Oh my god what an absolute asshole design in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

It’s been few years since release of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. And I actually started playing it on launch, but had bizarre crashing issues between missions. After clearing Dubai mission, game always crashed so I gave up. Finally revisited it since I have entire new system running all new OS and this time it worked. Still crashes sometimes out of the blue, but not every single time anymore between missions. Aaaaanyways, I have other issues to whine about…

I’m actually really digging the game. It’s my jam of hoarding stuff and sneaking my way around. And first annoying thing that still drives me insane is how you get stuck on EVERY single 2cm high edge on the ground. Ledge in the doorway? Getting stuck. Ledge leading into vent that’s leveled with ground? Getting stuck. Door that split opens up and down? Yeah, you get stuck on the bottom part poking out of the floor for 2cm. My god, who made this and cleared it after playtest? The amount of time I made myself visible because I had to fucking jump because of this? Or I made noise. Or it fucked up my stealth in 500 fucked up creative ways.

Then there is this stupid game ruining bug that fucks up music in game randomly in Prague so that there is NO music at all anymore. I’ve walked into Prague’s Red Queen strip club and all I could hear was some weird clicking noise. I can’t describe how weird it was knowing all the clubs in all Deus Ex games had awesome music. Found online it’s a known bug they never bothered to fix and you can fix it by going down to sewers and returning back up and the music will be fixed. Returned to Red Queen and behold, it actually has music again.

Then they further fucked up game by forcing you to choose between saving a crazy aug god chick or do a bank heist. For some stupid reason some idiot during game design thought it would be cool to force player to make a decision where they can’t finish both missions in same playthrough. Because being forced to replay same game just to experience it fully is so much better than willingly doing it because it’s so cool you just want more. Doing either wouldn’t change the continuity of the game, but they decided you can only do one or the other. Stupid.

And lastly, as far as I’ve come anyways, the G.A.R.M. research facility in Swiss Alps, depending who you chose to contact, Vega or Miller right in the beginning of it, apparently that causes game to just randomly trigger alarms through entire fucking G.A.R.M. base if you pick Miller. Whose brilliant idea was it to randomly and without any notice fuck up entire gameplay to a point I now need to replay entire fucking mission from start just so I can do it in peace and quiet without fucking everyone being trigger happy and angry the entire time. Thank god I made a fucking save, but wasted some 3 hours of gameplay. They’re all going to fucking die from lead poisoning that’s for sure. Quietly. If you haven’t played it yet, contact Vega and save you the trouble. Or you’ll have entire mission fucked up. Well, unless you go guns blazing without silencer, in which case, carry on.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have great experience with the game, it’s the good old Deus Ex I love, but my god this really ruined it badly and it’s all entirely unnecessary.

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