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Android 13 update borked Poco X4 GT’s bluetooth with Smart Band 7 Pro :(

What the hell Xiaomi? Poco X4 GT and Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro worked like a charm, but ever since I received stable Android 13 update on the X4 GT, Xiaomi’s OWN Smart Band 7 Pro keeps somehow disconnecting and then failing to automatically reconnect back.

For some stupid reason I keep getting pairing dialog where I need to confirm pairing on both and to make matter worse, the damn thing doesn’t even work. I can confirm pairing and it won’t pair. I have to then manually turn off bluetooth on the phone, pairing fails and when I turn bluetooth back on, they suddenly get connected back together like nothing happened.

I’ve contacted Xiaomi support and unfortunately they weren’t very helpful. I did a factory reset for them and now NFC doesn’t work anymore with my banking app even though it did before and it didn’t fix anything. In the end they just directed me to a local service center. Ugh.

I really like the Poco X4 GT. Relatively cheap but really nice phone and Smart Band 7 Pro, while it has bunch of compromises, it’s also really nice and I enjoyed using both, but now the experience is so messed up it’s really not fun to use it when it keeps randomly bugging me with stupid pairing thing. Anyone else having same problem?

Imagine being dumbass like this…


Had some problem with login on GOG support webpage, asked on Reddit and some guy replied I should clear the browser cache. Knowing it’s not suppose to fix anything, but tried it anyway for the sake of it and then replied that to him. Then came this fucking SheKilledHerself idiot whining about my “attitude” of being angry and ignorant. Really? Which part of my reply was angry (literally how?) and which part of it was ignorant considering I ACTUALLY FUCKING TRIED JUST THAT. Eh?

And that isn’t even the cherry on top. Whole post spiraled into downvoting of my comments and 2 dumb users bitching about my attitude when I told this idiot to fuck off. And then clowns point at my last angry reply and whining “see, the angry reply!”. Wow, really dumbass? That wasn’t my initial comment that you whined about, it was AFTER you were acting like an absolute illiterate smartass and I called you out on it.

Why is internet always full of morons like this and somehow, they always manage to find my fucking posts somehow? And fun part, they literally contribute less than nothing. They never talk about the problem I had, their entire whining is offtopic bitching about my attitude spamming the entire thread with worthless useless posts. Go eat shit you fucking cretins. Don’t you have anything better to do than spam comments?


NVIDIA is playing it dirty with naming of RTX 4080 cards

If you’re in a market for new graphic card, pay attention to how NVIDIA is marketing the latest RTX 4080 series graphic cards.

Everywhere it’s being plastered how NVIDIA launched RTX 4090, RTX 4080 12GB and RTX 4080 16GB. And to a casual consumer, just going with model that only has 4GB of RAM less but costs 300 bucks less. But reality is, it’s not just memory capacity despite NVIDIA making you believe that way.

RTX 4080 16GB:

CUDA Cores: 9728

Memory bus: 256bit

RTX 4080 12GB:

CUDA Cores: 7680

Memory bus: 192bit

What this means is that you’re not just buying same card with less memory. No, you’re buying ENTIRELY DIFFERENT graphic card. Some are even poking the idea that this 12GB model is suppose to actually be RTX 4070 or even lower, but NVIDIA, in an attempt to jack up prices intentionally positioned it this way, so they can cut down actual RTX 4070 when it comes out even more and still charge insane price for it.

I’m not going to lie, NVIDIA makes quite a lot of really good tech. And I like new tech. But I just can’t get past how shamelessly they are going out ripping of people by intentionally make their products deceptive to casual consumers. Especially after we’ve all been saying to everyone how crazy memory capacities are meaningless for most users…

So, just buy RTX 4080 16GB straight away and call it a day? Not quite. My advance right now is, just wait for AMD to launch their Radeon RX 7000 series and then see. The whole DLSS 3 4x performance promise sounds great, but never buy anything based on a promise, because DLSS 3 may end up depending on implementation and it’s questionable if it’ll just instantly work in all DLSS 2 powered games. If not, that means you’ll again have to wait for ages to get that promise.

And RTX 4000 series cards come with hefty baggage. Literally. Their heatsinks are absolutely insane in size. We’re talking 3+ slots being a standard now. Power consumption has also been increased so you better have a good power supply. And of course, jacked up prices across the range. Which NVIDIA always plays it off conveniently by what I can only assume intentionally leaking way higher prices before launch and when launch of new product comes, they announce somewhat lower price, but still higher than for last generation and everyone is like “wow, I was expecting it to be 2000€ for RTX 4090, but it’s just 1600€ now, that’s not so bad”. It’s fucking clever, I’m not going to deny it. Make people mentally prepare for the worst with ridiculous prices through “leaks” and then announce lower price that’s still higher than last time and people will be more willing to accept the jacked up price. Fuckin clever. And fucking deceptive, just like 12GB and 16GB memory capacity on RTX 4080…

Just wait for AMD to release RX 7000. It can only get better for everyone if people just wait for competition. I’m not expecting RTX 4000 cards to suddenly drop 500€ in price if AMD beats them badly, but anything helps. So, lets wait and see.

Microsoft, you really fucked up Windows 11 22H2 to a point where Kubuntu is better!

As you may have noticed from my last few rants here, I was so fed up with Microsoft’s dumbass bullshit with latest Windows 11 22H2 update that I’ve now permanently migrated all my other systems to Linux, only system where I’ll still be dealing with this motherfucking idiocy called Windows 11 is my gaming PC, because fucking gaming and Linux. I like older games, I like modern games that require DirectX 12 and I’m just not willing to spend hours fiddling with them just to then sort of kind of work through 15 compatibility layers on Linux. They were mostly multimedia systems anyway and that works fine on Linux.

And boy, what a relief it was to just install the fucking OS on my devices and not be bothered with absolutely dumb shit like endless whining with made up “compatibility” reasons and forcing me to hack the damn thing apart just to bypass absolutely stupid forced online account. I even enabled WiFi during installation and didn’t have to worry for installer screwing me over with some dumb corporate bullshit.

Decided for Kubuntu, because wide mainstream adoption of Ubuntu helps compatibility and stuff and I just prefer KDE over anything else. It’s simple, easy to use and works well out of the box. Exactly what I need after dealing with dreadful pile of shit called Windows 11 22H2 update…

Now, I know Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about what I mean, some random nobody blogger, but when you fuck GUI and UX part of Windows 11 so hard with absolutely fucking retarded design decisions to a point where some open source OS made by bunch of enthusiasts from all over the world becomes a not just better, but MUCH MUCH better choice, that should be telling enough how hard you’ve fucked up. Hell, Windows 11 22H2 update is so fucking bad that it makes Windows Vista from 15 years ago look like pretty fucking decent OS. It’s THAT bad, broken and annoying to use, I shit you not. From all the shit that’s just broken and they haven’t fixed it since first release of Windows 11 to regression of features we had for frigging 3 decades to shit that’s just in your face annoying, I just can’t stand it enough. I have enough of this shit.

Good job Microsoft! I guess? LOL

New Smart App Control in Windows 11 22H2 is dumb and worthless!

Just like so many things in Windows 11 I’ve already complained about, this is another dumb feature Microsoft decided to include in latest Windows 11 22H2 build. And I’m starting to believe people designing Windows 11 are genuinely idiots. How fucking else would you design things so fucking dumb!?


I present you the “Smart App Control”. Smart feature, designed by a moron.

If you have updated your old build of Windows 11 to 22H2, this feature is OFF by default and cannot be enabled. You’re asked to install Windows 11 clean to use this feature. Ok, so I have installed Windows 11 clean to enable this. By default it goes into “Evaluation” mode where it “evaluates” something if your system is worthy of protection. Based on fucking what? Same dumb arbitrary rules as everything else in Windows?

If this “Evaluation” decides you’re not worthy, it will automatically switch to OFF. Which means from that point on, you CAN’T enable it anymore without clean reinstall of entire OS. If you manually set it to OFF, you CAN’T enable it anymore without clean reinstall of entire OS.

If you manually turn this feature ON, it will remain on. Ok, cool then? Well, not really. This feature is so dumb it has no control, exclusions or dialogs when something is blocked. It just gets blocked quietly. Particularly in Terminal, when I wanted to turn off stupid Lock screen and I got error that “system policy” is preventing changing of setting and this was displayed directly in Terminal itself. I just fucking knew it. It’s this dumb new Smart App Control, but I wasn’t 100% sure. So I set it to OFF (which makes it permanent). Tried again and Terminal allowed me to perform desired commands. And now it’s permanently OFF and I can’t flip it back on after doing my thing.

So, this dumb “smart” App Control system is useless when disabled, it’s useless when in Evaluation mode and it’s useless when in ON mode because it’s just fucking annoying. And if you’re suspecting it’s causing you problems, by trying to disable it makes it a permanent thing that will set you back hours of fucking around with retarded Windows 11 installer to clean install this pile of shit again.

I’m now really not surprised why everything security related from Microsoft is so fucked. They are fucking morons. For example, Controlled Folder Access, an anti-ransomware has been broken and useless since its inception years ago. Tried it today (again for like 50th time) and it’s again just spewing access warnings for random fucking shit like it has no whitelist at all or it’s so bad it has nothing on it to even whitelist. It’s so annoying I turned it off after 10 minutes. Guess what, Dumb Smart App Control is the same fucking thing. Stupid feature that’s just annoying as fuck, gets in the way and forces you to reinstall whole fucking OS if you need to turn it off because it’s behaving like an absolute ass.

Fuck you Microsoft, you fucks are utterly incompetent spewing out dumb garbage features that serve no fucking purpose but to annoy users. And they are designed in dumbest, most asshole way possible way. I can’t fucking believe how a multi-billion international mega corporation is spewing out such low effort garbage. I just fucking can’t understand.

I can’t fucking believe how Windows spiraled from OS that I always used with joy and couldn’t wait for new update to spiral into this cocktail of vomit and diarrhea that’s just pissing me off more and more with every update they release for it. Forced to use this shit on my main PC because fucking games, but for other 2 systems I have, think I’m just going to really go with Linux permanently this time. I’ll miss certain apps that I like on Windows, but fuck it, if I got used to iPhone and iOS over night because I had enough of Google’s and Android’s bullshit, I’m gonna make it work with Linux too. This is fucking retarded and insulting.

Mandatory Microsoft account for Windows 11 22H2 is the most asshole thing ever to be done to anything

First of all, fuck you Microsoft. And secondly, fuck you twice with your fuck ass dumb account bullshit you’re now forcing on users. It’s the most asinine, retarded moronic shit I’ve witnessed not just in years but in decades and only outdoes Windows Vista “online account” retardation where you couldn’t even login to local account if there was no internet. Yeah, that shit was a thing back then, which is why I have such anger towards all this “online” garbage. And latest 22H2 update for Windows 11 didn’t disappoint.

Not only it was still bitching about Ryzen 5 2500U being “incompatible” even though it has all the TPM bullshit and has run Windows 11 flawlessly from its very beginning of existence.

What new asshole mandatory Microsoft account brings is just pure retardation in its most distilled form.

I have this Ryzen 2500U laptop for casual internet browsing, some Youtube, music, movies. And it’s shared with other users so my main goal is for it to be as easy to use as possible. Just turn on and do whatever. Well, Windows 11 22H2 brought mandatory Microsoft account bullshit which now means I CAN’T have computer which can be just turned on and used. No, you need to fucking LOGIN now. And there is no way of turning this fucking shit off. WHY!? Fucking WHY Microsoft? Who fucking asked you to force this dumb ass shit on us?

Now it shows my Microsoft account name in the Start menu which I don’t fucking want to show there.

On top of that, as soon as installation of latest Windows 11 is done (and you have to connect to internet during install as it refuses to continue without and old tricks to bypass don’t work anymore), it instantly starts uploading shit to OneDrive and for every possible shit opens dumb Edge browser and again tries to upload shit to fuck ass account again.

How fucking desperate are you Microsoft to hoard all our data? You fucking assholes. Google at least does it through convenience, here Microsoft is just an absolute ass that just desperately shouts at users GIVE ME ALL YOUR DATA IDIOT without any benefit to any of it to the user. Not just that, it’s anything but convenience. The amount of dumb problems this mandatory online account bullshit brings is insane. You absolutely need connection during install and then you’re forced to login for every god damn session and it’ll instantly upload shit to OneDrive and all the Edge crap and god knows what else I never fucking needed in last 20 years and I probably never will. I use my own sync system and Firefox, stop fucking bugging me with your dumb shit.

Fuck you Microsoft, you’re one fucking desperate bunch of assholes. Go and fix your dumb OS instead of fucking it up further. I still can’t turn off dumbass Taskbar overflow entirely and I can’t turn off idiotic Start menu recommendations, I can only make them smaller (or bigger, why the fuck would i want that!?!). I want entire Start to be used for my pins, not your dumb recommendations. Fuck. If I wasn’t a gamer I’d throw this pile of shit from all my systems and use Linux. I think 2 of my laptops will actually be migrated to Linux entirely, but on my main system I’ll have to deal with this fucking retardation. Oh my god. Fuck you Microsoft. Assholes. I hope EU will fucking slap them in the face and demand availability of local accounts. This is fucking bullshit.

Microsoft, why are you always such an asshole?

So, latest big Windows 11 release was announced, so I fired up the Update Assistant just to be greeted with this bullshit:


I’m sure this PC that has been running Windows 11 since beginning has processor that’s not “supported”. This is AAA assholery and I’m slowly getting tired of it. It’s a fucking AMD Ryzen 2500U. 4 cores, 8 threads. It’s faster than most of Intel’s bullshit that probably goes through just fine because “reasons”. Now I have to again look for fucking hacks to bypass this fuckery just to update Windows 11 I’m already using, to latest version. Fuck you Microsoft.

What the hell is with broken Thingiverse!?

I’ve got myself a 3D printer months ago and decided I’ll upload my cool designs to Thingiverse because it’s a popular place for finding 3D print designs so others could use them too.

Just to notice it’s INCREDIBLY buggy and weird page. Like, super buggy and weird. I’ve uploaded few designs and out of all of them, only 3 are actually visible under “My Designs”. I’ve uploaded a 4th one, a custom motherboard cover for Creality Ender 3 V2 that can fit a 40x40x20mm 24V Sunon fan right in the correct spot to clear heatsinks and cool motherboard at lower RPM since it can push more air due to thickness. WTF!? It’s not listed under “My Designs” section. But if I check my analytics, it’s there and has some likes, but far less than expected and it seems like they happened in the beginning and then just stopped because the design is not uploaded correctly or something and people can’t find it anymore, even though it’s literally there.

Then I’ve created a custom chipset fan shroud for ASUS Strix X570-E motherboard with bigger fan intake and no oversized plastic crap that interferes with M.2 slots next to it. Took me like half an hour to prepare all photos and descriptions, posted it to Thingiverse and… it’s just not there at all. Not in My Designs, not on Analytics page, it’s like I haven’t even fucking uploaded it. What the frigging hell is going on?

I’ve also sent mail to Thingiverse. haven’t got any reply and it has been like 2 weeks now or something.

Anyone else having these weird nonsensical problems with it?

Apple just did WHAAAAAT with iPhone 14 ?!

I’m actually surprisingly restrained talking about Apple here in my little spot and usually defend Apple elsewhere a lot more. Or not “defend” which is very fanboyish way which dumb people think I’m doing, but more clearing up straight up bullshit people talk about Apple most of the time. That’s from a user that was using Android phones since 2010 mind you and seen how things are on iPhone side of things by owning XR for 4th year now.

Usually events every year were interesting and they had some pretty okay releases, but I was fine with my XR and decided to stick with it. Releases weren’t really offensive. Until this year…

Release of iPhone 14 changed that. Apple literally fucking went and renamed iPhone 13 into iPhone 14. And charged more for it. It’s at 1000€ now. Fucking 1000€ !!! Whole charm of iPhones used to be latest A Series Bionic chip in all models across the board. That small difference in GPU in iPhone 13 between regular and Pro models was irrelevant. Leaving vanilla iPhone 14 on last year’s chipset is just an absolute dick move and charging fucking 1000€ for vanilla iPhone is just straight up insane. iPhone 13 is 800€ (when new it was around 900€). It’s the same fucking phone, just year later! Well, it’s now 1000€ because they changed the number. That’s fucking lazy and greedy even for Apple. And when I say that, you know it has to be fucking bad. And it is.

Considering this trend, there is just absolutely zero chance this will change for iPhone 15 next year. I don’t care if they add USB-C to it at this point. Wasn’t big selling point for me from get go, but the way how they fucked it up now, there is just no redeeming thing that can convince me to consider iPhone again. I love iOS, I still love my iPhone XR. I still love my Apple Watch 5. I’m writing this while listening at AirPods 2. But I guess that’s that. There is a point where I think something is bullshit and I guess this is it. 800-850€ was that magical line of “it’s expensive, but it’s still worth it”. Vanilla iPhone in the middle of worst recession in years for 1000 fucking EUR is just bullshit. And if you think Pro lineup is any better, starting price for base Pro is 1300€. It used to be 1100€ when it was new.

I hope this shit flops so hard on its face they’ll have one of worst sales in years and that no other Android brand tries to mimic this shit. For fucking real.

Only thing that will have a slight chill effect is WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 coming next week. So, I’ll forget about this bullshit they just pulled. For a bit at least…

I hate Hexen game and its stupid map design

Finally bought Heretic and Hexen package on GOG the other day. Remember playing Hexen with friends when I was a kid, but I never really played Heretic or actually finished any of them.

Started with Heretic and it was the usual Doom like experience. It was pretty straight forward and I actually quite liked it. Now it was time for Hexen. When I first started the game I was amazed by how much graphics have improved. The lighting, shading and little details like leaves falling from trees. Pretty amazing despite all of it being so pixelated for today’s standards…

Until I got slapped in my face with what I’ll probably consider greatest heresy in gaming. The god damn fucking hub design of levels. Maybe it was ground breaking back in the 90’s when everything was linear and this felt almost like open world, but I’m on second hub now and chasing those fucking stupid keys and switches running in circles for hours to spot some tiny gap somewhere, just straight up pisses me off to a point I lost all will to play this stupid game anymore.

Took me hours to find all the stupid keys (I think, have 4 of them) and apparently, I’m missing 2 switches judging by the 2 dark portraits in the temple. Fine, so I will resort to walkthroughs to find those two god damn switches. Just for all of them to be so confusing and non descriptive it’s crazy. “Walk through the path”. There is 15 fucking paths and your “pool of water” in cave tells me fucking nothing. There is also no images of map with big X that would mark the switch location and best effort on Youtube is over 1 hour long video. God damn.

I’ve seen some stupid things in 30+ years of gaming, but this is quite something else… I wonder if people hated it as much back then…