New Smart App Control in Windows 11 22H2 is dumb and worthless!

Just like so many things in Windows 11 I’ve already complained about, this is another dumb feature Microsoft decided to include in latest Windows 11 22H2 build. And I’m starting to believe people designing Windows 11 are genuinely idiots. How fucking else would you design things so fucking dumb!?


I present you the “Smart App Control”. Smart feature, designed by a moron.

If you have updated your old build of Windows 11 to 22H2, this feature is OFF by default and cannot be enabled. You’re asked to install Windows 11 clean to use this feature. Ok, so I have installed Windows 11 clean to enable this. By default it goes into “Evaluation” mode where it “evaluates” something if your system is worthy of protection. Based on fucking what? Same dumb arbitrary rules as everything else in Windows?

If this “Evaluation” decides you’re not worthy, it will automatically switch to OFF. Which means from that point on, you CAN’T enable it anymore without clean reinstall of entire OS. If you manually set it to OFF, you CAN’T enable it anymore without clean reinstall of entire OS.

If you manually turn this feature ON, it will remain on. Ok, cool then? Well, not really. This feature is so dumb it has no control, exclusions or dialogs when something is blocked. It just gets blocked quietly. Particularly in Terminal, when I wanted to turn off stupid Lock screen and I got error that “system policy” is preventing changing of setting and this was displayed directly in Terminal itself. I just fucking knew it. It’s this dumb new Smart App Control, but I wasn’t 100% sure. So I set it to OFF (which makes it permanent). Tried again and Terminal allowed me to perform desired commands. And now it’s permanently OFF and I can’t flip it back on after doing my thing.

So, this dumb “smart” App Control system is useless when disabled, it’s useless when in Evaluation mode and it’s useless when in ON mode because it’s just fucking annoying. And if you’re suspecting it’s causing you problems, by trying to disable it makes it a permanent thing that will set you back hours of fucking around with retarded Windows 11 installer to clean install this pile of shit again.

I’m now really not surprised why everything security related from Microsoft is so fucked. They are fucking morons. For example, Controlled Folder Access, an anti-ransomware has been broken and useless since its inception years ago. Tried it today (again for like 50th time) and it’s again just spewing access warnings for random fucking shit like it has no whitelist at all or it’s so bad it has nothing on it to even whitelist. It’s so annoying I turned it off after 10 minutes. Guess what, Dumb Smart App Control is the same fucking thing. Stupid feature that’s just annoying as fuck, gets in the way and forces you to reinstall whole fucking OS if you need to turn it off because it’s behaving like an absolute ass.

Fuck you Microsoft, you fucks are utterly incompetent spewing out dumb garbage features that serve no fucking purpose but to annoy users. And they are designed in dumbest, most asshole way possible way. I can’t fucking believe how a multi-billion international mega corporation is spewing out such low effort garbage. I just fucking can’t understand.

I can’t fucking believe how Windows spiraled from OS that I always used with joy and couldn’t wait for new update to spiral into this cocktail of vomit and diarrhea that’s just pissing me off more and more with every update they release for it. Forced to use this shit on my main PC because fucking games, but for other 2 systems I have, think I’m just going to really go with Linux permanently this time. I’ll miss certain apps that I like on Windows, but fuck it, if I got used to iPhone and iOS over night because I had enough of Google’s and Android’s bullshit, I’m gonna make it work with Linux too. This is fucking retarded and insulting.

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