Imagine being dumbass like this…


Had some problem with login on GOG support webpage, asked on Reddit and some guy replied I should clear the browser cache. Knowing it’s not suppose to fix anything, but tried it anyway for the sake of it and then replied that to him. Then came this fucking SheKilledHerself idiot whining about my “attitude” of being angry and ignorant. Really? Which part of my reply was angry (literally how?) and which part of it was ignorant considering I ACTUALLY FUCKING TRIED JUST THAT. Eh?

And that isn’t even the cherry on top. Whole post spiraled into downvoting of my comments and 2 dumb users bitching about my attitude when I told this idiot to fuck off. And then clowns point at my last angry reply and whining “see, the angry reply!”. Wow, really dumbass? That wasn’t my initial comment that you whined about, it was AFTER you were acting like an absolute illiterate smartass and I called you out on it.

Why is internet always full of morons like this and somehow, they always manage to find my fucking posts somehow? And fun part, they literally contribute less than nothing. They never talk about the problem I had, their entire whining is offtopic bitching about my attitude spamming the entire thread with worthless useless posts. Go eat shit you fucking cretins. Don’t you have anything better to do than spam comments?


11 thoughts on “Imagine being dumbass like this…

  1. Bro reddit is full of basement dwelling cretins who are super insecure with their own lives. Their only purpose is to project their insecurities and virtue signal others in an attempt to bring up their pathetic self esteem in front of their own eyes. Instead of answering the questions it seems everyone pretends to be a moral deity while being foolish at the same time. These fucks are the kind who are unable to even open their mouth to order at the grocery store. Ignore them


    1. Holy fucking shit, now a mod of r/gog sub walked in and he’s threatening me with a ban because I told that motherfucker to get lost and apparently I’m highly problematic now. You can’t make this shit up. It’s like no one can fucking read basic fucking English anymore.


    2. Oh boy, look how things change when Reddit fuckery has no power here. Oh wait, I deleted your comment because it was bullshit. Oh noes.


    3. It’s wonderful when the guy in question hides the parts of the post that actually got him in trouble, where he harasses people that try to help.


      1. Oh really? The screenshot of comment that started it all means nothing? Really? What’s most baffling is how above comment managed to spiral entire post into absolute fucking dumpsterfire just because morons can’t fucking read basic English and somehow managed to find my reply above so fucking deeply offensive they felt the need to go on a fucking mega crusade against me for some fucking reason. That’s the real problem. The fact that I told morons who derailed entire post to fuck off repeatedly is entirely irrelevant. They already fucked up entire thread, if I have an attitude to tell them they are dipshit assholes that need to fuck off, it seems like you have no concept of what context or escalation is. Because if those same fucking morons didn’t whine over a fucking most benign post in entire fucking history of internet, I’d never have an “attitude”. Given you’re whining about it here as well, I can only assume you can’t fucking read either.

        Yeah, I have an “attitude”, but if you haven’t noticed yet, only when someone acts like an asshole towards me. That’s a huge difference.

        You have anything else to say, genius?


  2. Lol, I am just now reading the thread and god you are a moron. The moment someone says something you don’t like, you jump into attack mode because you can’t handle someone telling you things you may not wanna hear.

    Dude, you even managed to get the mod pissed off, and he’s rarely pissed off.


    1. You mean the whole part where two idiots started whining over a non issue reply that I made, went on whole fucking crusade harassing me with off topic bullshit and not contributed a single fucking thing of worth in entire post? And then some dumbass moderator with god complex because he can swing a banhammer and apparently can’t fucking read just like you can’t? Oh yeah, really, I’m the problem for being that jackass and telling them they are morons and they should fuck off. It’s like it doesn’t matter at all how it started, everyone is just hyperfocused on posts where I tell everyone harassing me to get fucked and now you’re all “wow this guy has angry attitude”. No shit, really? You’re being a dumbass towards me and I’ll call you a retard. And you’re here acting all surprised. Fucking 24 carat gold.


    2. This moron then continued to spam like 50 childish comments in here whining and kicking, because he was so fucking salty that his bullshit narrative didn’t fly over here too, like it did on Reddit.


  3. Lol, the same idiot who spammed shit here is still fucking going on on Reddit about it, being saltier than Dead Sea because I deleted his childish spamming bullshit. LMAO. Dude, you first harassed me on Reddit over ONE FUCKING COMMENT, then came harassing me on my own fucking blog and now he’s whining like a little child who didn’t get latest iPhone for Christmas, because I’ve deleted his spamming bullshit on my very own blog. Dude, get a fucking life.


  4. That’s reddit for you, brainless comments based in imaginary facts, feels and entitlement ridden attitudes. I have stooped to only reading reddit as the replies to my comments usually anger me to the extent that I end up destroying them with facts that they choose to not recognize. Reddit is trash, just like fakebook and all the others. Social media is a cancer on society giving all idiots a voice and then defending them fighting tooth and nail.


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