Windows 11 minimum requirements are absurd bullshit

I don’t know what the fuck Microsoft is thinking, but I’ve never seen something this retarded as minimum Windows 11 requirements. And believe me, I’ve seen some dumb shit in the past, including from yours truly, the Microsoft itself. Lets just dive in, shall we?


Per official Microsoft’s minimum requirements, if you have Ryzen 7 1800X, you won’t be able to use Windows 11. A very much modern 8 core, 16 threads CPU from 2017. Oh and if you’re Intel fan, don’t be cheering just yet… They sacked Skylake support entirely. If you have Core i7 7700k, well, fuck you too says Microsoft. Sure it has less cores than that Ryzen, but it was also launched in 2017 and it was hugely popular and still is because of higher clocks and was super popular among gamers. Oh, did I mention I have a Ryzen based laptop that runs Ryzen 5 2500U. Yeah, fuck me too. This particular system has everything, enough RAM and storage, it has TPM 2.0 module, but I can’t use Windows 11 on it because of “ancient” CPU. :/


They say 4GB is now a hard minimum. If you have less, fuck you. I happen to have a hybrid netbook with 2GB RAM. I don’t use it for anything demanding, but when I heard Windows 11 will have much better touch support, I was excited. Until I saw these ridiculous minimum requirements. And it’s not like they are recommended minimum. It’s hard limit. If it’s less it just won’t even install.  Fucking WHY? Also one would expect new modern operating system to be further streamlined and optimized, making it lighter, not fucking heavier and more demanding.

TPM Module

This one is a weird one and it confuses me even further than processor and RAM idiocies. All computers will now explicitly require TPM module. It’s a security feature mostly required and used in enterprise environment, but for some fucked up reason Windows 11 will require TPM Module to be present in a computer. And not just ANY. It has to be version 2.0. So, if you have TPM module on your CPU, but happens to be “only” version 1.2, well, fuck you too. And as cherry on top, pretty much all the consumer systems that have TPM 2.0 have it disabled in BIOS because consumers don’t need this shit. Good luck telling normies how to go into BIOS and dig some obscure feature they don’t understand and turn it on. Windows 11 is not even out yet and people are already going nuts around this. And scalpers are already hoarding discrete TPM modules ahead of Windows 11 launch.

Mandatory Microsoft account and connection to install

With Windows 11 Home, you’ll also absolutely be required to have Microsoft account and active internet connection in order to install Windows 11 Home. Again, shit we’ve been seeing in iterations how Microsoft tried to push retarded Microsoft Account during installation. Fuck you Microsoft, I don’t want to sync any of my shit to your cloud. Not documents, not files or photos and browsing history of me downloading Firefox via Edge. Stop shoving this shit down our throats, no one wants this shit. If anyone wants to sync all the crap, they can login later. And yes, I’m salty because for laptops I usually just buy one with Windows preinstalled and they almost always come with Home version. Which is fine for what I use it, but I certainly don’t want any of your stupid account shit.

Windows PC Health Check tool failure

Microsoft has a Windows PC Health Check tool that is suppose to tell you whether your system is Windows 11 compatible. Except the fucking thing doesn’t even work. I ran it on all my systems and it didn’t even launch on ANY of 3 systems I have. I later found you need to run stupid installer again and then it magically launches. If you try running its executable after it got installed just nothing happens. I already have so much confidence in Windows 11 when fucking tool to tell you if you can run it doesn’t work. And when you do manage to run it it just says compatible or not compatible. Who needs details like telling you what the fuck is not good enough lol. Just keep wondering lmao.


I honestly don’t know what the fuck Microsoft people are smoking. They sack 3/4 of what anyone would consider very much modern hardware from supporting Windows 11 and just expect you to buy new computer in current times when fucking everything is unobtainable and if you bought a brand new PC just 3-4 years ago, well tough luck, you need a new one otherwise you’ll be stuck with Windows 10. Then they’ll of course endlessly whine how poor adoption it has when they made that problem themselves. Microsoft has this weird idea to copy Apple at things yet they don’t have even 0.1% of shit Apple can pull off. Microsoft, you can’t fucking pull shit Apple has with M1 ARM chipset. Just look how long Microsoft has been struggling with ARM. It’s fucking hilarious. And now they want to make OS cool and fresh and fucking prevent users of god damn Ryzen 1800X from installing it? WHAT THE FUCK MICROSOFT!?

We used to joke how Linux will take Microsoft’s share next year for sure and has been going that way for last 20 years? Well, even though I’m an avid Windows user, I think this is the time. Huge number of users who aren’t strictly gamers will finally go with Linux. I mean, out of 3 systems that I have only 1 will be able to even install Windows 11. I might even bother enough to get Linux on my netbook which has been hugely problematic with screen rotation and touch control. But using an essentially dead OS (Windows 10) once Windows 11 will be up just kinda feels shitty.

Microsoft really needs to ease up on this shit. One thing is saying “these minimum requirements” are meant for decent experience but aren’t hard limitations. I’m well aware my netbook with Intel Atom and 2GB RAM won’t win any speed records and I don’t expect that from it. But I’d sure prefer to run Windows 11 on it with better touch control even if it’s just as slow experience as with Windows 10 now. I know that and have accepted that. Opposed to just blocking me from even being able to do that choice. Now, that’s shitty and absurd. And if they blocked really ancient stuff like dual cores from 10 years ago, fine, whatever. But not this shit they are pulling now with sacking of 3-4 years old CPU’s and forcing dumb TPM shit no one even needs outside Enterprise. Get your shit together Microsoft. I just started to like Windows 10 and have relatively positive opinion of Microsoft and Windows and then they pull this shit. I honestly had better opinion of Windows Vista than I have over Windows 11. And we all know how everyone hated Vista. I actually liked it. Given circumstances, I’m not so sure about Windows 11.

38 thoughts on “Windows 11 minimum requirements are absurd bullshit

  1. Yeah the min CPU requirements are there because of the TPM module. Skylake, Ryzen 1000 series and older CPUs don’t have the tpm 2.0 module integrated.
    My wild guess is that they are trying to use TPM for some DRM bullshit in the Windows store.
    And anybody using modified W11 iso files to bypass the requirements will not have access to the Windows store, game pass or some kind of similar bullshit.
    This is just my theory, i don’t even know if it’s possible to use TPM for DRM sooo I may be totally wrong.
    On the other hand Microsoft may be the biggest troll and just wants to be in the headlines for a few weeks and then release a statement that the requirements are only for OEM builds that want a shinny windows 11 certified sticker lol.


    1. “And anybody using modified W11 iso files to bypass the requirements will not have access to the Windows store, game pass or some kind of similar bullshit.”

      And nothing of value will be lost.

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      1. they can not block you from content you have paid for, if they can i guess i redownload all the legal games i have bought through the microsoft store from a different website i’m not paying twice.


      2. The problem is that probably they will exclude also Windows updates.
        Really, to me it seems they are undermining their own good work done with Windows 10.
        Let’s see.


      3. Yeah, Windows store is basically a broken system nobody likes to use anyways and if I wanted to play games I’d ether use the Steam games I already have on my gaming PC or an Xbox or PlayStation. They realy should have made more versions of Windows 11. One for gaming, one for enterprise use and one for home/office use. If they did that I don’t think they would need these rediculous requirements for all PCs out there.


    2. My laptop with a i7 7700 HQ have TPM 2.0 integrated and activated. But no luck. They decided that most people will not have windows 11.


    3. You’re wrong, my Skylake i7-7700K DO have TPM module 2.0.
      It just needs to be enabled it in bios settings.
      I did and silly Microsoft say they don’t care, the processor is too “old”.
      This is just ridiculous! The 7700K has a turbo speed of 5.2GHz with 4 physical cores and 8 logical.
      Isn’t that enough to read and protect my own fingerprint ? Don’t tell me…

      Now I don’t care much because windows 10 is rolling and nobody really needs Windows 11. But eventually, nowadays it’s quite easy to convert to a more modern Linux system… think twice to what you do, Microsoft, before screwing 2/3rds of your Customers…


    4. Yeah, I have 32 gigs of RAM. Newest version of Win10, but I don’t care. My computer and my wife’s…not going to eleven for at least a year. I want bugs figured out before I go there. Sorry, I just don’t trust Microsoft, and I don’t trust Apple with my phone. Wait…until bugs are taken care of. It’ll be a year before I do Win 11.


    5. 1st Gen Ryzens do have tpm 2.0 and secure boot, you just need to play about with the bios to get them enabled. . Im running a 1st gen ryzen 1800x and both are enabled but i still “dont meet the minimum requirements”

      It is utter bulllshit that this chip isnt supported . And if that bunch of twats @microshaft think im shelling out for a new chip to run win11 they are not on

      View post on




  2. I too have an eleven year old desktop with a quad core processor and a 3 year old laptop with a I7 5700u processor. Neither will pass. The desktop has tpm 1.2 and the laptop has ptt. I can’t afford to replace parts in my desktop or purchase a new laptop just to meet Microsoft’s crazy requirements. The desktop is Bios and the laptop is Uefi. I don’t understand the requirements. Bunch of live tiles which I hate and ad serving. News etc. Bunch of BS!


    1. Well, you know Windows 10 is actually a very good OS.
      In fact, they were probably surprised of themselves and decided to undermine it proposing the silly Windows 11.
      For istance, why after 30+ years they decided to put the command menu in the center of the screen?
      If I have a mouse, going bottom left is much easier than aiming to the center.

      I didn’t like Apple before, why should I ever like a Apple-monkey-Windows more?

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    2. I happily would if I knew it was actually better than Windows 10. I’ve heard making the transition from Windows to Linux isn’t easy for most people. Its a completly different feeling to someone switching from a Windows or Mac OS and not as mainstream. It takes some seirous getting used to if you aren’t used to it yet basically. More non-Mac PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP etc. should have adopted an even mix of both Linux and Windows to help Linux become more mainstream and become as widely used as Mac & Windows and better refined.


  3. Loved windows till now …. I have 3 PC’s that run great with 10, but Win 11 they don’t pass test Bullshit …….. What are they thinking? do they need to sell more new computers??


    1. I am extremely ticked off with Microsoft. Not all of us are born with loads of money to spend to update to a new computer. we are talking $2 to 3 grand here for something decent Microsoft! They want you to spend more money on computers and this is what makes my hair stand-up. Just recently I spent money upgrading my memory to 32GB and now this which is totally wrong to do to people. It is all about $$$ and more $$$. So sick of all this. Am i getting a new computer? no, I am over it.


  4. The requirements for Windows 11 are utter bull. Windows 10 ran on pretty much anything even on thumbdrive style HDMI micro computers with older more basic Intell Atom CPUs and barely 2GB of RAM. This will be the ultamate shoot in the foot for Microsoft by doing this. Windows 8 was a flop but this is just plain wrong and idiotic. If I want to game I’d use a PC with gaming specs or a gaming console suchas an Xbox I shouldn’t be forced to do so by my OS. I’m sticking to Windows 10 since its not so damn picky with PC specs. It effectivly kills off their flagship OS. And if they are requiring PCs to have rediculous gaming specs to simply run Windows why havent they let Xbox consoles run it yet? I think Microsoft is ether on drugs or drunk at the wheel.


  5. Fucking Microwank cocking up again, push more user offensive shite and down the line, discontinue the OS that people loved, it’s Win 7 vs Vista all over again :/


  6. CPU requirements really aught to be Ghz or clock speed related not how recent or what type or whatever like if the CPU required at least 2.0Ghz that could be way more understandable than requiring very specific more recent CPUs most PCs don’t have yet. Also if TPM is an enterprise thing shouldn’t it only be required for business or corprate use computers and not everyday use(school & office) computers? These requirements basically prevent nearly 80% of all PCs from being able to upgrade. They really should have at the very least made the TPM requirements optional so people can figure out what they would want and need out of a new OS. RAM is understandable because 4GB is very very weak by todays standards. Even 8GB is considered low and 16GB is more minimal nowdays. 32GB or more is closer to hardcore gaming PC levels.


  7. Well, you should use Linux based system instead, as all sane people do (people who are able to see what MS is really doing – spying on people on massive scale without even a semblance of decency and respect for human values and law).

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    1. PS. But I’m sure that a guy who uses words like “streamlined” you have much more important values in mind – like looking cool, being easy, not requiring anything from yourself. Good luck with such lazy attitude!


      1. Yes because wanting a computer that’s 4 years old to run on a new operating system that was supposed to fix 10s problems is suddenly lazy. Wanting a useable UI that doesnt look like an apple rip off is lazy. I could go on and rip you a new asshole but I’m gonna go light cause I dont even have the energy to tear the 15 plus things wrong with this statement apart.


  8. Everyone says download Linux but nobody gives a link for the poor just barely competent PC users other there freaking out so here you go: -0 Fuck you Microsoft. All I need to to is go buy some CD-RW’s and I’m on my way (you’ll need some go buy a package.) Lol I haven’t had the need for a CD-RW for years because of flash-drives O.o; I find it odd you can’t use a flash drive, ah well.

    I officially Hate Microsoft; die. And, am going to dive into this new OS and pray I don’t brick my PC. But what choice do I have? Besides if I win the rewards around to be true freedom! OMG I can actually get work done without a fking forced update making me loose a chapter/s I spent hours on. Lazy meets pissed off and pissed off wins.


  9. Nothing to fucking do with TPM or most of the “requirements”!
    Currently using – 5 YO I-7 quad core desktop with 16 Gb ram & test from MS shows it does have TPN 2.0 & meets 3 of 4 requirements. Bottom line is processor just not on list. Not a fan of windows, but would like to be able to continue using the non MS software that happens to run in Windows.
    Though not fond of the idea of learning new software, time to consider installing dual boot to Ubuntu or something and learning a different ecosystem.


  10. I went to download windows 11. The entire web is full of nothing but male bovine excrement. No simple way to wade through it to get the download. F**k Microsoft and the whole PC industry. It’s loaded with )$*^%$^ A-holes.


  11. Yeah, I have 32 gigs of RAM. Newest version of Win10, but I don’t care. My computer and my wife’s…not going to eleven for at least a year. I want bugs figured out before I go there. Sorry, I just don’t trust Microsoft, and I don’t trust Apple with my phone. Wait…until bugs are taken care of. It’ll be a year before I do Win 11.


  12. I entered “windows 11 bull shit” into my search engine – and landed here. LOL. (I don’t use Google directly).

    I have a Dell Precision T7910 with dual Xeon E5-2690 V3’s, 128 GB DDR4 2133 ECC RAM, and 36 TB of storage. Booting from an NVM2 Samsung EVO 970 Plus. Running TPM 2.0. For God’s sake – I have 24 physical cores (48 threads) and128 gigs of DDR4 ECC RAM!

    COME ON – these are frikin Haswell’s.

    Look at Azure’s processor specs. Guess what – they use Haswells and older. So does GCP and AWS. Basically, the big-3 cloud vendors are screwed, as I am. I certainly don’t need to upgrade my best workstation just to get this Win11 POS running. Except support is said to end in 3 years. Oh yeah – you can continue using Windows 10 because it’s perfectly fine for your big-ass workstation, but we’re ending support in 2025. What a bleeping FUBAR!!!

    Windows 11 Frequently asked questions:

    “Yes. You do not have to upgrade to Windows 11. We will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025”

    Oh, hey, THANKS Microsoft. You puke out some BS OS after promising Win10 was the last Windows we’d have to deal with, then Shazam!

    “We’re rolling out a new version of Windows that will make you trash your massive hardware base, pollute the environment with toxic chemicals embedded in the electronics (arsenic, et al), provide zero benefits to you, and then… we’ll cut off patches to our crappy POS OS in a few years.”

    GENIUS! How F’ing customer-focused of you! Good-GOD! I’m speechless as to your rotten path of capturing customers, then taking a GIANT DUMP on US! Just WOW!

    Why not change your name to “Despicable Me”, then exit the software business? Because, that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Just call it what it is… Get in cahoots with Intel and screw the customer to catch up with AMD – who’s kicking your ass to the curb.

    I run Oracle VirtualBox and can’t get Win11 to run as a VM because it reaches past the type-2 hypervisor and inspects the processor nomenclature. I haven’t tried it yet on my dual Xeon Dell PowerEdge R620 with 128 GB RAM running ESXi yet. That’s bare metal, which should prevent the OS from inspecting the underlying hardware, but I’ll bet my left eyebrow that it WON’T work. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I NEVER would have thought I’d say this in my 60 year lifetime, but I miss Steve Balmer…!!! Can I even say that in a public forum?

    There has been nothing but a bunch of garbage being vomited from Microsoft. Here’s the example that to me, epitomizes the wayward trajectory of software at Microsoft:

    The ONE product that I LOVE LOVE LOVE from MSFT is OneNote 2016. I use the 2016 version and my entire brain resides in it. I am not kidding in the least. So what does MSFT do? Release a completely brain-dead Win10 POS version (for my international friends – POS a good thing). Then MSFT rubs salt into a wound they created and announces that they will no longer support the desktop client version that I use EVERY DAY ALL DAY! SIGH!!! The Win10 version is absolute GARBAGE! Maybe worse than that – but I choose not to use the necessary vulgar terms to describe it. Thankfully the outcry of us hard-core users reversed the killing of OneNote 2016 (for now).

    But what made MSFT think that, in this universe, there was ANY kind of equivalence between the two? That tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about MSFT product management. They were pretty bad under Steve Ballmer, but now they’ve sunk to the “prize” of “the worst thinkers in the industry”!

    Remember IBM and Microsoft DOJ cases?
    • Remember IBM was considered a monopoly? Remember in 1956 the DOJ imposed a consent decree on IBM due to their monopolistic practices and market dominance? (Yeah – neither do I since I wasn’t born for another 5 years, but I certainly knew about the landmark case and its implications).
    • Remember Microsoft was considered a monopoly?

    Curtain Time for the I. B. M. Case, By William D. Smith, May 18, 1975

    Is History Repeating Itself With Antitrust Battle? By Marc L. Songini, Computerworld, MAR 5, 2001–with-antitrust-battle-.html
    United States v. Microsoft Corp.

    Here’s what’s going on with Microsoft:

    I could express a highly informed opinion about Oracle and the few remaining independent software companies, but I can’t think of one doing a worse job with their core products than Microsoft. MSFT literally had the world by the tail – (like monopolies normally do) and they have done the best job I’ve ever seen to cause mass migration *OUT* of their ecosystem. It is simply stunning! Between their unwavering determination for mass surveillance, profoundly and long-term buggy software, very anti-productive UI constructs (like disappearing vertical and horizontal slider bars preventing a user from knowing where they are in a long document – plus I have a million other examples of piss-poor UI design), endless wide open security exploits, and their incessant effort to drive away their most loyal customers with flat-out stupid, random “decisions” – is epitomized by this ridiculous hardware requirement for Win11 (yeah – after declaring Windows 10 “would be the last version of Windows”). How on God’s green earth did MSFT get to this decrepit and failing point?

    My head is aching after thinking of how much animosity Microsoft has accumulated – me having to use their products day-in and day-out every single day of my life. That’s why I’ve committed to transitioning to a Linux or BSD system (Unix).

    FYI – BSD is WAY safer than Linux. After being challenged by a rather well-versed senior technical person, I did an analysis of CVE cases comparing the vulnerabilities of the top Linux variants to BSD. I contended that BSD was WAAAAAYYYY more secure than Linux. He contended the opposite. It wasn’t even close. It was like a pebble of issues for BSD vs a Mt. Everest pile of problems for Linux (slight exaggeration, but not much). But, to be fair, BSD has a much smaller user base. Therefore that may have some impact on the attack profile (like it does for Windows vs Linux or OS X). Plus, BSD has a more limited set of solutions and support.

    Back to MSFT. They are simply a raging disaster. They need a change in mission and personnel like when they decided to completely embrace the Internet. Bill Gates basically shut down the entire company while they retooled their strategy to focus solely on the Internet paradigm. That probably saved the company. They really, really need to do that again because they’ve gone off the rails and over the cliff. I cannot emphasis in a stronger manner that MSFT is on a path for a collision with disaster. I could write a book about this.

    Down the road, MSFT lost the “mobile wars”. Their mobile OS just wasn’t the right fit for the platform. On comes Apple’s iOS – a Unix variant.

    Then Comes Android, which eclipsed iOS and Windows in market share by 2017 (Windows and Android tussled for market share back and forth from 2017 until 2019 when Android won the top position and never looked back):

    The one thing I’ll say to criticize Linux is that they cannot get their act together on coalescing around a much more limited set of distros so focus is applied to building out core services and applications. Check out this diagram of Linux genealogy! That is INSANE!

    WTF and why? Talk about dissipating your resources and efforts!
    1. Think if the people involved actually banded together to make… maybe 5 versions targeted at: IoT, mobile, laptop, desktop, and enterprise versions.
    2. Think of all the wasted time and lack of user feedback by splitting your troops into a million micro-segments, then competing for mindshare in the market against not only Linux variants – but Windows, BSD, and other OS’s like RTOS/FreeTOS.

    I LOVE competition. We all benefit from more competition. But Microsoft didn’t just shoot themselves in the foot after launching Windows 10 – they blew their entire damn leg off. That’s going to further ensure consolidation of the OS market around Linux, with a very distant 2nd place being legacy Windows, then BSD for the high-end, mission critical, hard core security use-cases. IMO. (I can’t remember being wrong about long-term IT trends. I have a stellar record since I have led the industry in developing many paradigms upon starting professionally in 1984 at Texas Instruments. In fact – I’m writing two books on cloud computing for John Wiley & Sons right now – which probably explains this lengthy post on historical facts here. :-0)

    I’ve enjoyed this rant immensely, but I have to wrap it up and get some food, then respond to actual productive work (oh boy – it’s past midnight already).

    Good luck everyone with your OS journey. I’m sure we will meet next on some version of Linux – one of the gazillion available. But speaking of Win11 – why suffer an abusive master any longer than practicable? Move on, move up, move out.


  13. Formatting issue – maybe moderator can fix but what I typed is that “POS is NOT a good thing” – NOT being “”. Then it came out as “(for my international friends – POS a good thing).” LOL. That’s the opposite of what I said.


  14. To Moderator – Weird – opposing Greater & Less Than Signs disappear in the comments box, because I put in quotes just now and I see 2 double quotes.


    1. Auto moderation is usually trigger happy on posts with lots of links because it assumes it’s spam. I’ve approved it and should be visible now 🙂


  15. That is even not the main issue. I installed it to check out what’s better. Nearby nothing is better. I could not find a thing that makes it worth to change the system. But they changed a lot of the controlls. So you get a new OS without any new benefits, but you have to relearn halve of the controls for absolutly no reason. There is a rule. Every second Windows OS is trash and you should just skip it. That is how it allways was and allways will be.


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