Oh my god, my brand new Seagate Firecuda 530 4TB just shit itself to death in under 2 hours

I can’t fucking believe this shit. Got myself new Firecuda 530 4TB drive as replacement for my old Samsung 850 Pro 2TB. You know, double the size, 12 times the speed, 650€ investment. Not something I do every week.

All excited installed it into mobo, installed Windows 11 on it, all was fine. Updated Windows, installed few usual apps like my music player so I can do something while I copy my stuff over from old 2TB drive to new 4TB drive. Installed all the drivers and copied my documents, my apps folder, my drivers folder and left the big 700GB Games folder for last since it’ll take the longest.

And when I was ready, I started copying it while listening to music and doing other stuff in the same room. And suddenly music stops and my system reboots. What the fuck? System boots and is whining that Winloader.exe or something is missing. Shut down my system, waited 5 minutes and turned it on. Goes to Windows without issues. Run CHKDSK on system partition, no errors. Okay…

Prepare the Games folder again, thank fucking god I was copying and not moving… Half way through, system shits itself again. This time, it’s apparently forever. System whining it can’t find any boot devices. Well fuck me Seagate.

Moved Firecuda to secondary M.2 slot. Nothing. Since I had a bit older mobo BIOS I’ve decided to update it to latest if maybe that’s the problem somehow. Nothing. Stuck Firecuda in my laptop’s M.2. Guess what, NO BOOT DEVICE.

Congratulations Seagate, you’ve created the most unreliable storage drive I’ve used in my entire life, beating even archaic shitty plate spinners. ALL OF THEM. This is also why I have trust issues with brands other than Samsung when it comes to SSD’s, but they just don’t have 4TB M.2 model… Samsung 850 Pro, old SATA drive I’ve had for like 6-7 years and it hasn’t caused me problems even once. System on 24/7 with fuck tons of unexpected system crashes in its life as I was fiddling with overclocks and it’s still working reliably. It’s working fine even now that Firecuda shit itself to death next to it. Seagate Firecuda 530, the pinnacle of Seagate’s R&D, shits itself while copying “a folder of regular game data”, not even a god damn disk benchmark tool or something that would actually torture it. Fucking great. Now I’ll have to deal with stupid ass RMA for a drive I haven’t even had for 1 full day. Fuck off.

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