System Shock remake delayed for whole frigging year to December 2022

Months ago I’ve pre-ordered System Shock remake because despite having a certain attitude towards pre-orders, I thought fuck it, I’m getting System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition as bonus and I want System Shock remake anyway.

Months have passed and I just remembered System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition was scheduled for end of this year so I checked how it’s going coz I got a bit nostalgic. Just to realize System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is not even listed on GOG anymore. It was just entirely delisted. Ok, wtf. So I check the System Shock page if the bonus is still on so they won’t magically forget about it, just to realize it says release date for System Shock remake is now December 2022. It was December 2021. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK!?!?!?

This whole thing has so many issues I don’t even know what to think of it at this point. Ok, so System Shock remake was not ready yet. Fair enough. I don’t mind waiting some more if it means good experience. But for whole fucking year? How fucking broken and unfinished was it that you came to conclusion it needs to be postponed for a whole extra year? I’ll have to wait for another YEAR to experience System Shock 1 in modern interpretation of it (mind you, I never played SS1, but loved SS2). But ok, it had to be delayed. Alright, do your thing to really make it best game possible on release.

What I don’t understand is why was System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition delayed for whole year too? It’s just an enhanced version of game that already exists in a full form and they aren’t doing a remaster with newly sculpted world, models and textures like Black Mesa did to original Half-Life. It’s just tweaks and improvements on existing original game. How much god damn work do you need on that one to also postpone it for whole year too?

If SS2 Enhanced Edition is done, but you don’t want to release it as reward for System Shock remake pre-order before that game is out, why? Why not give us SOMETHING to play with during whole year we wait for System Shock remake to appear? It would be a small act of good faith and as small apology. It didn’t happen.

And what I despise the most is how they’ve quietly done all this. No notification, no message, no e-mail about unfortunate delay because of X and Y. Nothing. I had to remember it myself and learn the disappointment myself. If GOG or the developers just sent all who pre-ordered an e-mail letting us know what’s happening, I’d be far less angry and disappointed. Coz you know, shit happens and it’s stupid COVID and development issues, I get it. Just own it and let your fans know. But nope, nothing.

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