r/privacy is run by perpetually offended morons

Well, since I managed to get myself banned in this Reddit sub in a single day simply for mentioning AdGuard, lets dive in to the thing for a bit why the title stands correct and why you absolutely shouldn’t be getting any advice from r/privacy. Probably no one cares, but I do, because this is internet and internet is serious business!

This is the original comment that I made. Someone mentioned uBlock and I merely mentioned I prefer AdGuard more because it in fact has delivered better experience to me personally.


I have touch devices and AdGuard’s (browser extension) big toggle buttons and selections are the exact opposite of microscopic tiny checkboxes all over uBlock. I also had uBlock weirdly block legit things (and not block all ads correctly) which meant a lot of manual fiddling and debugging what the offending entries were or weren’t. AdGuard has and it also had better default lists than uBlock which uses pretty crappy 3rd party ones out of the box which means you need to fiddle with it A LOT before it becomes usable. AdGuard just uses its own curated list and it’s a single one, not a mishmash of weird 3rd party ones. I still think uBlock is great for desktop use with mouse and if you want insane control over webpage elements. But no one cared asking or not just assuming shit…

Then this moron dropped, accusing me of being a “shill”…


Excuse me, but since when does merely mentioning a competing product and literally taking fucking time to explain WHY I like it more, makes me a SHILL somehow? I just fucking MENTIONED it. I wasn’t forcing anyone to use it, I wasn’t commenting repeatedly how people should use AdGuard over uBlock. This was literally my first comment in months on r/privacy and I’m somehow a shill? Get fucked dude. And that’s pretty much what I told him. Now, granted, I may not have to say that, but at the moment that “shill” comment really blew my lid off.

Most ironic thing is that this whole fuckery happened because idiots there are so clueless they don’t ask, they just accuse without checking anything. Like this gem for example:


Oh noes, AdGuard is not FOSS (Free Open Source Software). Except IT IS. You fuckers were too busy calling me a shill and downvoting me into fucking oblivion to bother asking me which AdGuard product I’m even using. Because guess what, AdGuard browser extension is open source and has link to its source posted on its main fucking Firefox Addons page:


Well, to give credit to just 2 people out of this entire clusterfuck, here is a screenshot of the OP (mangoman21e8) of the thread thanking me for mentioning AdGuard as an option and mymeetang for actually asking whether I’m talking about desktop global AdGuard adblocker (which is sort of like a proxy app that runs globally on OS level and not just inside browser) or extension. I can be polite if people aren’t assholes to me.


trai_dep, you get fucked. Asshole. You didn’t save anything or anyone, you’re literally the problem.

And here is what got me perma banned this morning (green comments are mine)…


The last green line was after I already got perma banned after pretty politely explaining the thing to mods who are so clueless they couldn’t find facts even if they were inside their own ass and instead opted to just perma ban me anyway.

So, ultimately I got banned because I was in fact promoting mentioning an OPEN SOURCE product and these fuckers are too clueless to know that. Good riddance, I wouldn’t want to be getting advice from you clueless morons anyway.

If you’re looking for info on privacy, go anywhere but on r/privacy. It’s run by clueless “feels over facts” mods and people there don’t seem to have much more clue either. Otherwise they wouldn’t be attacking me for merely mentioning AdGuard browser extension all while not knowing it’s open source the entire fucking time. Hilarious.

UPDATE 2021-10-24


And here is this idiot mod still going on, “lecturing” me how product webpage is the only authoritative source for information and browser extension page just doesn’t cut it (nevermind the fact extension was posted in Firefox repository by AdGuard itself). Because somehow people who try to find adblocker for their browser are looking it on Google and not browser’s own extensions gallery/store… But regardless, this guy is so fucking dumb he’s wrong and you tell him he’s wrong and he just keep on insisting on some fabricated bullshit lol.

He yet again states AdGuard Browser Extension is NOT open-source and he claims it’s incredibly hard to find it’s open source. Oh really?


Just scroll all the way down on its official webpage. What is that? A GitHub link? Dude, you’re fucking blind or just so stupid. But I think he’s both. I’ve seen amoebas exhibit more intelligence and they have no eyes or brain lol…


Granted, they don’t outright state it’s an open source software, but does this idiot thinks casual users care? And if anyone does so much, they’ll figure it out themselves whether it’s open source or not, especially since there is literally a link to repository with a fucking SOURCE CODE which couldn’t be done in a more plain sight than it is right now.

And as predicted…


The usual Reddit mod MO. When they are proven wrong and their moderation is utter bullshit, they just mute you. Ignorance is bliss I guess, maybe this idiot should participate in r/Cringetopia since we’re giving recommendations where to try better luck. Coz this guy is pure cringe lol. DON’T GO TO R/PRIVACY FOR ADVICE ABOUT PRIVACY. People running that place are idiots lol

1 thought on “r/privacy is run by perpetually offended morons

  1. r/ anything is run by a bunch of perpetually offended morons. It would behoove you to distance yourself from reddit as the world continues to spiral into madness. The NPCs are starting to experience mental degradation, and it is only going to get worse as everyone boosters into oblivion. Think of your permaban as a badge of honor, knowing you aren’t cucked like the rest of them.


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