Wtf is this garbage Start menu in Windows 11 ?!

Seriously Microsoft, for a multi-billion corporation, they sure as fuck don’t have a single clue how to design ANY shit. Like, what the fuck is this new Start menu in Windows 11 as I’ve posted example above? Literally half of it is useless empty space that “sometimes” displays something that you’ve installed.

But RejZoR, why don’t you just disable display of recently added apps! Well, you can also do that and this is the result…

Instead of expanding the usable space of Start menu upon disabling of display of recently added apps to allow user icons across the entire Start menu, it just displays this god damn fucking useless message. Are you fucking kidding me Microsoft? And to really smear that Carolina reaper sauce into the open wound, it has been this way since release of Windows 11 in June 2021. ONE FUCKING YEAR AGO. WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK!?

I have 2 pages worth of apps in the Start menu and I need to scroll it because this fucking useless thing was designed by utter moron. I’d be ashamed to work for such huge company and deliver such pathetic interface design to a finalized product. Same goes for a clown who approved this pile of shit for release to the public. People who did this shit should be fired because fuck me, this is insulting.

5 thoughts on “Wtf is this garbage Start menu in Windows 11 ?!

  1. That is awful. Microsoft has had decades to get its act together.

    My latest? My two-year-old HP all-in-one is not compatible with Windows 11. But MS still tries to update to Windows 11, and keeps rolling back. System Restore and power off have disappeared. Terrible company.

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  2. Yeah, joys of alpha version of Micorsofts new tablet UI on PC… I would complain, but there isn’t really any point in it, they will be back at doing it again and again. Whole taskbar with start got downgraded, if you ask me. Beside having that useless crap of recommendations there, you also can’t drag and drop files to open them in pinned programs on taskbar or hover them over for that programs window to pop up. It is basically Windows 8 2nd edition of tablet OS on desktop. Because all their changes are completely centered on how people use tablets. And yeah, when I first installed 11, I literally had to look it up online, because I didn’t really believe they would prevent you from completely removing recommended section. Same as it was hard to believe they wouldn’t allow you to customize right click menu, so you could add options you need there back to it. Because clearly that would be too PC and too not tablet. It is real shame, since rest of OS works fine, at least for me and after running Windows Debloater it kind of is fairly usable.But I guess we will either have to use custom third party stuff to replace Start, Microsoft is really great at providing grounds for various industries to fix their mess of incompetence. At least till they make few feature updates and improve stuff.


    1. Oh my god, yes, dragging files to taskbar that now just does nothing is something that pisses me off hard as well. I now have to maximize Paint.NET into my view and drag image into the window because dragging it over taskbar button doesn’t maximize that app anymore. What the fuck was Microsoft thinking.

      Or the stupid right click context menu on desktop and in Windows. All the context menu apps like 7-zip are now hidden underneath additional submenu. It’s just so many wasteful steps for everything it’s insane.


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