Gearbox, fix your stupid game breaking bug in Borderlands 3 DLC

Oh my fucking god, it’s been 2 years since people reported it to Gearbox/2K and they literally haven’t fixed it because it’s apparently too fucking hard to do it. If you’re wondering what I’m raging about it’s the “Ride to Ruin” mission in Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3. And the bug is so fucked you literally can’t finish the fucking DLC if it happens and it’s so easy to make it happen it’s ridiculous.

You’re suppose to “follow the posse” to reach to some fort where Juno opens the door for you so you can progress. If you don’t immediately follow them riding to the fort destination (because you decide to wander away or finish something up that you haven’t yet, because that’s kinda what you often do in open world games), the game just decides to permanently fuck itself up, fuck up the quest so that Juno has a marker over her head, but when you try talking to her, she just spits out a line and nothing happens.

How can a professional games studio fuck up something so simple and not catch it during testing phase. And to make it worse, they can’t be bothered to fucking fix it in 2 god damn fucking years after people reported it. Not just whined on some random forum or blog, actually reported it to the game studio. Fuck off.

If you’re so fucking clueless you can’t fix your own god damn game because it’s “too difficult” somehow, then add a button player can press on the map and it just overrides the fucking mechanics that put this dumb ass quest in motion. Either to just reset it or skip it and open the door of the fort automatically. It’s fucking insane that they couldn’t be bothered to do even that.

First gameplay through the game I accepted DLC quests, all of them and then continued to play the main game, causing difficulty scaling to go all fucked up for ALL DLC’s because it cemented them at that difficulty when I accepted them, not when I actually started playing them. This is my second play through and after specifically paying attention to that, this shit fucks it up again. It seems I’ll have to do 5 playthroughs to finally manage to avoid all the dumbass problems this game has because its developer is fucking clueless knob that doesn’t give a shit about their customers. They happily push out bunch of editions and extra paid for DLC’s, but when it’s time to fix literal game breaking bugs, they fuck off into silence. Assholes.

And then everyone wonders why piracy still exists… Start giving a shit and customers will also give a shit to actually pay you for your actual work, not this half baked broken shit.

1 thought on “Gearbox, fix your stupid game breaking bug in Borderlands 3 DLC

  1. If it’s any consolation you’re not the only one who’s so pissed off with Gearbox/2K about Borderlands 3 DLCs.

    It’s not just the Ride to Ruin DLC that has game-killing bugs. I stopped playing the game over about a year ago. Too many glitches preventing progression in most of the DLCs.

    I remember the reply to my first support ticket. This was nearly 2 6ears ago; they told me they were working on it.

    In fact, they never had any intention of fixing this or any other DLC bugs. There’s much more money to be made by selling new games, especially when they already have your money.

    Shame really, the whole Borderlands franchise was the best thing I’ve ever played.

    That is until Gearbox/2K got greedy and careless. Fuck ’em.


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