Microsoft, why are you always such an asshole?

So, latest big Windows 11 release was announced, so I fired up the Update Assistant just to be greeted with this bullshit:


I’m sure this PC that has been running Windows 11 since beginning has processor that’s not “supported”. This is AAA assholery and I’m slowly getting tired of it. It’s a fucking AMD Ryzen 2500U. 4 cores, 8 threads. It’s faster than most of Intel’s bullshit that probably goes through just fine because “reasons”. Now I have to again look for fucking hacks to bypass this fuckery just to update Windows 11 I’m already using, to latest version. Fuck you Microsoft.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft, why are you always such an asshole?

    1. I actually have. The first time Microsoft started with this bullshit. But then I installed Windows 11 anyway because clean install did allow it and I prefer Windows because of few apps that I use that don’t exist on Linux (like ReShade enhancing videos in MPC HC). Seeing how they desperately try to throw this “compatibility” shit at you even on EVERY fucking update, I don’t think I’ll bother with it anymore.

      Not that I didn’t have dumb issues during update of “eligible” systems. On both other systems updater crapped out with non descriptive error at exactly 71%. Turns out people were having this exact same problem ONE FUCKING YEAR AGO and Microsoft did fucking nothing to fix it. And what’s more laughable, apparently the fix for this failing of updater at 71% is running the Assistant tool with Right click -> Run as Administrator. Which helped on one system. On the other, I had to disable Core Isolation (a feature Windows complained I have disabled and thus I’ve enabled it) and then it worked. It’s just asinine how broken everything is, but Microsoft keeps on pushing bullshit to block people from using Windows 11 because literally “bullshit reasons”. That Ryzen 2500U is better than bunch of systems that are eligible, yet it’s just blocked because Microsoft is an absolute ass.


      1. RejZor wrote:

        I prefer Windows because of few apps that I use that don’t exist on Linux

        Well, as you may be aware, you can dual-boot your computer in order to run both Windows and Linux. So configured, you would be able to choose, at boot-time, which OS to run. Hence, you would not have to give up Windows entirely, and could continue to use it on those occasions when you need to use Windows software.

        Furthermore, and equally importantly, you can mount any NTFS partitions (on your hard disk drive) under Linux, enabling Linux to read them just as well as it reads native, Linux partitions (e.g., ext4 and BTRS partitions). In this way, you would still have access to your NTFS data files, which many open source software (OSS) applications are able to read. For example, Libre Office is able to read nearly all MS Office file formats, e.g., the Excel file format (*.xls).


  1. If you do find a way to install the update let us know because I cannot for the life of me remember what I did last year to install windows 11 on my Ryzen 3 1300


    1. I could just do a clean install without any issues. Can’t do update no matter what. I’ll try installing it clean to see if it’s still whining or not about it. I’ve already prepared USB drive with Manjaro so that’s alternative…

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    2. Clean install worked. I couldn’t bypass dumb network connection by killing off the process that’s checking for it. Neither I could bypass mandatory online account shit. And I couldn’t disable dumb login requirement either. This latest version of Windows 11 was designed by a professional asshole.


      1. Good to know! For me it’s a big hassle to do a clean install. Too many programs to reinstalls and set up and not enough free time. I might end up doing it in the long run, but I’ll probably have gotten a new computer by then!


      2. Also, if you don’t do a clean install, some fancy “Ai” security features won’t even work and you won’t be able to turn it on unless you do clean install. It’s all just so stupid I can’t describe it.

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