Samsung, you cheap bastards!

Just bought a new 14″ ACER Swift 1 laptop and this model in particular comes with eMMC storage on its main board, but has an empty M.2 NVMe slot available. So I thought, eMMC is notoriously slow, I’m just gonna stick M.2 SSD in it and call it a day.

So I grabbed Samsung 980 250GB M.2 SSD. I open up the laptop (props to ACER for making this laptop that opens up easily with zero screws hidden under rubber feet!) and start opening up the Samsung 980 SSD box and realize, there is no screw to mount the SSD. Laptop didn’t have one in an empty slot and SSD didn’t have one in the box either. For some reason Samsung assumed we already have the screws for SSD somehow. Or in other words, they are so cheap they couldn’t include super specific, super tiny screw to mount M.2 in the frigging box. WHY?! Would that screw make whole SSD cost 1€ more? And I was ridiculously generous here. It probably would cost Samsung 0,001€ and they’d still make profit on it.

To my luck I dived into my boxes of many cables and screws for computers and managed to find just one that screws in well, but my god I was angry that I had the laptop shipped, had the SSD shipped and wouldn’t be able to merge both because of a god damn screw that I’d have to order again because hardware stores don’t exactly hold such tiny computer oriented screws. Hell, most computer stores probably don’t have them.

So Samsung, don’t be cheap and just include the fucking one screw with the SSD. Please.

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