Almost finalized RTX 3080 Noctua Edition

I guess I can call this a success. Yes, I’m still waiting for the graphic card to 4pin adapter cables, but it’s running fine using motherboard headers and emulating same fan curve via FanControl software with same 0dB operation below 55°C and with very aggressive fan curve with 100% at 75°C and it usually never even hits that. Testing fans at 100% (2000 RPM) and they are audible, but they are like night and day compared to stock fans. Not only they push significantly more air thanks to thicker fans, they aren’t whiny at all. All I can hear is basically just air rushing through heatsink fin stack and it’s really inoffensive noise.

The prototype printed parts didn’t show any change or deformation from heatsink and heatpipes heat so I’ve just gone ahead and printed the full fat parts. The front took me 3 hours to print, rear part good 2 hours and each of four links on top took 10 minutes.

I’ll post an update when I get the adapter cables and how I’ll hide that to make it visually appealing. See you in about a month when the cables come from China 😀


3 thoughts on “Almost finalized RTX 3080 Noctua Edition

  1. Good job.
    I think that connecting the three fans to the card could overload it. You will be charging it with three times more current than the original fan, or even more cause these fans are bigger.
    Good luck!


    1. The card has 2 fan headers as is. I’ll check the amps ratings, Noctuas are rated at 0.1A, that’s 1,2W per fan. I don’t think it should be an issue. Need to check what’s stock fan rating.


    2. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve checked it properly now and the stock fans are rated at 12V 0.45A each. The headers on the card are wired in such a way that black fan header runs 2 of these fans and white/beige one runs just 1 fan. I think these fans run at such high amps because they are 3500 RPM fans if I remember correctly (I forgot what RPM I had in Afterburner)…

      Noctua fans are thicker, but they only go up to 2000 RPM and they might be more efficient and only need 0.1A. So, plenty of power delivery to spare and the card will be fine powering these Noctuas directly from the PCB.


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