Microsoft, you really fucked up Windows 11 22H2 to a point where Kubuntu is better!

As you may have noticed from my last few rants here, I was so fed up with Microsoft’s dumbass bullshit with latest Windows 11 22H2 update that I’ve now permanently migrated all my other systems to Linux, only system where I’ll still be dealing with this motherfucking idiocy called Windows 11 is my gaming PC, because fucking gaming and Linux. I like older games, I like modern games that require DirectX 12 and I’m just not willing to spend hours fiddling with them just to then sort of kind of work through 15 compatibility layers on Linux. They were mostly multimedia systems anyway and that works fine on Linux.

And boy, what a relief it was to just install the fucking OS on my devices and not be bothered with absolutely dumb shit like endless whining with made up “compatibility” reasons and forcing me to hack the damn thing apart just to bypass absolutely stupid forced online account. I even enabled WiFi during installation and didn’t have to worry for installer screwing me over with some dumb corporate bullshit.

Decided for Kubuntu, because wide mainstream adoption of Ubuntu helps compatibility and stuff and I just prefer KDE over anything else. It’s simple, easy to use and works well out of the box. Exactly what I need after dealing with dreadful pile of shit called Windows 11 22H2 update…

Now, I know Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about what I mean, some random nobody blogger, but when you fuck GUI and UX part of Windows 11 so hard with absolutely fucking retarded design decisions to a point where some open source OS made by bunch of enthusiasts from all over the world becomes a not just better, but MUCH MUCH better choice, that should be telling enough how hard you’ve fucked up. Hell, Windows 11 22H2 update is so fucking bad that it makes Windows Vista from 15 years ago look like pretty fucking decent OS. It’s THAT bad, broken and annoying to use, I shit you not. From all the shit that’s just broken and they haven’t fixed it since first release of Windows 11 to regression of features we had for frigging 3 decades to shit that’s just in your face annoying, I just can’t stand it enough. I have enough of this shit.

Good job Microsoft! I guess? LOL

2 thoughts on “Microsoft, you really fucked up Windows 11 22H2 to a point where Kubuntu is better!

  1. It gets even better. Not sure if you tried games and which, but Win11 22H2 also has bug that causes games to stutter after update on nVidia. Rollback fixes the issue. I haven’t tried other fixes, found few potentials, but after I had to force update with update assistant I got ton of stuttering in Spiderman. And once I went looking it up, apparently Microsoft was sitting on bug reports for months and did absolutely nothing, because reports came from community and not their stupid automated test virtual machines they replaced alive testers with. But then again, what do you expect from company that updates Windows Defender database with one that flags all Chromium based products as malware and if you think that on its own was bad, it was flagging their own Edge as malware too. Like they couldn’t even test for compatibility with their own browser. Though on the other hand, I can’t argue with results of their scripts which decide what you will get, they didn’t want to give me 22H2 and they turned Smart App Control off for me. Choice would be nice but then again, I can’t argue with result, they were right in both cases. 😀

    As for whole Windows thing, I think people these days forget old wisdom we used to stick to. Don’t upgrade to new Windows till at least Service Pack 1. Sure they changed them to Feature Updates, but I would say one FU is worth 1/2 of SP. I went for it because I just wanted to see how it is, totally ready for trouble. But yeah, there is reason why people recommend delaying jumps to new Windows or even feature Updates. But if you want to stay calm, stick to Win10. It will be supported till 2025, plus as with all Windows, I totally expect extension of that, especially due to system requirements. I think they will find themselves with quite large Win10 userbase in 2025 and remember how long XP or 7 support stuck around? I think both had multiple extensions.


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