Shell Infrastructure Host eating CPU in Windows 11 after using Photos app

I’ve noticed Windows 11 has a really nasty stupid bug that happens every single time on two different systems running Windows 11 which didn’t happen in Windows 10 under exact same conditions.

If you work with folders that have huge number of very high quality photos and use Windows Photos app to view them for a while, after some time, you’ll spot a sluggishness of system or in case of my main desktop system, I can clearly hear my fans ramping up a bit on Windows desktop, something they only do when I put some sort of load on CPU. But it’s not Photos app that’s causing this, somehow, the Photos app seems to invoke Shell Infrastructure Host process to start eating a lot of CPU time for absolutely no good fucking reason. And only way to fix it is to reboot the system. You can’t kill the process because OS wants to shut down then.

I’ve then replaced Photos app with IrfanView to view the exact same folder and exact same photos and Shell Infrastructure Host never started eating the CPU. So, the issue is not the fact folder has hundreds of very high (big) quality photos, it’s the broken Photos app that somehow causes Shell Infrastructure Host to eat all the CPU. I have no clue why would Photos app invoke Shell Infrastructure Host and make it do that or what the fuck it is even doing there eating so much CPU. I mean on my ultra thin laptop with Pentium N6000 (quad core) it was eating 50% of CPU and you could clearly sense things got less responsive because of it. On my main system with Ryzen 5800X it wasn’t noticeable and was eating around 25-30%, but I could hear the CPU cooler fans to spin up slightly and they never do when I’m on desktop and not doing any actual work of any kind.

I’ve searched online and found other people have the same problem and only response on Microsoft community forums was “use different app to view photos”. Yeah, well, that’s not a solution, especially since most other apps just feel so clumsy and not as smooth as Photos app that comes with Windows 11, particularly when it comes to scrolling and zooming of photos using trackpad on laptop.

Microsoft, fix this dumb shit already. Jesus, you managed to make almost everything about Windows 11 worse than it was in Windows 10. Even viewing fucking photos. Ugh?!

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