Curiosity Stream is a Netflix for geeks. And I love it!

Few days ago I was watching Tom Stanton on Youtube, this guy makes a lot of weird gadgets and contraptions in the name of science (you should really check him out, links will be below) and his sponsor for the video was Curiosity Stream service. I remember how much I loved watching documentaries on TV when I was a kid and that nostalgia made me check it out. Curiosity Stream looks and works in a similar way as Netflix, but instead of action movies and comedy, they have tons of videos to stream that touch science, engineering and nature, on our planet and beyond. So, if you’re interested in any of that, I highly recommend Curiosity Stream.

I’ve been glued to the screen for few days now, watching Space stuff and it’s pretty cool. Especially since most of videos are shorter clips with more straight to the point content, so you can easily fit the viewing/learning moment almost in any point of the day opposed to Netflix’s commitment of hour and a half to two hours per video. They do have episodic stuff and longer content, but at least Space has a lot of 10-20 minute videos and they are pretty cool.

And what’s also attractive is the price. A subscription for whole year is almost the same as Netflix for just 1 month and they have few different plans that go up to 4K, but there are also cheaper plans that still have pretty good quality. And just like Netflix, you can watch it in your browser or on your mobile device, be it Android or iOS using dedicated apps.

This is not a sponsored blog post even though I’ll be posting a referral link, but isn’t mine. It’s Tom’s. He hooked me into this stuff so lets help him out a bit and it’s a win win for everyone 🙂

Check out Tom Stanton’s Youtube channel:

Tom Stanton’s referral link for Curiosity Stream (you’ll support him and also get a cheaper subscription):

Curiosity Stream homepage:

I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

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