r/worldnews, you dumb motherfuckers

When sub permanently bans you for calling ISIS terrorists “camel fuckers”, you know its mods are fucking dumber than retarded amoeba that fell on its head from 20th floor and treated the injury by snorting some crystal meth…


Not only r/worldnews mods don’t seem to know what the fuck context is, we were clearly talking about ISIS and how this terrorist organization tarnished name of the Egyptian goddess Isis, they can’t seem to read for shit either. I also don’t understand what’s up with the downvotes. Seems there is a lot of people who are illiterate in this fucking sub. Why the fuck I’d spend several posts defending Egyptian mythology and then after I did that, just called everyone there “camel fuckers”. How the fuck does this make any kind of sense in your little dumb heads r/worldnews mods? HOW?!

So I sent them perfectly polite message I was more than obviously talking about ISIS, the terrorist organization.


They don’t seem to give two fucks about my explanation and call it “post-hoc” excuse. Are you fuckers for real? Go back to school instead of fucking camels. Here’s an actual insult you baboons.


Aaaaaah yes, the usual muting. Reddit mods are always such bullshit pussies, they always instant mute you as soon as you argue against their bullshit moderation (and its fucking always bullshit moderation almost universally across all subs), because they can’t stand behind their shit and they rather just mute you because its just easier. Fuck you weak assholes.

Ironic thing is, Reddit suspended me for this very shit site wide because so many apparently got butthurt over it, I made an appeal and they (actual Reddit top level mods) found I wasn’t in violation by calling ISIS “camel fuckers”. Dumb r/worldnews mods still roll with their shit and go with thumbs up their ass and fingers in their ears going lalalalalala.


At least someone still has a concept of context and understanding what they are reading, not like idiots at r/worldnews who can’t seem to connect two separate comments and understand what the fuck they say. But no, they instantly formed their dumb ass opinion I just called everyone in Middle East “camel fuckers” somehow. How the fuck did you clowns get to that fucking conclusion? Fucking ridiculous lol. I wish it was just an April’s Fools, but these idiots are for real. And their monumental stupidity is funniest shit I’ve read today. So, congrats r/worldnews, you win April’s Fools of 2022 hands down.

2 thoughts on “r/worldnews, you dumb motherfuckers

    1. Must be ISIS or just some islamic fruitcakes because they always sperged if you mentioned how backwards islam is for the most part or if you mentioned islamic terrorism. It’s like it hurt them personally.


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