Finally upgrading my storage with Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB

Years ago, when 2TB drives were the biggest one could buy at the time, I got myself Samsung 850 Pro 2TB drive. I’ve wanted M.2 drive, but no one really had them and 1TB just wasn’t enough so I went with SATA. I think I had it for around 6 years now and it has been serving me with excellence. I don’t think I’ll sell it because it’s just not worth it unless I can get a decent price back, but it’s a SATA drive so probably not.

I’ve always wanted to buy another Samsung in M.2 flavor because their NAND and controllers are really top of the line. But I was saddened to hear Samsung is launching 990 Pro drives soon and they’ll once again come up to 2TB capacity only. No 4TB drives. WHY Samsung? WHY? Who needs another even faster 2TB drive in late 2022 ?

Looking at the product stack that does offer 4TB drives and I just instantly avoided all the PNY, ADATA, Kingston and the likes drives because of their constant components swapping shenanigans where they send top spec drives for reviews and then swap components with less capable ones for retail to jack up margins. I hope your sales are going well lol. Samsung is entirely out of option because it has no 4TB at all, leaving me with Sabrent and WD as reliable options. Both of which are for some reason dramatically more expensive than FireCuda 530 4TB. 100-150€ more. I have no clue why. And FireCuda 530 has really been scoring top performance in all reviews and it’s a reputable vendor which I don’t recall has been doing any really bad things with their drives.

Funny enough that these variants with heatsinks are actually cheaper than naked drives which is odd, but I’ll strip it out of the heatsink anyway and might come in handy sometime later.

I’ll have to reinstall Windows clean and migrate all the data, but I’m excited. It’s gonna be a pretty huge upgrade and I’m finally getting on the M.2 train with my desktop.


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