Apple just did WHAAAAAT with iPhone 14 ?!

I’m actually surprisingly restrained talking about Apple here in my little spot and usually defend Apple elsewhere a lot more. Or not “defend” which is very fanboyish way which dumb people think I’m doing, but more clearing up straight up bullshit people talk about Apple most of the time. That’s from a user that was using Android phones since 2010 mind you and seen how things are on iPhone side of things by owning XR for 4th year now.

Usually events every year were interesting and they had some pretty okay releases, but I was fine with my XR and decided to stick with it. Releases weren’t really offensive. Until this year…

Release of iPhone 14 changed that. Apple literally fucking went and renamed iPhone 13 into iPhone 14. And charged more for it. It’s at 1000€ now. Fucking 1000€ !!! Whole charm of iPhones used to be latest A Series Bionic chip in all models across the board. That small difference in GPU in iPhone 13 between regular and Pro models was irrelevant. Leaving vanilla iPhone 14 on last year’s chipset is just an absolute dick move and charging fucking 1000€ for vanilla iPhone is just straight up insane. iPhone 13 is 800€ (when new it was around 900€). It’s the same fucking phone, just year later! Well, it’s now 1000€ because they changed the number. That’s fucking lazy and greedy even for Apple. And when I say that, you know it has to be fucking bad. And it is.

Considering this trend, there is just absolutely zero chance this will change for iPhone 15 next year. I don’t care if they add USB-C to it at this point. Wasn’t big selling point for me from get go, but the way how they fucked it up now, there is just no redeeming thing that can convince me to consider iPhone again. I love iOS, I still love my iPhone XR. I still love my Apple Watch 5. I’m writing this while listening at AirPods 2. But I guess that’s that. There is a point where I think something is bullshit and I guess this is it. 800-850€ was that magical line of “it’s expensive, but it’s still worth it”. Vanilla iPhone in the middle of worst recession in years for 1000 fucking EUR is just bullshit. And if you think Pro lineup is any better, starting price for base Pro is 1300€. It used to be 1100€ when it was new.

I hope this shit flops so hard on its face they’ll have one of worst sales in years and that no other Android brand tries to mimic this shit. For fucking real.

Only thing that will have a slight chill effect is WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 coming next week. So, I’ll forget about this bullshit they just pulled. For a bit at least…

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