RTX 3080 Noctua Edition finalized!

Hey, got something for this mod whole month ahead of predicted date. Noice!

I needed these 2 to finish up my mod. Decided to do it in such way that I won’t have to solder a single thing and it went pretty well.

This is as clean as I could get without modifying any cables. Yup, this is fully finalized card now. All the cables neatly tucked inside the card so there is nothing sticking out. Fans are also fully powered and controlled by the card itself. They fire up under load and go into 0 dB mode on desktop. It’s actually cooler in 0 dB too because less plastic crap is covering the fins and when under load, it can push a lot more air with less effort out of those fins. It’s ridiculously quiet now. I can’t believe why manufacturers stick bunch of ugly ass plastic crap on cards instead of going for industrial looks like this.

Just imagine having card identical to this, but with fancier single piece shroud around all 3 fans at exact thickness as the fans and simple text like RTX 3080 on the side of the fans and nothing else. Like, come on. Even ASUS’s official “Noctua Edition” doesn’t look this good with the stupid ugly Noctua’s color scheme.

And here is one when it’s running inside my current system…

Only thing I regret here is that I didn’t get myself a 3D printer 2 years ago and did this mod back then already. I could have enjoyed this RTX 3080 card in absolute silence. But oh well, seeing how RTX 4000 series are already destined to weird shit, I think I’ll just be sticking with this one for a while now. It just got A LOT better now so why not 😀



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