Microsoft, fix the fucked up Night Light feature already

My god, what the fuck are you doing Microsoft? Night Light function that adds warmer color to display for low light or evening use has been broken in Windows 10 for a long time now. Broken to a degree that setting toggle isn’t consistent between menus. Toggle it in quick actions in task bar isn’t synced to its main settings toggle in Control Panel. And when you enter the actual settings for it there, it’s not synced with either quick actions or Control Panel toggle switch. What the fuck Microsoft!? How can you make a setting that doesn’t seem to connect to a single variable that would dictate a state of the setting? Jesus. And to make matters worse, even if you have scheduling for Night Light disabled, it would just seemingly randomly turn off or be set somewhere in between. I often notice on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 that display color isn’t as warm as I have it set. And after disabling and enabling it, it goes to really cold white to super warm white after. It was just at some arbitrary random value in between for no fucking reason. Stop it. You’re a fucking multi-billion corporation and you can’t make something as simple as fucking display color temperature setting right? Comer the fuck on, what is this amateurish shit Microsoft?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft, fix the fucked up Night Light feature already

  1. Try out f.lux or other third-party, they are top-notch.
    Never use Microsoft solutions.

    Always use third-party solutions.
    You NEVER know when Microsoft removes the features you used so much in the past in a ‘security update’ that has nothing to do with security at all.


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