Microsoft, fix your stupid broken StorageSense!

I’ve recently discovered that StorageSense feature, the one that’s suppose to keep my system clean and tidy isn’t doing its god damn job. Like, at all.

I have StorageSense enabled and it’s set by default to purge files from Recycle Bin that have been there for more than 30 days…


All good and fine here. Except it’s not doing its fucking job. Here is my Recycle Bin…


It’s 4000 files in it, dating back to beginning of year 2022. Fucking 6 months worth of deleted files just sitting there wasting space. Fucking why?

I know why. Because Microsoft is fucking incompetent. There is shit in Windows 11 that has been broken since day 1 and they haven’t fixed it till now. This one is just another one tossed on the pile of all the broken shit they never fixed even in Windows 10. And as you can see it has been broken for at least 5 months given the shit stored in Recycle Bin that should’ve been purged months ago. But hey, that’s not important, what’s important is shoving fuck ass mandatory Microsoft account to even install Windows 11 in our faces and shilling stupid ass Edge browser to my face at every possible occasion. Fuck you Microsoft. Fix the basic shit you incompetent clowns.

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