HDMI is garbage for computer monitors

Yesterday, I’ve ranted about damaged DisplayPort cable and how it screwed up system badly with hard crashes and random reboots. Replaced it with HDMI and all seemed fine…

Until I noticed bad tearing in games. Hold up, I have FreeSync display, my image shouldn’t be tearing like that. Went to check settings if it somehow disabled itself and G-Sync settings panel on my RTX 3080 was just gone. Not even there anymore. What?! Checked Windows display settings and no Variable Refresh Rate settings either. Ok, now I’m confused. Done quick search online and read that HDMI 2.0 doesn’t support FreeSync or HDR. Now, RTX 3080 supports HDMI 2.1, but my monitor doesn’t as it only has HDMI 2.0 input. Well, fuck. So, I had to rush into a tech store for new DisplayPort cable on god damn Saturday just to get back freaking FreeSync. Ridiculous.

HDMI is such garbage connectivity standard for computers. Last monitor I had couldn’t do 1080p at 144Hz via HDMI. Only 60Hz. I had to use DisplayPort to get 144Hz refresh. Fast forward to now on larger 1440p display and same shit. Again some dumb limitations with HDMI. At least I could get 144Hz, but without FreeSync? Come on!

Well, now it’s DisplayPort and FreeSync is back again. Pretty annoyed by all this. If you’re on computer connecting higher end computer monitor, don’t bother with any other cable, go straight for DisplayPort, if you want to avoid dumb problems, because HDMI is apparently totally inferior.

2 thoughts on “HDMI is garbage for computer monitors

  1. That’s a Nvidia specific problem because they are greedy scumbags that always try to bring propietary tech to the market. I think they are still butthurt with AMD for screwing with their expensive and propietary gsync tech so they decided to not work with AMD to implement variable refresh rate over hmdi for Nvidia GPUs.
    AMD made variable refresh rate work over hmdi 2.0 since 2014 or 2015…but you must have a Radeon GPU. They don’t charge any gsync tax to monitor/tv manufacturers for implementing freesync…so I’m pretty sure Nvidia could have implemented it over HDMI if they talked to AMD but noooo they decided to only make it work over DP and skip the HDMI 2.0 standard entirely.

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  2. As Bogdan said, whole variable refresh is nVidia thing, they only implemented it in DP, while AMD was one that first brought it over HDMI, it eventually became part of HDMI spec, but that took a while and nVidia doesn’t like open standards.

    As for refresh rate, I did have 1080p 144hz going via HDMI 1.4 just fine. Provided there is no issue on either side or the cable. But yes, for variable refresh rate on nVidia you are better off using DP. Otherwise spec wise, HDMI 2.0 should be able to do 1080p 240hz. Unless you set something to use more bandwidth than default settings. Something here feels like it didn’t properly connect as 2.0, which can happen. Just as often as having to convince DP to properly connect, DP can also be quite a bit of a “drama queen”. 😀


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