RTX 3000 and RX 6000 graphic cards at MSRP price are a terrible deal

I keep reading how everyone is saying “Grab RTX 3080/3090 now because they are finally at MSRP or even lower, now is the time to buy!!!!!1111”.

Well, I have an issue with that. Because I think it’s TERRIBLE deal. And you may wonder why the hell I’d say that? Well, the main issue is, the MSRP price for these cards was meant when they were new. And they were new in year 2020! RTX 3080 was released in September 2020. These cards are now almost 2 years old and they are just NOW selling them at price they should’ve been selling them 2 years ago? That’s insane. Imagine buying 2 years old product at price it was sold when it was released? It doesn’t even matter if it’s new in a sealed box. It’s a 2 YEARS OLD product! Why should you be paying this much for it 2 years later? I just don’t get it how some find it a great deal. RTX 3080 should be selling new for 500€ now, not 900€…

And this is coming from someone (me) who grabbed a RTX 3080 back in December 2020 and I already had mildly inflated price back then when I bought it for 990€. But we’ve always had such high prices for high end cards anyways so it wasn’t that far off. Now imagine, I’ve been gaming on my RTX 3080 for almost 2 years and now you’ll be paying basically the same price 2 years later? That’s just asinine. Sure it’s great for me, if I sell it now I’ll hardly lose any money while using it for 2 years, but that’s just not the way. It’s ridiculous and has entirely ruined the gaming market. RTX 3060Ti cards for 600€. Is this a joke!? Where are the days where we could comfortably be gaming on mid range cards for around 300€.

And while everyone is making recommendations and urging everyone to BUY NOW!, I frankly don’t have an answer. I just think it’s a really bad deal at these prices.


1 thought on “RTX 3000 and RX 6000 graphic cards at MSRP price are a terrible deal

  1. I would say what I always say, buy it when you need it. Whenever old stuff can’t do what you need it to at acceptable performance level. Otherwise you will always be better off waiting. I never recommend just buying because new stuff came out or because old got cheaper. But at some point you also just have to bite a bullet. And nVidia is getting desperate to sell, so I do expect prices to drop further as they are trying to get rid of old inventory and got issues with all of their partners right now. Stock isn’t moving and they seemingly are at the point where they are even willing to risk lower allocation just to tell nVidia that they need to move old stock. It is funny how nVidia is now getting same lesson as AMD was at the end of previous mining craze, where it took very long tor RX580 to get successor.

    But yeah, there is little point in getting high end right now. 3080 and above will soon get replaced with 4080/4090 and if you are getting the best, you might as well wait a little and actually get the new best. And for midrange, it is bit messy, RTX3060Ti definitely isn’t worth 600EUR, not sure how that is still so overpriced, but apparently it is. But for midrange, I think we will see price drops at some point, right now they got less pressure, since RTX4070 will likely be at least month after 4080 and 4060 will likely be 3-6 months after initial release. Hopefully Intel can provide some much needed pressure. Since partners are mostly pressured to get rid of inventory of 3080 and above.

    Kind of shame, I did hope to replace old PC with new build and upgrade myself to 1440p. I guess I will wait a bit more. Or see if I can get cheaper somewhere else. I think friend said he ordered one from Germany, but had to organize some sort of delivery service, since website only shipped in Germany, so they got it and redirected it to Slovenia. I guess I will see, I am in no hurry just yet.

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