Incompetent spineless western political leadership failed Ukraine

I know it’s easy to be a smartass from comfort of a home (a home that’s just 500 kilometers away from Ukraine), but I just can’t wrap my head around what the fuck entire west is doing right now about invasion of Ukraine. Because to me it seems they are doing big fucking nothing and are more afraid of offending fucking Putin than helping Ukraine from being invaded in front of everyone’s eyes.

Putin was hoarding military at Ukraine borders for what, whole frigging month? And what has west done? Big fat fucking nothing, just bunch of worthless talks about it. Putin actually invades Ukraine, not only targeting military targets, but also targeting civilians which effectively makes the whole fucking thing a war crime. And west? Well, they wave a bit with a finger at Russia with lame threats of “uh oh we’ll ban you from using SWIFT payment system”. How has that gone? Well, mostly Germany and Italy are still arguing whether they should or not. Meanwhile Russian military is rolling through Ukraine. Painting buildings in yellow and blue really fucking helps people in Ukraine.

What are you spineless idiots even thinking? Not doing anything so you wont’ “offend” or “upset” Putin? He clearly doesn’t give two shits about Europe or entire west, otherwise he wouldn’t attack in the first place. And not only that, Putin continues to threaten everyone further amidst Sweden and Finland plans to join NATO. How doesn’t that raise alarms to anyone? Don’t join or else? What? Invade Sweden and Finland as well? What? Or is that Russia’s plan the entire time and when they’ll invade Finland, everyone will have surprised Pikachu faces and shrug with shoulders “well, Finland is not in NATO so we won’t involve and risk an international conflict”. It’s exactly what their stance is on Ukraine right now. They are not doing anything because of some fucking clauses in the NATO’s rules of engagement. Dafuck?

Whole west should terminate entire financial connections (traditional and crypto as well as all stocks) with Russia the moment they stepped into Ukraine. This instant start throwing out everything that runs on natural gas and replace it with other sources independent of Russia’s supply and cutting ties with Russia in any way possible. If you’re all too spineless and too big of a fucking cowards to send in military and risk military conflict, actually fucking punish them financially, economically and technologically, not just talk about it and then not doing any of it. If they respond with further military aggression in response to economic punishment, then we may just as well start actual WW3 because this shit clearly wouldn’t end either way.

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