SkyShowtime and how all streaming can go fuck itself

I’ve been seeing billboards about SkyShowtime because this service apparently came to my country recently. Being fed up with lack of content on Netflix and Disney+, I’ve decided to check it out. Wow, so there is CSI on it. I loved that show, but due to life things, I missed bunch of episodes. I’d love to binge watch all of CSI episodes from very beginning to its very end. And then they only list episodes from like season 12 and upwards. Are you fucking kidding me? Ok, maybe I’ll check Law & Order: SVU, because I had same limited ability to see all episodes back in the day. Season 17 and upwards only? Oh fuuuuuuck you. WHY?! At this point I’m like, fine, I’m just gonna watch Halo series. Right? Like, it’s a new show and it starts from Season 1 Episode 1 because there’s just one fucking season so far. Click the thing on my laptop running Firefox on Linux (with that DRM shit enabled) and the service is whining how my current system isn’t compatible with SkyShowtime. Are you fucking kidding me?

I was ready to check some stuff and be subscribed for a month or two. But no, you utter fucks literally encourage piracy. Guess what, all pirate sites will happily serve me entire fucking CSI from Episode 1 to its final one for as long as there are some seeds to serve that shit to me. Same for Law & Order. And I won’t have any issues playing fucking Halo on whatever the fuck system I’ll desire. How in fuck are these companies worldwide success with such fucking imbecile incompetent behavior? Like fuuuuuuuuuck you all. You want to go legit as consumer and not pirate shit just to deal with more dumb inconvenient bullshit. If I just pirated the fucking content, I’d have none of these problems and inconveniences. How the fuck does this make any kind of sense?

This is why I haven’t pirated a single game for over 15 fucking years. Because I never had to deal with such utterly dumb bullshit. I give them money, they give me game. It’s so easy and convenient I literally can’t be bothered chasing game ISO image and then dig for the right crack that works with certain version of the game. In this case, piracy is inconvenient and I can’t be bothered with it. Meanwhile all the streaming services are ramming head into wall with this inconvenient fuckery that just makes you want to just download shit from somewhere and watch it in fucking peace. Like, come on, is this 1995 or 2023 ? I don’t remember being so inconvenienced by fucking VHS tapes and we had to go to a nearby town to fucking rent them back in the 90’s. You’d think we’ve progressed somewhere in this consumer obsessed world run by money, but nope. Nothing fucking changed in the movie industry. In fact it just got worse from the looks of it.


I’ve now also tried spoofing user agent in browser and the fucking thing wouldn’t work with ANYTHING. Setting it as Windows with ANY browser agent, be it Edge, Chrome or whatever, the dumb SkyShowtime keeps whining about unsupported device. You fucking pile of wanking dicks. WHY?! Why the fuck is watching of movies not allowed in Firefox on fucking Linux? You have the fucking DRM module there for this fucking purpose you utter fucking morons. But who the fuck cares, I’ll just go on PirateBay and watch fucking Halo in peace on my fucking Linux laptop without your stupid ass whining. Congrats, you solved piracy by blocking Linux users!

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