Youtube age restricting GamersNexus video… bullshit!

Go fuck yourself Youtube, I’m not going to “sign in”. What could possibly be so horribly offensive and child corrupting on GamersNexus channel to require this bullshit age restriction? A fucking graphic card review.

They are literally pulling same bullshit move Twitter has been doing to hoard user data. Twitter suddenly suspended your account for some random bullshit you said and then begged for you to provide them your phone number for purposes of “verification”.

This is the second time entirely benign channel had video age restricted and I’m starting to smell Twitter’s bullshit here. Been watching Youtube for years now because fuck you Google and this started rather suddenly. None of my usual channels I watch ever had this and now I got 2 in span of a single month.

I’d ditch Youtube like I did rest of Google, but you just can’t because Youtube holds such massive monopoly over user created video content…

1 thought on “Youtube age restricting GamersNexus video… bullshit!

  1. NEWPIPE. The ONLY way i watch anything on youtube, on my phone. For the pc i use smtube(linux) but ive seen other simaler options.


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