Microsoft, fix the stupid broken Storage Sense in Windows 11


Ok Microsoft, tell me how you can have a feature around for literal fucking years and it’s still broken to a point it’s literally fucking not working at all? Like for example StorageSense. Those 4MB of cleaned stuff is highly questionable and if files in Recycle Bin older than 30 days are deleted automatically, then why the fuck I still have files in it that were deleted back in November 2022. Fucking 4 months ago? But hey, that stupid shit you keep removing and adding back months later is so fucking important. Or moving of taskbar around the screen edges. Windows 98 had that shit. How about you first fix your existing shit and stop removing crap we had 30 years ago? For fucks sake. What an absolute dump. With how much tracking and idiocy is in Windows, it should be fucking free because it’s in worse than BETA state for years. WTF?!

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