Microsoft soon wants to force us to use Microsoft Account for Windows Pro too!

Remember how Microsoft forced everyone to have a god damn Microsoft Account to even use Windows 11 Home and not for Windows 11 Pro? Well, they are changing the tune now and want to force everyone to use stupid Microsoft Account to even use Windows 11, even the Pro versions.

How about if you just kindly fuck off Microsoft? I don’t need ANY of your stupid “online” fuckery. I still have a very bitter taste from Windows 8 “online account” which just refused to work entirely if internet connection was down. Yeah, you literally couldn’t use a computer if you had “online” account and no working internet connection, I shit you not. Not to mention I don’t need ANY of the stupid “benefits” this crap offers to me. I don’t need storing of settings, I don’t need any of the syncing, I don’t need OneDrive, Your Phone or anything else. Only thing I ever logged into was Microsoft Store and only there.

All I need is OS that runs shit. Stop forcing me to use crap I don’t need or want. And I hope people will be so outraged over this nonsense that Microsoft will drop this dumb idea. It was already bad for it to be forced for Windows Home versions, but this is just getting dumber and dumber. If I’ll want “online” functionality, I’ll make sure to login to Microsoft Account. If I don’t want to, stop being an asshole and forcing us to login.

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