Android 13 update borked Poco X4 GT’s bluetooth with Smart Band 7 Pro :(

What the hell Xiaomi? Poco X4 GT and Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro worked like a charm, but ever since I received stable Android 13 update on the X4 GT, Xiaomi’s OWN Smart Band 7 Pro keeps somehow disconnecting and then failing to automatically reconnect back.

For some stupid reason I keep getting pairing dialog where I need to confirm pairing on both and to make matter worse, the damn thing doesn’t even work. I can confirm pairing and it won’t pair. I have to then manually turn off bluetooth on the phone, pairing fails and when I turn bluetooth back on, they suddenly get connected back together like nothing happened.

I’ve contacted Xiaomi support and unfortunately they weren’t very helpful. I did a factory reset for them and now NFC doesn’t work anymore with my banking app even though it did before and it didn’t fix anything. In the end they just directed me to a local service center. Ugh.

I really like the Poco X4 GT. Relatively cheap but really nice phone and Smart Band 7 Pro, while it has bunch of compromises, it’s also really nice and I enjoyed using both, but now the experience is so messed up it’s really not fun to use it when it keeps randomly bugging me with stupid pairing thing. Anyone else having same problem?


2 thoughts on “Android 13 update borked Poco X4 GT’s bluetooth with Smart Band 7 Pro :(

  1. I am not sure if this will help or not, I got neither of two devices, but from my experiences, does the band come with some special app that pairs or manages it? If it does, there are two things I would check, first one being to add that app to exceptions or whatever to allow it to run in background. Some phones can be absolutely terrible with background app killing. Learned that with clock app that failed to wake me up… so yeah, no fail is too big for them. 😀 And second, if that app also has options for managing devices, like your band, make sure it allows working in background.

    Anyway, just talking form experience of many overly aggressive battery saving methods, from missed notifications, because they would only happen after I started app again to alarm… Hence why I still don’t trust that my phone will wake me up and only use it as backup after my old trusty alarm clock wakes me up.


    1. Thing is, that’s not even a problem. It’s something fucked up on a bluetooth protocol level or bluetooth functionality because stupid smart band keeps trying to re-pair with phone over and over even though I’ve paired it fucking 15 times already and it just somehow keeps forgetting they were already fucking paired successfully. Just during this night, damn thing whined about pairing to phone TWICE. Twice in a single fucking night while they were 2 meters apart. I just turned of stupid Dumb Band 7 pro and slapped my Seiko Baby Monster on my wrist, a fucking mechanical watch. That’s how much fed up I am with this shit. “Smart Band” my ass.

      I’ve had both for few months and it was never causing problems until my Poco X4 GT updated to official Android 13. Then this shit started. And when I contacted Xiaomi support, they were next to useless. Asked me to do the usual factory reset everything. Ok, fair enough. And after problems didn’t go away they asked me to hand both over to Xiaomi service center. Ok? So, I’ll hand over 2 devices I use daily and be without them for weeks. For what? So they probably still won’t fix shit because I doubt whatever local service center we have can even do anything about software fuckup Xiaomi China did to OS to so monumentally fuck it up on 2 devices that are their own.

      This shit is so stupid I’m probably just going to sell this shit and just finally buy Samsung. I don’t know why I keep returning to Xiaomi and always have some dumb problems with it and for some stupid reason I keep returning. Heh. Just gonna buy Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Watch 6 and cal it a day even if it costs a fortune in comparison.


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