Samsung, where is my white color for Galaxy S23?

Ok Samsung, you fucking donkey, you launch new Galaxy S23 series with all the fancy stuff and then you decide to launch devices only in Phantom Black, Green, Levander and Cream colors. Where the fuck is WHITE color? I don’t want stain looking “cream”. I want WHITE. What the hell is up with that? Imagine a car brand that releases the car without black or white option? But you get “cream” option. Yay?

White just looks so premium and different, but not too flashy. And it’s the opposite of fingerprint and scratch magnet as it can be all nasty, but won’t show on it. Just why? I freaking don’t understand it who asked for ugly stained cream over brilliant white color? WHO?! Like the idiotic European price of these devices wasn’t enough, you fuck it up with dumb color selection too. Ugh. What an absolute monumental flop.

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