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My personal rants over idiotic, dumb and stupid decisions made by others. Or myself.
May (or most likely will) contain lots of swearing, the F words and all the other words not appropriate for little children.
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Apple just did WHAAAAAT with iPhone 14 ?!

I’m actually surprisingly restrained talking about Apple here in my little spot and usually defend Apple elsewhere a lot more. Or not “defend” which is very fanboyish way which dumb people think I’m doing, but more clearing up straight up bullshit people talk about Apple most of the time. That’s from a user that was using Android phones since 2010 mind you and seen how things are on iPhone side of things by owning XR for 4th year now.

Usually events every year were interesting and they had some pretty okay releases, but I was fine with my XR and decided to stick with it. Releases weren’t really offensive. Until this year…

Release of iPhone 14 changed that. Apple literally fucking went and renamed iPhone 13 into iPhone 14. And charged more for it. It’s at 1000€ now. Fucking 1000€ !!! Whole charm of iPhones used to be latest A Series Bionic chip in all models across the board. That small difference in GPU in iPhone 13 between regular and Pro models was irrelevant. Leaving vanilla iPhone 14 on last year’s chipset is just an absolute dick move and charging fucking 1000€ for vanilla iPhone is just straight up insane. iPhone 13 is 800€ (when new it was around 900€). It’s the same fucking phone, just year later! Well, it’s now 1000€ because they changed the number. That’s fucking lazy and greedy even for Apple. And when I say that, you know it has to be fucking bad. And it is.

Considering this trend, there is just absolutely zero chance this will change for iPhone 15 next year. I don’t care if they add USB-C to it at this point. Wasn’t big selling point for me from get go, but the way how they fucked it up now, there is just no redeeming thing that can convince me to consider iPhone again. I love iOS, I still love my iPhone XR. I still love my Apple Watch 5. I’m writing this while listening at AirPods 2. But I guess that’s that. There is a point where I think something is bullshit and I guess this is it. 800-850€ was that magical line of “it’s expensive, but it’s still worth it”. Vanilla iPhone in the middle of worst recession in years for 1000 fucking EUR is just bullshit. And if you think Pro lineup is any better, starting price for base Pro is 1300€. It used to be 1100€ when it was new.

I hope this shit flops so hard on its face they’ll have one of worst sales in years and that no other Android brand tries to mimic this shit. For fucking real.

Only thing that will have a slight chill effect is WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 coming next week. So, I’ll forget about this bullshit they just pulled. For a bit at least…

I hate Hexen game and its stupid map design

Finally bought Heretic and Hexen package on GOG the other day. Remember playing Hexen with friends when I was a kid, but I never really played Heretic or actually finished any of them.

Started with Heretic and it was the usual Doom like experience. It was pretty straight forward and I actually quite liked it. Now it was time for Hexen. When I first started the game I was amazed by how much graphics have improved. The lighting, shading and little details like leaves falling from trees. Pretty amazing despite all of it being so pixelated for today’s standards…

Until I got slapped in my face with what I’ll probably consider greatest heresy in gaming. The god damn fucking hub design of levels. Maybe it was ground breaking back in the 90’s when everything was linear and this felt almost like open world, but I’m on second hub now and chasing those fucking stupid keys and switches running in circles for hours to spot some tiny gap somewhere, just straight up pisses me off to a point I lost all will to play this stupid game anymore.

Took me hours to find all the stupid keys (I think, have 4 of them) and apparently, I’m missing 2 switches judging by the 2 dark portraits in the temple. Fine, so I will resort to walkthroughs to find those two god damn switches. Just for all of them to be so confusing and non descriptive it’s crazy. “Walk through the path”. There is 15 fucking paths and your “pool of water” in cave tells me fucking nothing. There is also no images of map with big X that would mark the switch location and best effort on Youtube is over 1 hour long video. God damn.

I’ve seen some stupid things in 30+ years of gaming, but this is quite something else… I wonder if people hated it as much back then…

Oh my god, my brand new Seagate Firecuda 530 4TB just shit itself to death in under 2 hours

I can’t fucking believe this shit. Got myself new Firecuda 530 4TB drive as replacement for my old Samsung 850 Pro 2TB. You know, double the size, 12 times the speed, 650€ investment. Not something I do every week.

All excited installed it into mobo, installed Windows 11 on it, all was fine. Updated Windows, installed few usual apps like my music player so I can do something while I copy my stuff over from old 2TB drive to new 4TB drive. Installed all the drivers and copied my documents, my apps folder, my drivers folder and left the big 700GB Games folder for last since it’ll take the longest.

And when I was ready, I started copying it while listening to music and doing other stuff in the same room. And suddenly music stops and my system reboots. What the fuck? System boots and is whining that Winloader.exe or something is missing. Shut down my system, waited 5 minutes and turned it on. Goes to Windows without issues. Run CHKDSK on system partition, no errors. Okay…

Prepare the Games folder again, thank fucking god I was copying and not moving… Half way through, system shits itself again. This time, it’s apparently forever. System whining it can’t find any boot devices. Well fuck me Seagate.

Moved Firecuda to secondary M.2 slot. Nothing. Since I had a bit older mobo BIOS I’ve decided to update it to latest if maybe that’s the problem somehow. Nothing. Stuck Firecuda in my laptop’s M.2. Guess what, NO BOOT DEVICE.

Congratulations Seagate, you’ve created the most unreliable storage drive I’ve used in my entire life, beating even archaic shitty plate spinners. ALL OF THEM. This is also why I have trust issues with brands other than Samsung when it comes to SSD’s, but they just don’t have 4TB M.2 model… Samsung 850 Pro, old SATA drive I’ve had for like 6-7 years and it hasn’t caused me problems even once. System on 24/7 with fuck tons of unexpected system crashes in its life as I was fiddling with overclocks and it’s still working reliably. It’s working fine even now that Firecuda shit itself to death next to it. Seagate Firecuda 530, the pinnacle of Seagate’s R&D, shits itself while copying “a folder of regular game data”, not even a god damn disk benchmark tool or something that would actually torture it. Fucking great. Now I’ll have to deal with stupid ass RMA for a drive I haven’t even had for 1 full day. Fuck off.

PayPal, you too? Stop limiting password length for fucks sake!

What the fuck PayPal? Who the fuck is in charge of security in all these companies that think upper limit of passwords should be something stupid like only 16 or 20 characters? And if it’s some whatever service that people can’t give two fucks about, fine, but these are financial companies that shuffle around people’s actual money as well as very sensitive personal information. Yet this is the shit they keep on pulling. 20 fucking characters as the upper limit for passwords. For real PayPal? This is a fucking joke.

Reddit, you’re fucking perma banning me for this?!

The context here was a post where someone posted a door cam video of 3 dogs murdering his cat in a rather brutal way. And people were saying how such violent dogs need to be put down. To which I replied with this…

Oh fuck off Reddit. You’re PERMANENTLY banning me for this? Seriously?

And this is their argument for the permanent ban. THREATS OF VIOLENCE. TO FUCKING WHOM!?!?!??!?? Who am I threatening here? The dumbass who left 3 of his dogs run around murdering other people’s pets? Fuck off. And it’s been 4 fucking days and they’ve done jack shit about the appeal. This is absolute fucking bullshit. Twitter was stupid, but this is even more retarded than all the bullshit I had to deal with on Twitter. What the fuck Reddit? And this is the second time I’m out of the blue permanently suspended over total bullshit. Only difference is, they fixed the last one in just 2 days after appeal, here, they are apparently scratching their balls all this time or something. So god damn stupid. Fix this shit already Reddit. ffs


It’s been one week and no one did anything about the fucking ban or even contact me back what the fuck is even going on. Are these people too busy jerking off or something? What the fuck? They are ultra quick to ban you site wide for some dumbass shit anyone with half a gram of brain and most crude understanding of fucking English could clear out and lift the fucking ban, but no, just nothing. Only contact they even give you is same fucking form that apparently leads to fucking nothing. Dafuck? Last time I got perma banned for equally retarded shit was cleared in 2 days and now fucking nothing is happening. So fucking stupid. People contacting me about apps I make on Reddit and I can’t even reply because some dumbass is sitting on my fucking retarded ban. Fuck me.

RTX 3000 and RX 6000 graphic cards at MSRP price are a terrible deal

I keep reading how everyone is saying “Grab RTX 3080/3090 now because they are finally at MSRP or even lower, now is the time to buy!!!!!1111”.

Well, I have an issue with that. Because I think it’s TERRIBLE deal. And you may wonder why the hell I’d say that? Well, the main issue is, the MSRP price for these cards was meant when they were new. And they were new in year 2020! RTX 3080 was released in September 2020. These cards are now almost 2 years old and they are just NOW selling them at price they should’ve been selling them 2 years ago? That’s insane. Imagine buying 2 years old product at price it was sold when it was released? It doesn’t even matter if it’s new in a sealed box. It’s a 2 YEARS OLD product! Why should you be paying this much for it 2 years later? I just don’t get it how some find it a great deal. RTX 3080 should be selling new for 500€ now, not 900€…

And this is coming from someone (me) who grabbed a RTX 3080 back in December 2020 and I already had mildly inflated price back then when I bought it for 990€. But we’ve always had such high prices for high end cards anyways so it wasn’t that far off. Now imagine, I’ve been gaming on my RTX 3080 for almost 2 years and now you’ll be paying basically the same price 2 years later? That’s just asinine. Sure it’s great for me, if I sell it now I’ll hardly lose any money while using it for 2 years, but that’s just not the way. It’s ridiculous and has entirely ruined the gaming market. RTX 3060Ti cards for 600€. Is this a joke!? Where are the days where we could comfortably be gaming on mid range cards for around 300€.

And while everyone is making recommendations and urging everyone to BUY NOW!, I frankly don’t have an answer. I just think it’s a really bad deal at these prices.

Youtube age restricting GamersNexus video… bullshit!

Go fuck yourself Youtube, I’m not going to “sign in”. What could possibly be so horribly offensive and child corrupting on GamersNexus channel to require this bullshit age restriction? A fucking graphic card review.

They are literally pulling same bullshit move Twitter has been doing to hoard user data. Twitter suddenly suspended your account for some random bullshit you said and then begged for you to provide them your phone number for purposes of “verification”.

This is the second time entirely benign channel had video age restricted and I’m starting to smell Twitter’s bullshit here. Been watching Youtube for years now because fuck you Google and this started rather suddenly. None of my usual channels I watch ever had this and now I got 2 in span of a single month.

I’d ditch Youtube like I did rest of Google, but you just can’t because Youtube holds such massive monopoly over user created video content…

Wtf is this garbage Start menu in Windows 11 ?!

Seriously Microsoft, for a multi-billion corporation, they sure as fuck don’t have a single clue how to design ANY shit. Like, what the fuck is this new Start menu in Windows 11 as I’ve posted example above? Literally half of it is useless empty space that “sometimes” displays something that you’ve installed.

But RejZoR, why don’t you just disable display of recently added apps! Well, you can also do that and this is the result…

Instead of expanding the usable space of Start menu upon disabling of display of recently added apps to allow user icons across the entire Start menu, it just displays this god damn fucking useless message. Are you fucking kidding me Microsoft? And to really smear that Carolina reaper sauce into the open wound, it has been this way since release of Windows 11 in June 2021. ONE FUCKING YEAR AGO. WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK!?

I have 2 pages worth of apps in the Start menu and I need to scroll it because this fucking useless thing was designed by utter moron. I’d be ashamed to work for such huge company and deliver such pathetic interface design to a finalized product. Same goes for a clown who approved this pile of shit for release to the public. People who did this shit should be fired because fuck me, this is insulting.

Microsoft, fix your stupid broken StorageSense!

I’ve recently discovered that StorageSense feature, the one that’s suppose to keep my system clean and tidy isn’t doing its god damn job. Like, at all.

I have StorageSense enabled and it’s set by default to purge files from Recycle Bin that have been there for more than 30 days…


All good and fine here. Except it’s not doing its fucking job. Here is my Recycle Bin…


It’s 4000 files in it, dating back to beginning of year 2022. Fucking 6 months worth of deleted files just sitting there wasting space. Fucking why?

I know why. Because Microsoft is fucking incompetent. There is shit in Windows 11 that has been broken since day 1 and they haven’t fixed it till now. This one is just another one tossed on the pile of all the broken shit they never fixed even in Windows 10. And as you can see it has been broken for at least 5 months given the shit stored in Recycle Bin that should’ve been purged months ago. But hey, that’s not important, what’s important is shoving fuck ass mandatory Microsoft account to even install Windows 11 in our faces and shilling stupid ass Edge browser to my face at every possible occasion. Fuck you Microsoft. Fix the basic shit you incompetent clowns.

Gearbox, fix your stupid game breaking bug in Borderlands 3 DLC

Oh my fucking god, it’s been 2 years since people reported it to Gearbox/2K and they literally haven’t fixed it because it’s apparently too fucking hard to do it. If you’re wondering what I’m raging about it’s the “Ride to Ruin” mission in Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3. And the bug is so fucked you literally can’t finish the fucking DLC if it happens and it’s so easy to make it happen it’s ridiculous.

You’re suppose to “follow the posse” to reach to some fort where Juno opens the door for you so you can progress. If you don’t immediately follow them riding to the fort destination (because you decide to wander away or finish something up that you haven’t yet, because that’s kinda what you often do in open world games), the game just decides to permanently fuck itself up, fuck up the quest so that Juno has a marker over her head, but when you try talking to her, she just spits out a line and nothing happens.

How can a professional games studio fuck up something so simple and not catch it during testing phase. And to make it worse, they can’t be bothered to fucking fix it in 2 god damn fucking years after people reported it. Not just whined on some random forum or blog, actually reported it to the game studio. Fuck off.

If you’re so fucking clueless you can’t fix your own god damn game because it’s “too difficult” somehow, then add a button player can press on the map and it just overrides the fucking mechanics that put this dumb ass quest in motion. Either to just reset it or skip it and open the door of the fort automatically. It’s fucking insane that they couldn’t be bothered to do even that.

First gameplay through the game I accepted DLC quests, all of them and then continued to play the main game, causing difficulty scaling to go all fucked up for ALL DLC’s because it cemented them at that difficulty when I accepted them, not when I actually started playing them. This is my second play through and after specifically paying attention to that, this shit fucks it up again. It seems I’ll have to do 5 playthroughs to finally manage to avoid all the dumbass problems this game has because its developer is fucking clueless knob that doesn’t give a shit about their customers. They happily push out bunch of editions and extra paid for DLC’s, but when it’s time to fix literal game breaking bugs, they fuck off into silence. Assholes.

And then everyone wonders why piracy still exists… Start giving a shit and customers will also give a shit to actually pay you for your actual work, not this half baked broken shit.