avast! 17 Protection Tweaks

avast! Antivirus Free, being one of the most popular free antiviruses in the world, I’ve decided to make a tweaked configuration file for it. The file is official avast! configuration file backup, so no obfuscated self-extracting packages or 3rd party installers.

Currently supported avast! version (older versions are archived):

avast! Antivirus 17 (version 17.x)

Updated: 2017-05-27

My configuration includes:

  • All Active Protection Shields set to High heuristics
  • All On-Demand scans tweaked to provide optimal system performance and scan speed
  • Smart Scan settings tweaked for higher malware detection
  • PUP detection enabled for Quick, Smart, Full and explorer right-click scan
  • Sounds disabled
  • Disabled data sharing with 3rd parties (CommunityIQ is still enabled though!)
  • Disabled advertisements in paid versions

Settings that are now included in avast! out of the box:

  • Automatic program updates enabled
  • Tray icon animation disabled
  • Disabled avast! notes inserted into clean e-mails

Main goal of my configuration:

Main goal of my customized avast! configuration is to provide the least intrusive experience with maximum protection, performance and privacy. It is as simple as that.

You’ll first need avast! installed:

If you want to help me, use this referrer link:

Latest configuration file download:

Archive of older configuration files:

How to apply:

Make sure avast! is installed properly (otherwise the configuration file won’t work!). Download the above ZIP file, unpack it and double click the contained file. System restart is recommended for all the changes to be applied properly. That’s it, no further user interaction is required.


8 thoughts on “avast! 17 Protection Tweaks

    1. It’s all explained. There are several key changes to make it less intrusive, quieter and with actually higher protection (PUP’s enabled for on-demand, higher heuristics, more aggressive caching etc).


  1. Could You make script that does everything that Avast Cleanup tool does for Windows optimisation? Disabling unuseful services ect.? Im interested in Windows 10 optimisation.


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