Microsoft, kindly fuck off with your stupid “Taskbar Corner Overflow” feature

What absolutely annoys me is the new “Taskbar corner overflow” garbage introduced with Windows 11. Windows 10 had this tray icon hiding nonsense, but with a flip of a switch you could permanently set ALL tray icons to be visible at all times. Do it once and never be bothered by it ever again. But because “progress” happened in between, I now have to enable every single fucking app by hand to appear in tray bar. And to make matters worse, it’s not just for “new” apps installed on system. Every time I update NVIDIA Forceware, the fucking NVIDIA eye icon gets hidden in the stupid overflow nonsense. What an absolute pile of shit. Who thought this was a great idea? I absolutely hate hiding shit in there so you don’t know what’s even running. It makes even less sense when stupid Windows 11 compacts fucking everything so hard I have 90% of taskbar empty 99% of the time on my 27″ 1440p monitor. Start icon is tiny, all the apps and folders are now tiny and to make matters worse, it stacks EVERYTHING. If you have 15 folders open and it’ll display them as single icon in taskbar. I’d have to have 50 different apps open to actually fill the taskbar. And that’s with all icons enabled in the overflow! So why the fuck is there a need to further hide shit into the “overflow” by default? Just WHY?!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft, kindly fuck off with your stupid “Taskbar Corner Overflow” feature

  1. I FUCKING HATE WINDOWS 11.. as a thing becomes better you expect it to be more modular or simply more customizable.. but jesus fking christ; its as if the devs had shovel up their ass while making this piece of incredible shit taking inspiration from MacOs instead of linux.. I mean I like MacOS but MICROSOFT WHY NOT COPY THE GOOD STUFF, eh!?


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