Linux and wtf even is screen rotation

Who the fuck designed screen rotation on Linux should be forced to use Windows Me to the end of their life as a punishment. Out of bunch of distros I’ve tried, only Kubuntu with Wayland managed to keep touch screen in sync with screen rotation. All others, including same Kubuntu with X11, the moment you rotate display (manually, because auto rotation is pixie magic apparently) on a hybrid netbook from vertical to landscape, display rotates, but touch apparently remains in vertical. Tapping or dragging on screen makes mouse appear and drag somewhere else on the screen making touch entirely useless unless you’re using it in pointless vertical position. Also Wayland seems to be the only compositor that knows what the fuck auto rotation is. Which seems to be the reason why it does work. But my god Kubuntu is slow and its stupid kWallet is annoying as fuck whining on every boot for WiFi even though I’ve disabled the stupid thing. So, my idea to ditch Windows and go to Linux before the Windows 11 shitshow and someone managed to fuck it up yet again with Linux. Why the hell they always manage to fuck something up so I can’t use it. Just make this shit work out of the box coz I have no intention in spending hours in motherfucking Konsole.

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