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Hyper sensitive, perpetually offended society, can you just die please?

I still can’t understand how humanity, the apex predators and rulers of this planet and slowly becoming interplanetary race became these motherfucking fragile, perpetually offended dumb ass snowflakes. Just the thought of it makes me wonder where the hell has our society fucked up so badly we’ve come to this point where people are freaking constantly offended not only by themselves, but also on behalf of others!

Ratings on games, ratings on movies, icons and warnings on TV shows, warnings in games, censorship of blood and tits in games and to latest trend of censorship and endless filtering of communication in games and on social media.

Word “toxic” has become a blanket meaningless word that can cover pretty much anything that offends you and everyone goes into rage mode to ensure someone’s fragile feels don’t get hurt when they feel someone is “toxic”. And if you think calling someone a “dumb ass retard” when they fuck up your game is the worst, you’d be wrong.

I’ve had one retard not long ago who griefed us on spawn and when I called him a retard for doing it, he quickly started yelling “omg, see, he called me retard, report him!”. And of course idiots reported me because they didn’t see what happened, but did see me calling him a retard (it was shitty Blizzard’s Overwatch, you’ve read about it here before, I hope this spineless garbage of a company dies lmao). But that’s basic shit, you have to be a master of knowing when someone’s feels get hurt because people also get offended if you say “gg” at wrong time. People also get offended when you don’t say “gg” when they expect you to say it like a fucking drone after every game. People also sperg like total apes when someone says “ez” at the end of the game. I think it’s stupid, especially when they were struggling for good chunk of the game to beat us, but whatevers. I couldn’t give a shit, but a lot of people get super offended by that and hit the report button in a nanosecond. Why? Why is everyone so worked up and invested into reporting everyone? Reporting shit is becoming a game for them instead of the fucking game itself.

Recently I commented on r/esports about this exact matter in some post about “toxic players” and guess what, retards there instantly perma banned me for having that opinion that didn’t fall in line with their perpetually offended stance, basically proving everyone is breeding this dumb fragile society of idiots who get offended by every fucking little thing and start crying like god damn infants. Being an r/esports, I wasn’t expecting any less as that’s the primary breeding ground of these snowflakes. And whole society and industry is supporting, nourishing and feeding this crap to satisfy these perpetually offended crybabies.

I’m starting to really miss good old days when people insulted each other in chat and that was it. No one was weeping in a dark corner, no one had life long trauma from it, no one even gave a fuck if someone called you a retard or a faggot. Now whole LGBT community spergs out because you used word faggot and that of course offends everyone. And everyone also goes mad because you used “retard”, because that also offends… retards. Or so they say people offended on behalf of others. They must be retarded for sure.

And that’s just for games, you should see idiots on Twitter, Facebook and other shit social networks, who rally in massive mobs of these perpetually offended idiots and attack individuals for what they do or wear. Like idiots attacking whites for wearing dreads because apparently Jamaicans have trademarked dreads (hint, they haven’t) or attacking non-Japanese people for wearing a Kimono because that’s muh “cultural appropriation”. I don’t know a single Japanese person who was offended by this. In fact everyone was always thrilled that outsiders are excited about their history or culture. It’s so bad, at one point social justice warriors mob was attacking a girl for wearing a Kimono while being too white. Yeah, literally, the girl posted her passport to prove to mobs she’s actually Japanese so they’d shut up. She really had more European skin tone and her eyes weren’t typically Japanese (also, why people still think Japanese people are yellow or something?). They were hyper offended on behalf of Japanese people attacking this girl who was… Japanese. Has anyone of these morons thought how that girl felt? Of course not. They couldn’t give a shit about her feelings when they were on their own crusade of righteousness!

To make matters worse, this trend isn’t stopping. Oh no, it’s just getting even worse by every passing day as I read how mega creepy corporations are planning to use “Ai” to filter and censor all and any “mean” words and ban everyone just to protect these fragile snowflakes and make society even more fragile and offended by every word that does happen to float into their stupid ears.

If this image looks familiar to you…


…then you’re from my generation (I’m not that freaking old, but I feel old now) or earlier and this movie (Demolition Man) was a parody of utopian society of the future where they had these machines that issued you a language violation ticket for saying “mean” words. You should really watch the movie to see what they were good for at some point. Same thing I think all this filtering and censoring is good for. Well, someone didn’t get the memo along the way and what once used to be a parody is now becoming a reality. And it’s fucking sad and cringy as fuck. It doesn’t make people change opinions about things, they just don’t say it because everyone likes to be pretentious dickheads behind everyone’s backs. Somehow that fixes all the problems with “toxicity”. Congrats society, you just played yourself. You’re still all retarded dickheads, you just don’t hear it from others. Mission failed successfully I guess. Snowflake imaginary lives protected!

Blizzard is lying about “inappropriate language” suspensions in Overwatch

At first I thought people in Overwatch are such oversensitive bitches that they report anyone and everyone for any word they say regardless of context, but today after I’ve tested this to prove it (I’ve been suspended so many times I don’t give a shit if it’s one more time just to prove it) and I’ve seen it’s all bullshit.

When you get suspended for “inappropriate” language in chat they say “You’ve been suspended because several players have reported you for inappropriate language blablabla”. Where in reality, there was no players reporting anyone. Maybe some, but it’s really their automated bullshit system just counting the amount of “nasty” words you say and then they suspend you regardless of context or if the said words were censored by profanity filter which is enabled by default and most people wouldn’t even disable it. I could never figure out at first why people would be so butthurt over censored words not directed at anyone in particular, but now I’ve placed all the puzzle pieces together.

The reason I know it’s bullshit is because I got suspended right after the game ended with defeat and in the exact game where I said few “profane” words in an attempt to trigger it. There is no frigging way people in the game were butthurt over it since everyone was busy fighting and the context I used was joking how game mode (Mystery Heroes) is fucking us in the ass by giving us all the wrong heroes and giving enemy all the best ones.

Blizzard, you little cunt, stop pretending it was the players who caused the suspension by reporting, it’s your shitty automated system suspending people by counting fucking censored profane words and then you word the suspension message like it was the players who did it. That’s fucking disgusting bullshit to shift the blame on players to avoid backlash and complaints.

Big tech owned companies and subsidiaries

I’ve been writing about privacy a lot and since I’ve been dropping data hoarding big tech services, I’ve decided to compile a list of companies owned by Google, Facebook and the likes that are marketed under entirely different name, but essentially operated by these big tech corporations, so people who want to avoid these companies as much as possible can do so without much effort or guessing.

The list generally won’t contain every single company they own, I’m in particularly interested in companies and services that are widely used by people, but aren’t aware they are owned by said big tech. For example, Onavo has been quietly marketed as independent company while it was already owned by Facebook for years at that point. Or my recent discovery that Crashlytics is owned by Google, which is used by many 3rd party services and apps and people don’t really know it’s feeding data to Google.


  • AdMob
  • AllPay
  • Crashlytics
  • DoubleClick
  • Orkut / Hello Network
  • Waze
  • Widevine (DRM used by Netflix)


  • Instagram
  • Oculus VR
  • Onavo
  • WhatsApp


  • MoPub
  • Periscope


  • GitHub
  • LinkedIn




To further expand this list, I would like to ask you the readers to supply me with further info down below in the comments section and I’ll update the list to keep it as up to date and extensive as possible.

Big tech privacy controls are dust in the eyes of users

In the wake of Amazon’s and Google’s fiascos with their “smart” devices making permanent recordings of everything around them ignoring activation keywords and sending all that to their servers, people need to realize another thing…

You know how Google or Facebook give you all the settings to “control” your privacy? Well, what if I told you all those controls are literally buttons that don’t really lead anywhere or control anything?

When you delete all your searches from Google Search, do you think that data is really gone? Well, I think it’s not and it really only goes away from your view, not from Google’s view. As far as I know, no one audits Google’s operations, so you basically just have to trust them. There is no way proving that’s not the case if they lie about deletion of data either, since there is no auditing. And ultimately, everything that they collect, by the time you sort of actually delete it, they’ve already profiled you using that data. It doesn’t really matter if you delete it afterwards, for example Google has already used that data to create your personal fingerprint or a snapshot if you will.

Imagine the process of it as reading a book. You can burn the book afterwards, but you still know the exact content of it and you have a visualized image of its content. That’s how these companies profile you and then they “burn the book” when you request data deletion. It’s why they so willingly offer “privacy controls”, because they literally do nothing.

Another issue with all this are contractors these companies use. The moment they hand over data for processing out of their HQ, they are free of any responsibility because contractors aren’t them anymore. You can’t stop data that’s out of their direct control. Which further shows what a massive issue we have with privacy and how poorly it’s regulated. And how little people are aware of what’s happening with all their private data…

Amazon is being retarded

What the frigging hell is with Amazon recently? I was usually buying from Amazon Germany or Amazon UK since we don’t have any in local one Slovenia and never had problems. But recently, almost any item I pick, it shows like they deliver it on the initial product page, but when I click it through almost to the basket, it starts whining that they can’t deliver to my address. How about if you’d fucking tell me that 5 pages ago instead of me clicking through shit thinking I’m gonna buy something and then it shits on me. And what the fuck is with it bitching over almost anything? I’ve gone through like 15 products and they all couldn’t be delivered to my address. Are you fucking shitting me? You don’t like my money all of a sudden? Dafuck?

Is anyone else all of a sudden unable to buy anything from Amazon for some dumb reason?

AMD systems can use Windows Core Isolation feature after all

As you can read here I had some problems enabling Windows Core Isolation feature on my Ryzen 5 2500U system. Whenever I’ve enabled it, system failed to work in a way that graphics failed to work if I enabled it.

As it turns out, the reason for this was in outdated drivers. Combination of them. There was also BIOS update… But not the usual kind of driver update. I had all drivers installed, chipset and graphic from AMD. Also full Windows Update.

I had to update drivers using Snappy Driver Installer (make sure to create System Restore Point first if there are any problems) and after that, Core Isolation worked just fine. I’ve used SDI quite often before, but stopped. I guess I’m returning to using it regularly.

AMD Radeon drivers are not compatible with Windows 10 Core Isolation feature

Windows 10 has a neat security feature since version 1809 which isolates core system from the rest of things through virtualization which is called Core Isolation.


The thing is, on my PC with NVIDIA graphic card, everything works fine. Core Isolation enabled, no issues. However, on two laptops, one with AMD A9-9420 APU and another with AMD Ryzen 2500U APU and on both, as soon as you enable Core Isolation, graphics driver shits itself. On Ryzen even to a point it becomes unbootable and you need to boot it to Safe Mode and manually remove driver.

What’s going on AMD? Why can’t you bloody make Radeon drivers compatible with Core Isolation feature enabled? It’s quite annoying that you can’t use this feature at all if there is Radeon in the system…