtube rules are so vague they’ll erase 3/4 of the Youtube in one single week. They don’t want “negative” content. Ok then. What is a “negative” content then? What qualifies as “negative” when rules are so vague anything can be “negative”? An atheist arguing how religions are stupid? Theists will find this negative and they’ll flag this. Veterinarian channel showing live surgeries (because of some blood and organs being shown)? Channel where bunch of crazy Brits are eating nasty foods and then puke like water fountain? Videos of violent car crashes? Videos of people arguing the stupidities of Black Lives Matters or feminism? All this qualifies as “negative” to someone. You can already see what kind of clusterfuck this will become when this “Heroes” program goes live.

Real issue are the comments sections

Reality is, Youtube is really focusing on comment sections and not as much on actual videos themselves. Because if those are actually that offensive, they get taken down anyway by casual reporting. Moderating trillions of comments under billions of videos is another story and many content creators expressed the impossibility to moderate those efficiently. So, lets focus on comments sections a bit more…

Give more power to content creators

Instead of giving unlimited power to random people, how about giving content creators more power to approve people moderating just their channel? So you have qualified people who YOU approved to keep your channel in check and free of negative stuff per YOUR rules? If you’re a content creator that doesn’t want word “nigger” on your channel, there is an easy solution to that.

How about giving content creators and their moderators power to automatically shadow hide (only hide for everyone else, but not for poster of that unwanted comment) comments that contain certain words? A simple list tool where you add undesired words and any comment containing them would simply get shadow hidden. It’s a simple solution that can eliminate 99% of trolls with few clicks. Trolls still think they are doing shit, but others don’t actually see their garbage. This would almost single-handedly eliminate the need to disable entire comment sections for individual videos.

These could be global with global or per video exclusions (so video cannot contain this and that offensive, but if it contains some 3rd word, it can be allowed). So you can still allow certain comments on specific videos even though same words would be banned globally on your channel, adding extra flexibility for automated moderation of your channel.

Give more power to viewers

Something offends you? Then don’t fucking watch that. If you don’t like something, unsubscribe from that channel. No one forces you to watch it. Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean others don’t like it as well. So, first tool is ability to unsubscribe. Use it as it’s already there.

Next one is “Word filtering for comments” for viewers. Just like content creators, users should have same tool for self censorship. This way you only police content YOU view, not the content EVERYONE else are viewing. So, if certain words offend you so much in comments section, you add them to your personal “Word block list” and comments containing those words won’t be visible for you anymore. But only for YOU. A simple solution for “great” problems. You as a viewer are in full control over what will hurt your feelings and what won’t. You can ban 90% of dictionary if you want. This will be your view on the Youtube then. social network, a spinoff from Twitter is already using this. This way censorship stands entirely on shoulders of the viewer. You are the censorship authority for your angle of view only and no one else. This way you can live in a beautiful fairy tale while not affecting others who just want it all 100% authentic and uncensored, with trolls and whining SJW’s included. Isn’t this better because YOU are in full control what YOU want to watch and not someone else dictating it to you?

Why none of this should be enforced by Google/Youtube?

Erm, because it’s fucking creepy idea? I don’t want some faceless company dictate what content creators should have on their channels or what we, the viewers are allowed to watch or read under the videos in comment sections. But if content creator decides he/she/attack helicopter doesn’t want to see certain types of comments, they could easily and in few seconds solve with word blocking list. Don’t want “faggot” or “bitch” in your comments section? Add them to the list and voila, comments containing these two words are gone. Because some content creators might want that, while others maybe don’t.

But with very simple tools mentioned above, each viewer could decide what they want or don’t want to see during their Youtube experience. Isn’t that far more reliable and abuse proof because YOU are the one creating the rules for content YOU want to see (or don’t want to see).

Appeal to Google

So, Google, fire everyone who came up with this retarded idea of Youtube Heroes and implement features I’ve mentioned above. It’s how you make Youtube experience better, not by allowing trolls and SJW’s getting even more tools to abuse and wreck your platform that’s already not in the most brilliant state…

Respect the islamic culture. Or else…

Do you remember how everyone constantly reminds us we have to follow certain customs imposed in islamic countries, particularly regarding women and their clothing choices as well as behavior? I sure do, because I once had such belief that we have to respect their customs and traditions. But I was young and stupid back then. Now I’ve seen a bit more how things work and I’ve changed the way of thinking 180°. Mostly thanks to monumental hypocrisies done by muslims ranging from so called “moderates” up to extremists.

I don’t follow yellow journalism at all, but here and there, I catch things on Twitter. Recent news was about Gigi Gorgeous being detained in Dubai. I’ll not go into details, bottom line, Gigi is a transgender woman. And as we know, tolerant muslims as well as the most peaceful religion of islam wanted to invite her for a glass of whiskey. Or some other alcoholic drink, you know, out of respect and all that. So, they’ve detained her.

And here are the reactions from “moderate” respectful and absolutely tolerant muslims on Twitter…


“You can’t just barge in an islamic country not giving 2 shits. Respect the culture.”


“in our religion, this is forbidden so be respectful and don’t call it “disgusting” respect our laws like how we respect yours”

So, when we arrive to islamic countries, we have to respect your customs, traditions, culture and religion, but when you camel fucking shits come to Europe, America or any other place other than your fucking desert shithole, EVERYONE else has to respect YOUR fucking religion and culture AGAIN? Sorry bitch, that’s not how shit works.

Europe and America along with many other civilized Eastern countries have this culture where women are treated equally as men. We don’t hide them in fucking curtains and leave them in front of shops like fucking dogs just because they don’t have male guardian with them. We give them freedom to own a car and drive it. But they also can decide not to and go on public transport all by themselves. We don’t own women, we don’t rape women and then stone them to death for “adultery” afterwards. We don’t throw gays and transgender people off roofs. We don’t cut female genitals to deny them having pleasure during sex as well as not cutting penises because fucking soap has already been invented ages ago. We don’t hang people for being atheists and we eat pork because we’ve mastered animal farming and fucking fridges have been invented back in god damn 1834 already. Oh and we drink alcohol because why the fuck not. I could go on for hours with these things…

The point here being is that muslims demand all their things to be respected when we come to their countries, but when they come to our countries, they give exactly zero fucks about our customs, traditions, our culture and our way of life. Just look at what a shithole Europe has become in just 1 year of uncontrolled immigration of muslims. Where is that fucking respect of our culture, religions (or their lack off) or our traditions? You fucks don’t respect shit. And West is dumb enough to tolerate islamic bullshit and accept it because of some [insert random reason] guilt shit. Send them back where they came from, ungrateful assholes. No one asked them to come here, suck our welfare system dry and commit silent genocide on us. You fuckers will preach us how to be tolerant and respectful and yet you don’t respect fucking anyone or anything. And then they are all shocked and outraged when no one fucking likes muslims or their stupid religion. No shit Sherlock, self awareness level of a fucking retarded amoeba…

Here we go again, blaming games for Munich shooting

BBC news on Munich shooter (archive for obvious reasons):

Let me just first throw the “we need more gun control” bullshit under a bus…

David Ali Sonboly, 18, who had a Glock pistol and more than 300 bullets, killed himself after the attack. Bavarian officials said the gunman, still not officially named, appeared to have bought the illegal pistol used in the attack on the so called “dark net”.

Germany already has one of strictest gun control laws. And what they want to do first after such shootings happen? WE NEED MOAR GUN CONTROL! No you fucking retards, you can’t take even more guns from citizens, they already can’t protect themselves. If more people had a gun, they could stop this asshole the moment he opened fire. But waiting for cops turned this whole thing into a lengthy chase with a trail of dead people.

And then we come to this fucking gem involving games…

Sonboly was said to be a keen player of “first-person shooter” video games.

Yes, and Hitler also drank water. Not only this remark that this shitface was a gamer is entirely out of place, it also has no basis, not logical and not scientific. And it’s making me as a gamer look bad. And I haven’t done anything bad and neither has my hobby. Yes, I’ve killed thousands of people. In games. My death toll in reality after 20 years of gaming is still fucking ZERO. And I predominantly play hyper violent first person shooters like Killing Floor 2 and Soldier of Fortune where you can realistically dissect organisms, fictional or humanoid into tiny particles. Apparently I’m a greater risk to society because I play games than highly questionable “refugees” flooding our continent of Europe. Fuck off BBC.

If games are the cause for all this violence, then what was the cause before the early 1990’s when first “first person shooters” even appeared (Wolfenstein 3D which is the grand daddy of all first person shooters)? Do I hear incoherent stuttering in your voice now?

Look at this list:

A lot of years with most deaths well before first person shooters even existed. Checkmate motherfuckers, the games are NOT the cause. Stop fucking blaming them already. But games are the most convenient scapegoat everyone can beat to death, year after year whenever any shootings happen. Just fucking stop it!

There is no scientific evidence to support such claims, there is no historic evidence as presented above to support such claims, they are damaging for the gaming industry and they are damaging for people involved in this hobby. This bullshit blaming games after every god damn shooting needs to stop.

Gamers are the last thing to worry about. Pay more attention to all the fucking jihadists flooding Europe. All these arabs with their god damn islam are the root of all this shit. There was none of this crap before you “white guilt” retard assholes invited them all here. That is again a fact. Statistical and historic. Focus more on that and less on games and gamers.

Games are not “ableist” at all!

I’m absolutely sick of this clickbait nonsense by games “journalism”. What is games journalism even around for, if their sole purpose is shitting on their own industry and their own readers? Has anyone ever seen car industry journalism pissing all over all cars, its users and manufacturers? Ever seen sports media pissing over all sports to generate clicks? But here, to no one’s surprise, Kotaku and many other stupid outlets are doing just that. Again.


Their latest jab at the games is of course, calling Pokemon Go “ableist”. Pokemon Go, the phenomenon that mobilized millions of Pokemon fans and gamers to actually go outside. You know, something everyone has been screaming and bitching about for decades how “gamers only dwell in their basements, playing games”.


“Ableism” is another buzzword created by progressive regressive left to shame people who don’t happen to have any life changing disabilities. Instead of elevating and helping people with disabilities, lets take a piss at healthy people, like it’s their fault they are healthy and able to navigate through the world without limitations.

Games make disabilities irrelevant

I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll say it again. Games are one of rare few things in this world that don’t care what your gender is, what your sexual preferences are, what skin color you have or what disabilities you happen to have. Naturally, there are always limitations when it comes to interaction with the medium, but computer games are way more forgiving than most of other activities. I know of one disabled boy who could only move his head and ingenious people found a way to somehow make The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game playable for him. Now tell me if that isn’t cool or what?

But idiots at Kotaku prefer to put down that one single game that doesn’t specifically cater to disabled people and dismiss and ignore 99% of all other games that bring joy and virtual mobility to millions of people with physical (and mental) disabilities.

You don’t have legs but you’d love to play football, run and climb? You can play FIFA or PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) or run and jump around with insane parkour moves in Mirror’s Edge or Tomb Raider. You have severely limited ability to move your arms in shoulder and elbow joints, but you want to be a basketball superstar? If you can at least move fingers and wrist, you can play many basketball games. Are you not allowed to drive a car because of severe eyesight problems? You can play any of the many Need for Speed games risk free or even go more serious with racing simulations like Gran Turismo and Forza motorsport on consoles or different “indie” racing simulators on PC. Do you have social anxieties like fear of crowds or open spaces or you just feel uncomfortable around people? Many of people with such conditions can play games online with other real people because the game is their comfort zone barrier, keeping them “safe”.

Hell, even if you don’t have any specific desires or preferences, games bring disabled people the unimaginable experiences and mobility otherwise not possible in real world. If some part of them is still functional, there is a chance someone will figure out how to make a game functional for them. And once we will manage to control games with our mind directly, we’ll remove even that last barrier. I know it’ll never actually be the same, but thanks to technology, this is the closest thing we can get. And if it’s so engaging to us able people, imagine how life changing it is for people with disabilities.

Pokemon Go is not as discriminating as Kotaku says it is

And to show games and gamers know no barriers or disabilities, here is a tweet I’ve seen today…


I don’t play Pokemon Go and I don’t know exactly how it works, but seeing this kinda made me shed a tear. Players remembered not everyone can run around and “catch ’em all” and dropped this message and made it possible for kids in hospitals to enjoy the Pokemon Go frenzy. It’s just so beautiful!  :3 Where there is a will, there is a way!

Why is Kotaku bitching and complaining about this instead of rather posting such positive message to large audience they have and make the change themselves? Of course, outrage brings more clicks than a normal article asking players to join forces, helping children in hospitals. Games journalism, never change. Never change… You’ll just disappear into nothingness. But gamers will still be around. Go gamers! Catch ’em all! 🙂