Plastic back on Samsung flagship phones is an asshole design

I’ve talked with people about this and expressed my annoyance with this decision and was met with pretty aggressive resistance which shocked me.

Anywhere I said plastic back has no place on such expensive phone (be aware, Galaxy S21, the vanilla model went for 850€!). I can understand why Galaxy A52 has a plastic back at 300€ price point, but I certainly don’t on Galaxy S21. And what shocked me even more is how furiously people defend the plastic backs on Galaxy S21 with dumbest arguments possible.

99% of the time the argument was “but muh phone drops shattering glass”. How often do you people throw phones around on the ground to shatter them? 55 times a day? 103 times a day? How butterfingered are you people!? To this date, owning many smartphones, I’ve not shattered a single phone. Not one. You know what they had in common tho? Scratches. Scratches everywhere. And worn plastic. And it all happened from just using phone rather carefully. Putting it in pockets (without keys!) and leaving it on tables. I don’t know about the youngsters today, but we had plastic smartphones in the beginning and plastic gets really nasty really quickly. When top paint layer of fancy colorful rainbow mirror effect wears off on edges and gets scratches all over it exposing solid white or whatever plastic underneath it looks horrid. Especially since all these painted models use some sort of lacquer which starts chipping off it’s just awful and nasty. And it always wears out faster on edges.

Glass on the other hand, at worst during normal use it’ll have bunch of micro scratches which, if you prefer white glass like I do, they aren’t even visible. The material is superior for normal use where you’re not tumbling phone on concrete ground. It’ll never wear out or lose coloration no matter how rough your desks are and how rough your jeans pockets are. And best part that people just straight out refuse to grasp, if you worry about glass, then stick it into a fucking silicone case. But instead, people argue plastic back on expensive phone can be protected by putting more plastic like wrap or silicone case on it. WHY for fucks sake!? If phone is glass you at least have an option to stick plastic on it or use it naked. If it’s already plastic, it’s just more of plastic. Makes no fucking sense. And glass just feels totally different and so much better in hand compared to anything plastic.

And thanks to this idiotic defending and embracing of plastic on Galaxy S21 flagship, Samsung already announced they are going to put plastic back on Galaxy S22+ too next time. Before, S21 was plastic and S21+ and S21 Ultra had glass. Now it’s two with plastic already. What’s next, Galaxy S23 Ultra coming with plastic back thanks to you all? Fucking hell.

People whine how Apple is being cheap on things and here Samsung blatantly puts plastic on their flagship device with obvious sole purpose of increasing margins and everyone is like “shut up and take my money”. Meanwhile people are bitching over iPhones potentially having titanium sides some time in the future and how wasteful this is and yadiyadida, whole frigging pages upon pages of whining on forums about it. It’s like I don’t understand people anymore or they just all got dumb as fuck over night. Companies are literally trying how far they can go with cheapening out and everyone not just lets them, they actively embrace it. !?!?!?

If you can’t have glass back on a smartphone because you’re so god damn clumsy, maybe you should look at CAT phones or you know, use a case and leave the rest of us who prefer premium materials and amazing feel in hand to actually have such phones. We can still put a case on it if shatter resistance is needed, but isn’t requirement to protect it from normal wear.

2 thoughts on “Plastic back on Samsung flagship phones is an asshole design

  1. Personally, I never wanted glass back to begin with. So I am not that bothered. Never had issues with plastic back on my phones, no chipping or anything, bit of discoloration, few scratches for sure, but that was it and nothing too deep. Then again, I switch most of my phones in 2-3 years, so maybe this is 5+ years of ownership problem I am too into replacing my phones to understand. 😀

    Also personally I do prefer plastic back, because yes, I do drop my phone and I only had one phone with fancy features like glass back and curved screen, it happens to be the only phone where I cracked glass on and basically decided to just wait a bit and replace it, because I didn’t feel like dealing with whole repair, cost of repair and so on. Also you really should see scratches I had on that phone, surprisingly they were even deeper than ones I had on many plastic phones. Dunno, maybe glass and I just don’t go well together, but I had no problem in making some “deeper groves” into it.

    Another thing I would add with whole case option, if you do that, it really doesn’t matter whether back is glass or plastic, you never see or touch it anyway. And basically my only glass back phone was always in cheap looking silicon case, so does it even matter what is on the back, if no one ever gets to see it? Sure you know, but personally, I couldn’t care less. Plus plastic gives me better grip on the phone, my glass phone was always sliding like it even slid out of my pocket.

    As for Samsung specifically, do they rip you off? Well, duh, they are corporation and of course they will do that. Though I am more upset about them removing charger to charge your phone, than plastic back. Especially since they were making fun of Apple when they did it and then they pulled usual, delete old Tweets and do what Apple did year latter.

    Also if CAT makes me well performing phone with nice chungus battery that will last me a while, hell yeah, I am all for buying that. 😀 I mean last phone I actually liked with really good rigidity was Moto Z Play, like performance wise it was lacking, but battery life was great, it survived many many drops and that back it had covering its back, which you could replace it for addons, was really nice feeling too. Plus frame was really good at dissipating heat and keeping phone safe. I kind of miss that design, it didn’t feel premium, but I would take it over many more fragile premium designs.

    But basically what I am trying to say is, not all about plastic back is stupidity, we all have our own priorities. You want premium phone, because you got zero issues with just being careful and it is nice to show off. I personally, prefer something that will make phone survive me and glass is on the losing side here, since I don’t really care about the looks that much and just want device that will get job done. If it is thicker, if it doesn’t have premium glass, I don’t care. Hence why for me, it doesn’t really matter if Samsung changed that, it isn’t priority for me.But i also understand why it is upsetting to you. Same as I didn’t like some things Apple did, but in bigger picture, there were plenty of people who were just fine with it, they were just whatever.


    1. Samsung phones aren’t a bad deal in general. Galaxy A52 models are actually pretty well priced with pretty alright specs and I don’t even mind the plastic backs on these and they have one of best software supports in Android segment. Plastic backs on their top of the line series however are a ripoff. Phones this expensive should come with glass backs, no exception. So I can rock it naked if I want or put a TPU case on it. But it’ll be MY choice. If it already comes with plastic back, choice was made for me. I’ll have to have it with plastic either way. And that’s the part I don’t like. And it’s just an obvious “save bucks to increase margins”. Durability was never even a question.


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