Mandatory Microsoft account for Windows 11 22H2 is the most asshole thing ever to be done to anything

First of all, fuck you Microsoft. And secondly, fuck you twice with your fuck ass dumb account bullshit you’re now forcing on users. It’s the most asinine, retarded moronic shit I’ve witnessed not just in years but in decades and only outdoes Windows Vista “online account” retardation where you couldn’t even login to local account if there was no internet. Yeah, that shit was a thing back then, which is why I have such anger towards all this “online” garbage. And latest 22H2 update for Windows 11 didn’t disappoint.

Not only it was still bitching about Ryzen 5 2500U being “incompatible” even though it has all the TPM bullshit and has run Windows 11 flawlessly from its very beginning of existence.

What new asshole mandatory Microsoft account brings is just pure retardation in its most distilled form.

I have this Ryzen 2500U laptop for casual internet browsing, some Youtube, music, movies. And it’s shared with other users so my main goal is for it to be as easy to use as possible. Just turn on and do whatever. Well, Windows 11 22H2 brought mandatory Microsoft account bullshit which now means I CAN’T have computer which can be just turned on and used. No, you need to fucking LOGIN now. And there is no way of turning this fucking shit off. WHY!? Fucking WHY Microsoft? Who fucking asked you to force this dumb ass shit on us?

Now it shows my Microsoft account name in the Start menu which I don’t fucking want to show there.

On top of that, as soon as installation of latest Windows 11 is done (and you have to connect to internet during install as it refuses to continue without and old tricks to bypass don’t work anymore), it instantly starts uploading shit to OneDrive and for every possible shit opens dumb Edge browser and again tries to upload shit to fuck ass account again.

How fucking desperate are you Microsoft to hoard all our data? You fucking assholes. Google at least does it through convenience, here Microsoft is just an absolute ass that just desperately shouts at users GIVE ME ALL YOUR DATA IDIOT without any benefit to any of it to the user. Not just that, it’s anything but convenience. The amount of dumb problems this mandatory online account bullshit brings is insane. You absolutely need connection during install and then you’re forced to login for every god damn session and it’ll instantly upload shit to OneDrive and all the Edge crap and god knows what else I never fucking needed in last 20 years and I probably never will. I use my own sync system and Firefox, stop fucking bugging me with your dumb shit.

Fuck you Microsoft, you’re one fucking desperate bunch of assholes. Go and fix your dumb OS instead of fucking it up further. I still can’t turn off dumbass Taskbar overflow entirely and I can’t turn off idiotic Start menu recommendations, I can only make them smaller (or bigger, why the fuck would i want that!?!). I want entire Start to be used for my pins, not your dumb recommendations. Fuck. If I wasn’t a gamer I’d throw this pile of shit from all my systems and use Linux. I think 2 of my laptops will actually be migrated to Linux entirely, but on my main system I’ll have to deal with this fucking retardation. Oh my god. Fuck you Microsoft. Assholes. I hope EU will fucking slap them in the face and demand availability of local accounts. This is fucking bullshit.

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