Seedr, a Bittorrent P2P client in the cloud

Service called “Seedr” has actually been around for quite some time now, but I never thought I quite have the need for it, so I never actually tried it. Until few months ago when I needed to download something through P2P using my phone and using P2P clients on mobile devices with finite battery power and data plans is really crappy. And that’s where Seedr is a cool option. But can also come in handy if you have limited data plan at home or you simply can’t or don’t want to use P2P bittorrent client on your device.


It’s essentially a Bittorrent client, but you don’t install it on your phone or PC. Instead you just login to their webpage, copy & paste a Magnet link or upload a torrent file of files you want to download and voila, they get downloaded to your Seedr storage pool. Then you click the Download button and it downloads it in a single go to your computer or mobile device like a regular download. The file is still being uploaded to others (being seeded) so you’re not leeching, but you don’t waste a single megabyte of data on your end.

There is a free plan that gives you 2GB storage pool and you can extend that by signing up to Seedr using my referral link:

I’d greatly appreciate if you use the link above because you’ll get extra 500MB and I’ll get extra 500MB too. Win win. It’s not much by itself, but helps a lot because 2GB for free plan is not huge amount, so every extra half a gig helps quite a bit. They also offer larger paid plans from 30GB up to 1TB if you need more storage pool to download more and larger files and they come with extra features like antivirus scan with Kaspersky, faster downloading, longer seeding of files, private trackers support and even FTP access to files and HD streaming directly from Seedr which can even be connected to Kodi or Plex. For easier management of downloads, you can use Seedr browser extensions so you don’t have to manually copy & paste Magnet links.

There is no mobile or smart TV app yet, but you can do it all using browser. Technically, you can download stuff on pretty much any device for as long as it can open and run Seedr’s webpage. Might try on my 8 years old SmartTV that’s not that smart anymore, but has a browser… Quite curious if it’ll be able to do it 🙂

Only mild annoyance is working with .torrent files. At first I was wondering what to do when downloads come in shape of a Torrent file and not a magnet link. For example, the LibreOffice above in the screenshot only comes as Torrent file and not Magnet link. Same when I checked Manjaro Linux distro. Only Torrent, no Magnet. And there is a lot of stuff that only comes as Torrent file. Well, as it turns out, you can, but it’s a bit cryptic in the web interface. You need to click the “Upload file” right of the field for Magnet links. That one doesn’t upload a file to the “storage pool” from your computer, it’s actually meant for uploading Torrent files that link to the stuff you want to actually download. I wish they’d made this more clear by calling that button “Download using .torrent file” or something more obvious. There is no such issue when using browser extension which drops Magnet links and Torrent files to your Seedr account directly and start the downloading.

I think it’s pretty interesting concept that can be pretty useful if you’re very limited with data plans or you just don’t want to deal with Bittorrent clients. Another use case can be that your ISP or network doesn’t allow or throttles Bittorrent traffic heavily to which Seedr is entirely immune since it doesn’t really use your connection to do downloads on their servers. Basic 30GB plan is 7€ a month which can be cheaper than buying a higher tier data plan for your mobile device to compensate for larger traffic when using P2P client on your (local) device itself.

In case you don’t want to use my referral link above, you can just check Seedr service here:

Let me know what you think of it and if you have any even more exotic use case than I had for P2P downloads on mobile device…

4 thoughts on “Seedr, a Bittorrent P2P client in the cloud

    1. They have the worst webpage I’ve ever seen. It literally says NOTHING what the service even is, the “Learn more” buttons literally state the same thing as the text already above the button, they list no features they offer, hell even for prices I had to use Help section in which it says prices are in EUR and then gives me a link to “premium” page which is 403 forbidden. No. 1 webpage design, really.


      1. That’s modern software for you lol but I believe is overpriced. But I might be wrong and there’s always a wiki for this kind of stuff anyway.


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