What the hell is with broken Thingiverse!?

I’ve got myself a 3D printer months ago and decided I’ll upload my cool designs to Thingiverse because it’s a popular place for finding 3D print designs so others could use them too.

Just to notice it’s INCREDIBLY buggy and weird page. Like, super buggy and weird. I’ve uploaded few designs and out of all of them, only 3 are actually visible under “My Designs”. I’ve uploaded a 4th one, a custom motherboard cover for Creality Ender 3 V2 that can fit a 40x40x20mm 24V Sunon fan right in the correct spot to clear heatsinks and cool motherboard at lower RPM since it can push more air due to thickness. WTF!? It’s not listed under “My Designs” section. But if I check my analytics, it’s there and has some likes, but far less than expected and it seems like they happened in the beginning and then just stopped because the design is not uploaded correctly or something and people can’t find it anymore, even though it’s literally there.

Then I’ve created a custom chipset fan shroud for ASUS Strix X570-E motherboard with bigger fan intake and no oversized plastic crap that interferes with M.2 slots next to it. Took me like half an hour to prepare all photos and descriptions, posted it to Thingiverse and… it’s just not there at all. Not in My Designs, not on Analytics page, it’s like I haven’t even fucking uploaded it. What the frigging hell is going on?

I’ve also sent mail to Thingiverse. haven’t got any reply and it has been like 2 weeks now or something.

Anyone else having these weird nonsensical problems with it?

2 thoughts on “What the hell is with broken Thingiverse!?

  1. It looks as “Copyright Infringement”. Yes, some companies don’t like user designs based on their work. Avoid including brand names on your designs if you don’t want them to be blocked.


    1. There is no way that’s the case. Some other guy has similar design for his ASUS Strix X570-F board with all the “trademark” names in it. Also I have bunch of stuff with Creality Ender in the name but the motherboard cover one is the only that’s not visible in My Designs. It’s some really weird shit going on there.


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