CDKeys “My Orders” page serving plain text gibberish?

Anyone else having this weird problem with CDKeys page? Entire webpage works fine, except “My Orders” menu inside user account profile. When I click My Orders button, it just serves me webpage in plain text instead of actually rendering it. Been talking to their support for days and apparently no one there knows how to go to that menu and fucking check it. I’ve tried in all the browsers that exist, on Windows, Linux, on Android, I’ve tried using 2 entirely different ISP’s, with adblocking and without, same fucking shit. It always serves me that page in plain text for some fucked up reason. And to make matters worse, I can’t redeem any game I buy because of this shit.

Can anyone who also uses CDKeys check this for me? Go to your profile and click on “My Orders”. Specifically this page:

If anyone else has it rendered in plain text instead of seeing a normal page, please let me know. Thanks

1 thought on “CDKeys “My Orders” page serving plain text gibberish?

  1. Took me a while to get things across. For some reason everyone is super stuck up about talking about CDKeys even though I wasn’t talking about buying games there, I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Everything got removed, locked, censored. Wtf? Since I couldn’t get across what’s wrong to their first contact I sent another message to CDKeys support and finally managed to get the message across by recording the happening and sending them the webpage code that was displayed as plain text instead of graphical webpage and they fixed it in few days. Could have fixed it so much faster if I knew if it’s happening to other people to and not just me… Anyway, they fixed it now and from the looks of it the issue wasn’t just for me. Or it could be. But that would be super weird if it was…


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